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Aremyhair Hair Replacement System
Mediacorp actor, Yao Wen Long, before & after wearing a hair replacement system.

Here’s a recommendation for those who are combating hair loss. A problem that’s nothing to be ashamed of but nonetheless does no wonder for anyone’s self-confidence.

Established in 2003, Aremyhair, is a leading, fully integrated hair centre headquartered in Singapore with over 21 years of experience in the industry. They specialise in custom-made, high-quality hair replacement systems for use by both men and women.

As a fully integrated hair centre equipped to deal with different hair care challenges, Aremyhair provides a plethora of integrated services, too, solutions that encompass every aspect of the hair replacement journey as well as treatment and care for those suffering from thinning and damaged hair. All of their products and solutions are moreover upheld to stringent quality standards thanks to strategic partnerships with reputable manufacturing companies in China, Indonesia, and South Korea.

If you’re looking for a custom-made solution to replace what you’ve lost on top, Aremyhair just might have the ideal recommendation for you.

Hair Replacement System in Singapore
Hair replacement system in the process of being attached to the scalp.

Wait a Minute, What Are Hair Replacement Solutions?

Hair replacement systems are meticulously crafted hair pieces that provide a wearer with a seamless and natural-looking solution to hair loss. They sound like wigs but they aren’t, because they are not meant to be removed. At least not on a daily basis.

Here’s how a replacement system is created too:

  1. First, measurements of the individual’s scalp are taken to ensure a precise fit.
  2. Either natural or synthetic human hair is selected and meticulously woven into a base material. This ensures a lifelike appearance.
  3. Once the hairpiece is crafted, it is attached to the scalp using specialised tapes or adhesives, offering a painless and instantaneous transformation.

One of the biggest advantages of a hair replacement system is how it offers a painless and instantaneous solution to hair loss, a stark contrast to other treatment options such as hair transplant surgery, Rogaine treatment, microneedling, or laser therapy. These alternative treatments sometimes come with unintended side effects and could be invasive and painful.

In contrast, hair replacement systems provide individuals with a convenient and comfortable way to achieve a full head of hair without the associated risks or discomfort.

Most importantly, each hair piece is customised to match individual preferences and can be dyed, styled, and shampooed. They can also be used during various activities like swimming and gymming.

Peter Lim, Founder & Director, Aremyhair
Peter Lim, Founder & Director, Aremyhair

A Replacement Solution by Someone Who Understands Hair Loss All Too Well

Aremyhair was founded in 2003 by Peter Lim. Peter’s unique entrepreneurship journey began after experiencing the early onset of hair loss at the young age of 17 whilst taking his O-Level examinations. In his search for a remedy, he found himself disappointed with the lack of an easily available and non-disruptive solution to his hair loss.

This eventually led to the establishment of Aremyhair in 2000 where he strived to offer customers the chance to reintroduce a sense of normalcy to their lives through the use of hair replacement systems – non-surgical and non-invasive pieces crafted from either human or artificial hair seamlessly positioned onto the scalp.

Today, Aremyhair is an award-winning company and one of the few pioneers who’ve brought hair replacement systems to Singaporeans. Their clientele hail from Singapore to cities as far as Taipei and Shanghai. The centre also continues to push for the development of new and improved hair replacement systems and manufacture them through joint ventures with companies based in China, Indonesia, and South Korea.

Some of Aremyhair’s esteemed clients include Yao Wen Long, Hong Hui Fang, Jack Neo, and Wang Lei. Aremyhair’s products have also been involved in local movies such as Long-long Time Ago I, II and III and Ah Boys to Men.

To book an appointment, call (+65 6225 2022 / +65 9641 3620), or send an email to Or simply fill out Aremyhair’s contact form for a free consultation.

Aremyhair is located in the heart of Rochor at 8A Perak Rd, Singapore 208129. The centre operates from Monday to Saturday, from 10 am to 7 pm.

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Aremyhair | Restoring Confidence One Strand at a Time
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Aremyhair | Restoring Confidence One Strand at a Time
Frustrated by hair loss? Aremyhair restores your confidence with non-invasive and non-surgical hair replacement solutions.

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