Sneaker Con SEA/Singapore 2024 | Snapshots

Sneaker Con Singapore 2024 Trading Pit
Sneaker Con Singapore 2024 Trading Pit

Sneaker Con, the Greatest Sneaker Show on Earth, returns to Singapore for yet another two-day sneaker showcase extravaganza for all sneakerheads.

Held at the Grand Ballroom of Resorts World Sentosa Convention Centre this time round, Sneaker Con SEA/Singapore 2024 brings back what delighted and thrilled last year: a sizable marketplace, a lively trading pit, a basketball court and skate park, lots of exclusive merchandises, and of course, insightful conversations with trendsetters and headliners.

Lots of lifestyle brands have booths too, from various apparel brands to a cool zone with photo booths and challenges by Carlsberg Smooth Draught.

By the way, 2024 marks the 15th year of Sneaker Con. Going by the number of enthusiastic visitors when I was there on the first day, I’ll say there’s definitely a vibrant sneaker culture in Singapore, too.

I’m sure lots of local sneaker fans look forward to the show being an annual event on our calendars.

Celebrating Sneaker Culture in Singapore

Singapore Sneaker Con 2024
Compared to last year, Sneaker Con SEA/Singapore 2024 feels more lively and hip, even though it’s hosted in a carpeted ballroom. I think the multi-coloured lights and slide shows have something to do with this.
Sneaker event in Singapore
Every shade of the colour spectrum was well-represented.
Shoety-SG | Sneaker Con 2024
“One more, won’t hurt.” Showcase by Shoety-SG.
Sneaker Con Singapore Marketplace
Snapshots from the marketplace, which is like the main street of the convention. (Nike still dominates the scene, doesn’t it? If you haven’t, please do watch Air to know about their story)
Singapore Sneakercon 2024 Trading Pit
More pictures of the trading pit. I didn’t encounter intense negotiations, but I did see some collectors checking the goods with careful expressions.
Carlsberg Smooth Draught @ Sneakercon 2024
The Carlsberg Smooth Draught booth features two cool photo spots. The first is a goalpost that comes with supersized balls.
Carlsberg - Where Passion Brews
The other features stadium seats under the catchphrase, Where Passion Brews.
Carlsberg @ Sneakercon SEA 2024
As one of the official sponsors/partners of Sneaker Con SEA/Singapore 2024, the Carlsberg booth, of course, had exclusive merchandise—collab with streetwear label AGLXY. There was also a “Smoothest Header Challenge,” for visitors keen on matching Ronaldo’s highest header jump of 2.93 m.
Carlsberg x Stitches
There was live stitching by Roy Soon, founder of Stitches, at the Carlsberg booth. Here’s some information about Carlsberg’s upcycling of PVC banners into customizable wrist pouches too.
As mentioned above, there were various other lifestyle brands at the convention. Gamescon Asia was doing a preview too.
Monster Energy at Sneaker Con
Monster Energy, another official sponsor/partner, had a fun booth with tattoos and haircuts.
Sneakercon Apparel
Lots of cool streetwear and accessories were on sale too, including sneaker charms.
Back to sneakers. If you’re looking for a pair to wear or collect, you would really be spoilt for choice.
Sneaker Collecting in Singapore
Let’s look forward to Sneaker Con returning in 2025!

Check out my YouTube Short and Instagram Reel of the event!

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Sneaker Con SEA/Singapore 2024 | Snapshots
Article Name
Sneaker Con SEA/Singapore 2024 | Snapshots
Like last year’s inaugural show, Sneaker Con SEA/Singapore 2024 features a lively marketplace and trading pits, basketball and skating, and lots of cool apparel.

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