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Watching Argylle is akin to enduring a thrilling car ride that has gone on for too long.

Argylle Review: 4 thumbs-up and 5 thumbs-down
Snappy Movie Review | Argylle

Argylle Synopsis

Introvert Elle Conway is a successful spy novelist, widely celebrated for her Aubrey Argylle series, which features a Bond-like master spy. After a violent ambush on board a train, Elle is told that she’s being targeted by an actual covert organisation because her story plots are uncanny predictions of real-world espionage conflicts. Within hours, the panicky novelist finds herself in a web of intrigues that gets crazier and crazier.

Snappy Review

I watched Argylle on the third day of Chinese New Year. I regret to say, it wasn’t quite the fun festive experience I expected, although it seemed like it would be at the beginning.

What went wrong? Wait, that’s too harsh; the show did benefit from a talented if uninspired cast. What didn’t work? Well, it’s as you might have already heard. The excessive, overzealous twists rapidly sap the humour and magic from the show. As illogical as this sounds for a comedic parody of the spy genre, think of this like a thrilling road trip that has a bit too many hairpin turns and has gone on for a wee bit too long. It tires. The surprise dissipates. You long to alight.

Moreover, the twists pile on so enthusiastically, so outrageously, they slip into realms of the bizarre. By the final third, I stopped bothering with connecting the dots and just embraced the movie tagline of The greater the spy, the bigger the lie. I took it that nothing is as it seems so stop trying to figure it out. Just enjoy the action.

Speaking of the action, that’s one area I don’t have complaints with, although I suspect many viewers would find some of the key confrontations too clownish and plastic, that is, even for a comedy. What I do have huge issues with, on the other hand, are the whole Alfie the Cat business and the baffling mid-credit scene.

I mean, c’mon. Just because Samuel L. Jackson took on a Nick Fury-like role here doesn’t mean there needs to be franchise building ala MCU style. Alfie was so obviously doing a Goose the Flerken take too.

Will say it out loud. I’m not thrilled about the news of a prequel in the making.

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