Dahlia Dreams 2024 | Gardens by the Bay (Video)

Dahlia Dreams 2024: Legend of the Dragon Gate
Dahlia Dreams 2024: Legend of the Dragon Gate

Have you visited Dahlia Dreams 2024, which started on Jan 19? If not, you really should.

Exhibitions at Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome have long been more than just flower shows; I tend to think of them as mini cultural or architectural extravaganzas. With Dahlia Dreams 2024: Legend of the Dragon Gate, though, I think the team at Gardens truly outdid themselves.

This is not just the usual pre-Chinese New Year festive blooms showcase, although there are still glorious blossoms aplenty. Instead, it feels more like a prelude to the upcoming River Hongbao 2024, with a huge dragon sculpture, a parade of dragon lantern showpieces, and a full-scale Carp Jumping over the Dragon Gate (鱼跃龙门 | Yuyue Longmen) diorama.

The underlying theme for the dragon displays is awesome too. Altogether, five dragons are presented at the heart of the Flower Dome and each represents one of the Five Elements in Chinese mysticism. Though it’s not exactly obscure knowledge, I think it’s too often forgotten that dragon years, or tiger years, monkey years, etc., are not entirely the same. There are metal dragon years, water dragon years, and so on. 2024 will be a wood dragon year.

It’s great that Gardens by the Bay paid homage to this cultural titbit with this year’s Dahlia Dreams. Naturally, it provided for a lot of creative expression within the displays too.

A Date With Dragons at Dahlia Dreams: Legend of the Dragon Gate

James Doran-Webb Driftwood Dragon Sculpture
James Doran-Webb’s driftwood dragon sculpture greets all after the entrance, It holds a watery pearl to symbolise traditional fortune?
Flower Dome Lunar New Year 2024
A Lunar New Year festive playground dominated by one huge dragon.
Dahlia Dreams Wood Dragon
The majestic wood dragon showpiece, a true piece of art, is covered with blooms to symbolise spring and prosperity.
Legend of the Dragon Gate
Here’s the other main showpiece of the exhibition—the Legend of the Dragon Gate. According to Chinese legend, carp that jump over the mythical Dragon Gate will be transformed into dragons. The saying is a metaphor for positive transformation/transfiguration.
Dahlia Dreams 2024 Flower Exhibition
They aren’t the main stars for this year, but lovely Dahlia blooms, and other blossoms, are still all over.
Chinese Five Elements Dragons
Like the carp, the smaller dragons of other elements are atmospherically illuminated after dark. It’s an auspicious elemental conclave. (Vs … you know … chroma)
Gardens by the Bay CNY 2024
More traditional icons of the Chinese New Year flank the main displays and provide extra photography opportunities. (You can pay for pros to help you with group photos at the lion dances)

Dahlia Dreams 2024 ends on Mar 17, 2024. Admission charges to the Flower Dome apply.

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Dahlia Dreams 2024 | Gardens by the Bay (Video)
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Dahlia Dreams 2024 | Gardens by the Bay (Video)
Visiting majestic dragons and golden carp at Dahlia Dreams 2024, happening at Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome till March 17.

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