Live Show by HaveFun @ Bugis+ | Dazzling Entertainment Every Evening

Live Show by HaveFun @ Bugis+
Live Show by HaveFun @ Bugis+.

You probably already know if you’re a fan of Mandopop or karaoke singing. But if not …

HaveFun, the largest live entertainment house in Singapore, has launched Live Show at level 7 of Bugis+. To be opened to the public on Feb 28, 2024, and boasting the title of the biggest live music house in the country, HaveFun Live Show promises an unparalleled music and entertainment experience based on cutting-edge live singing concepts that have taken China by storm in recent years. It’s dazzling live evening entertainment with great drinks and food that HaveFun is confident will redefine the local scene!

I visited Live Show on Friday evening and let me just say this is a concert space that will blow anyone away. It’s glitzy and grand but intimate at the same time. The T-shape stage, with movable platforms and all, delivers performers right into the heart of the audience. Allowing for some truly wild and exhilarating moments during upbeat sets.

The lights are also the constant stars, as in, literally. Live Show is illuminated by over 8000 lights that continuously change, transforming each performance into an amazing and immersive visual extravaganza.

Best of all, tickets, i.e., cover charges aren’t as exorbitant as one would think. Personally, I think the prices are most reasonable for the quality of entertainment and the venue experience. There are, of course, opening promotions too. Details after my pictures!

Live Show by HaveFun at Bugis+ Opening Ceremony

HaveFun Live Show @ Bugis+
Live Show by HaveFun features a posh, cabaret-like interior. Walking in is like entering a classy nightclub. By the way, the entire venue can accommodate over 400 guests.
Live Show by HaveFun Stage
The T-stage dominates the heart of the venue space, illuminated by 8000 lights and enhanced with cutting-edge audiovisual technologies from China.
Flint Lu | HaveFun (嗨翻) Founder
Opening statement by Mr. Flint Lu, founder of HaveFun.
HaveFun Live Concert
The live entertainment for the evening began with a power ballad that subtly introduced the capabilities of that awesome stage.
Singapore's Largest Karaoke and Party Venue
HaveFun, Singapore’s largest multi-entertainment concept chain, is famous locally for karaoke. The performances during the opening ceremony reflect this.
嗨翻 Live Show
The atmosphere is exuberant, isn’t it?
See those rainbow light sticks in the background? Live Show provides them so that guests can join in sing-alongs, etc.
Bugis+ Dance Club
The auditorium can be swiftly transformed into a dance club too. A DJ console will be lowered from the ceiling.

Check out my YouTube Short and Instagram Reel for videos!

A Stellar Lineup for Unforgettable Nights of Dynamic Entertainment

A word about the performance lineup. HaveFun Live Show is proud of its exceptional roster of talented and experienced performers.

A dedicated and skilled team is committed to inviting experienced artists, many of whom have showcased their talents on both national and international stages, occasionally graced by celebrity appearances.

HaveFun Live Show also delivers a captivating repertoire of popular Mandarin melodies, thoughtfully curated to resonate across generations and diverse backgrounds. Each night’s performance promises an enthralling lineup, with the overarching goal of creating an unforgettable and dynamic entertai nment experience. Live Show ensures that every guest is thrilled by the performances, night after night.

Applause the Virtual and Digital Way

Here’s another unique experience to enjoy at this high-tech live concert venue.

Great performers deserve likes and claps, yes? Well, at Live Show, every guest can instantly contribute to the show’s heartbeat the digital way. By scanning the QR code at each table, guests may unleash a cascade of support and appreciation, creating a virtual symphony of “likes” as well as showering performers with captivating virtual gifts like rockets and flowers.

Inspired by the interactive energy of online live sessions, this virtual gifting experience is yours to experience at Live Show.

Venue and Ticket Information, and Opening Promotions

  • Address: Bugis+, Level 7. Take the escalator all the way up to level 7, or use the lifts. Live Show faces the rooftop garden.

Starting Feb 28, 2024, Live Show by HaveFun will open to the public six days a week (Tuesday to Sunday) from 9 pm to 3 am. Music and programs commence at 9:30 pm, with the official lighting show at 10:30 pm.

From the same date and as part of the launch promotion, walk-in guests can enjoy SGD 1* for the first bottle of beer or soft drink with complimentary entry when they quote the slogans #你和我的音乐节 or #Daily Concert For You at the entrance, or pre-booked show packages starting from $40++, encompassing complimentary drinks for guests.

Usual entry fees are SGD 20 per pax for weekdays and SGD 30 per pax for weekends. Purchase your tickets here! Don’t forget to follow @Havefunliveshow Instagram page for updates too. Packages are available on a first-come-first-served basis.

HaveFun Live Show Ticket Link:

Call for Reservations: +65 6993 9903 / +65 8318 9300 (WA)

Instagram/TikTok/Facebook/XHS: @havefunliveshow

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Live Show by HaveFun | Dazzling Entertainment Every Evening
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Live Show by HaveFun | Dazzling Entertainment Every Evening
Live Show by HaveFun @ Bugis+ opens on Feb 28th, 2024, promising spectacular evenings of music, entertainment, and culinary delights for all.

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