River Hongbao 2024 | Celebrating CNY 2024 With Caishen and a Huge Golden Dragon

Golden dragon and huge Caishen at River Hongbao 2024 | Prosperity and Wealth for everyone!

Happy Chinese New Year 2024 everyone! May the new dragon year be full of vigour, prosperity, and wealth for you!

Like last year, I’ll bai nian with everyone using River Hongbao 2024 pics. I think this is appropriate for this year’s show is truly a spectacular festive feast for the eyes. I’m, of course, referring to the super-long golden dragon and the 18-metre God of Wealth Caishen statue at the Supertree Grove.

The smaller lantern showpieces are equally enjoyable. Like previous editions, there’s an equal mix of festive ones as well as those that celebrate Singapore culture, such as our love for kopi and durians.

There are also five mini Caishen lanterns right beside the food tent—the Wǔlù Cáishén (五路财神) or “Gods of Wealth of the Five Directions.” I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a display locally and it was a treat for the mythology fan in me. And seriously very good for huat!

All loved the mini Caishen lanterns. Some visitors, erm, look as if they wanted to hug the lanterns for selfies. 😛

Visiting River Hongbao 2024 On Chinese New Year’s Eve

Bountiful Returns | River Hongbao 2024
One of the star attractions of this year’s dragon-ful River Hongbao is outside the main fairground. The 20-metre Bountiful Returns is inspired by the Singapore River and is a tribute to the origins of the festival—it was first held at the banks of the cleaned-up river.
Chinese New Year Dragon Wishing Bells
Golden dragons and hearts, and wishing bells for you to throw coins at. Would this be one of the spots to be at come Feb 14, which is just hours away?
Five Directions God of Wealths (Wulu Caishen)
Huat ah! The Chinese Gods of Wealth of the Five Directions. Folklorically, each Caishen represents a different kind of trade. It’s also great that the lanterns are named; everyone can now know the actual names of the Caishens.
River Hongbao 2024 Food and Games
The food tent and carnival games fill up half of River Hongbao 2024. There’s also a sizable sitting area for diners and a mini-exhibition on Chinese New Year in Chinatown in yesteryears.
Wangzi Chenglong | 望子成龙
The Wangzi Chenglong, or “Wishing son/child to be a dragon” lantern set, is tucked away at the car park end of the fairground. It’s festive and colourful but also kinda reminds me of the Singaporean obsession with paper success.
Most visitors enter from the entrance nearest to Bayfront MRT. I hope everyone makes the effort to check out the car park entrance (Entrance 3), though, the Welcome Arch here is gorgeous.
River Hongbao 2024 Chinese Zodiac Lanterns
I think the Chinese Zodiac lantern sets for this year are a barrel of laughs. The way the animals announce the dragon is hilarious and very “modern.”
River Hongbao 2024 Lanterns
Festive lantern showpieces both traditional and modern to celebrate Lunar New Year 2024 and Singaporean heritage.
River Hongbao 2024 Dragon
Close-up of the 140-metre giant dragon showpiece. It’s a work of beauty, isn’t it? The colour scheme just shouts “good luck” too
River Hongbao Caishen 2024
I save the best for last. Here’s this year’s 18-metre super-huat Caishen display! Once again, wishing all much prosperity, wealth, health, and opportunities this new dragon year!

River Hongbao 2024 ends on Feb 17, 2024. The fairground is open from 2.30 pm to 10.30 pm from Feb 10 onwards. Admission is free!

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River Hongbao 2024 | Gardens by the Bay (Video)
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River Hongbao 2024 | Gardens by the Bay (Video)
Elaborate lantern sets, a swimming golden dragon, and a huge Caishen God of Money statue at River Hongbao 2024.

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