Chinese Zodiac Dining Goodness at CQ @ Clarke Quay

Celestial Dining Options at the revamped CQ @ Clarke Quay
Celestial Dining Options at the revamped CQ @ Clarke Quay

Chinese New Year celebrations officially ended on Saturday the 24th with Chap Goh Mei. If you’re still hungry for Chinese Zodiac-inspired festivities, though, there’s good news. The celebrations continue at CQ @ Clarke Quay.

Get ready to discover the ultimate dining experience tailored to your Chinese zodiac sign as CQ @ Clarke Quay gears up for its official relaunch in April as a day-to-night lifestyle destination – with new dining, entertainment, and lifestyle offerings nestled amidst the heritage shophouses.

Whether you’re a Dragon who delights in savouring fiery dishes, or a diligent Rooster pursuing culinary perfection with every bite, here are the restaurants perfectly aligned with your cosmic tastes.

Where to Dine at CQ @ Clarke Quay if Your Chinese Zodiac Sign is:

Fu Lin Restaurant & Bar

The Rat

As resourceful and adaptable individuals, you are excited by the freedom to choose from extensive menus. Fu Lin Restaurant & Bar offers creative dishes such as the Red Snapper Carpaccio, as well as a great selection of cocktails concocted by their in-house mixologist. Enjoy live acoustic music from bands playing mandopop and English pop classics, too, while feasting on delectable cuisine!

Fu Lin Restaurant & Bar
Block D 01-02

Warehouse | CQ @ Clarke Quay

The Ox

As an Ox, you are dependable, just like the grub at Warehouse. A laid-back pub with live music and an eclectic menu of both Asian and Western favourites, Warehouse is perfect for those looking for a good time with no frills, and quick-witted conversation with friends and family.

Block C 01-09

Hello Kitty Kitty

The Tiger

Tiger babies will find Here Kitty Kitty perfectly fitting for their vibe, with bold flavours and an atmosphere that will make those born in the Year of the Tiger feel in their element. An eclectic speakeasy equipped with themed rooms, izakaya bites, and signature cocktails, this repurposed space is a vibrant hideaway from the immense hustle and bustle of the hectic city centre.

Here Kitty Kitty
Block E 02-01 to 03

East Treasure Chinese Restaurant

The Rabbit

​​Elegant and refined, the authentic and sophisticated cuisine of East Treasure Chinese Restaurant perfectly complements the personality of the rabbit. With a menu that fuses tradition and modernity, patrons can expect exquisite Chinese cuisine and specialty items such as the 60-hour Dry-Aged Roasted Duck, as well as a cosy ambiance that evokes dreamy nostalgia.

East Treasure Chinese Restaurant
Block B 02-01

Helen's Bar | Clarke Quay

The Dragon

Dragons are majestic and charismatic, much like the upscale and elegant ambiance of Helen’s Bar. The luxurious atmosphere of Helen’s is fit for royalty, the same goes for their delectable drinks and snacks. Sip on their signature Milk Beer or share the Whiskey Cola Bucket while enjoying feel-good tunes with friends. 

Helen’s Bar
Block D 02-03

Señor Taco | CQ @ Clarke Quay

The Snake

The sizzling and enticing dishes of Señor Taco best suit the Snake, known for their charm and allure. Senor Taco serves up small-batch handcrafted Agave cocktails, sultry Mexican cuisine, and Latin rhythms that will leave you hissing in delight. Relish the ultimate Mexican comfort experience in the heart of Clarke Quay.

Señor Taco
Block C 01-09A

Simply Retro by Tin Box

The Horse

Known for their free-spirited nature, the Horse will feel right at home with the relaxed and casual vibe of Simply Retro by Tin Box. An extensive menu of Japanese and Western fusion food and drinks awaits,  together with evening after evening of live music. It’s a time machine to transport you back to the vibrant ‘80s and ‘90s.

Simply Retro by Tin Box
Block A 03-01

Mimi Restaurant

The Goat

Mimi Restaurant serves top-notch Chinese-fusion cuisine that will leave Goats bleating in delight. Nestled within the historic Riverhouse, which boasts 150 years of heritage, Mimi offers a serene escape from the city’s hustle and bustle alongside intriguing flavours from Sichuan, Shanghai, and Mongolia. Altogether, an elegant dining experience and respite for Goats looking to relax. 

Mimi Restaurant
​​Block A 01-02


The Monkey

Chupitos transforms into a vibrant neon playground at night, the perfect spot for the lively and fun-loving Monkeys. Think tropical tipples and explosive flavours! Swing by for their famous shots, which include crowd-favorites like the Paddle Pop to showstoppers like the Russian Roulette.

Block E 01-01


The Rooster

Just like those born under the sign of the Rooster, iNCREDi BOWL embodies vitality and energy with its fresh and healthy offerings, made with the freshest, finest ingredients to nourish your body and soul. 

Whether you’re a Pescatarian or Vegan, the outlet’s superfood-rich cuisine satisfies all.

Block A 01-07

Home Dawn and Home Dusk

The Dog

At Home, you’ll find Home Dawn (a cosy inviting cafe by day) and Home Dusk (a vibrant lounge and club by night) – all under one roof. The inviting aroma of freshly brewed coffee and an array of enticing pastries, cakes, brunch specialties, all-day mains, and good music make for the perfect spot for the warm, loyal, and good-natured Dog. 

Block A 02-03

Tomo Tokyo

The Pig

Tomo Tokyo is the epitome of refined Japanese cuisine, catering to the discerning palate of those born in the year of the Pig, who appreciate life’s finer pleasures. Enjoy a fusion of traditional and modern Japanese dishes paired with expertly crafted cocktails, set against the backdrop of Singapore’s scenic waterfront promenade.

Tomo Tokyo
Block A 01-04

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Chinese Zodiac Dining Goodness at CQ @ Clarke Quay
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Chinese Zodiac Dining Goodness at CQ @ Clarke Quay
Can’t get enough of Chinese New Year festivities? CQ @ Clarke Quay has 12 restaurants perfect for each sign of the Chinese Zodiac.

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