Still Looking for a New CNY Festive Timepiece? Casio Got You Covered!

Casio and G-SHOCK Timepiece Recommendations for CNY 2024
Casio and G-SHOCK Timepiece Recommendations for CNY 2024.

I presume that by now, you’ve finished preparing your festive wardrobe for the upcoming Chinese New Year holidays. If you haven’t, though, or if you’re looking for a stylish and reliable new timepiece for the dragon year, look no further, Casio and G-SHOCK got you covered! Here are a couple of recommendations for a roaring Year of the Dragon 2024.

MTG-B3000CXD Dragon
Inspired by and made for dragons, the MTG-B3000CXD Dragon features an innovative slim design, with a reduced case thickness of just 12.1mm.

MTG-B3000CXD Dragon

Launched at the start of January, the limited edition MTG-B3000CXD Dragon is G-SHOCK’s special timepiece to welcome the new dragon year.

Everything about the MTG-B3000CXD Dragon just speaks draconic power. The bezel and band loop are meticulously etched and laser-machined to emulate the intricate scales of a dragon. The finish is adorned with a luxurious gold-colored ion-plated (IP) coating, creating a stunning visual impact.

The dial of the watch features a scale pattern, adding an extra layer of sophistication. While the back cover contains a powerful image of a rising dragon to symbolise strength, power, and good fortune.

The MTG-B3000CXD furthermore has a dual-core guard structure that combines a carbon fiber-reinforced resin case with metal parts to ensure robust protection. Though the design is inspired by a mythical creature, Bluetooth connectivity is incorporated, allowing the MTG-B3000CXD to sync with the CASIO WATCHES app on smartphones.

A must-have for watch enthusiasts, collectors, and dragon fans alike! The MTG-B3000CXD is priced at SGD 1,599 and is available for purchase at G-SHOCK retailers and online.

Additionally, receive an exclusive Year of Dragon Red Packets as GWP with any purchase of G-SHOCK watches, while stocks last.

Hello Kitty Collaboration BGD-565KT
Inspired by the original look of the beloved Sanrio character, the BGD-565KT exudes a retro charm worthy of the classic HELLO KITTY design.

Hello Kitty Collaboration BGD-565KT

Everybody loves Hello Kitty and she is a great companion at any time of the year, agree?

Casio’s newest addition to its family of BABY-G shock-resistant watches, the BGD-565KT marks both the 50th anniversary of HELLO KITTY and the 30th anniversary of BABY-G. Based on the BGD-565 model, which inherits the design of the first BABY-G model, this special collaboration features the white, red, and blue colour scheme of HELLO KITTY’s debut designs from 1974. Red and blue band rings accent the design’s base tone of white for a nostalgic yet modern style.

The band, made with bio-based resin, is covered in Kitty’s faces; laughing, winking, and looking surprised. When the backlight is on, Kitty’s eyes, nose, and whiskers appear on the watch LCD and are topped with the ribbon design on the dial to complete the HELLO KITTY face.

What’s more, in addition to a total of 50 HELLO KITTY details covering the entire watch in celebration of her 50th anniversary, this collaboration model comes in special packaging that includes a cloth pouch inspired by the watch design.

The Hello Kitty Collaboration BGD-565KT watch is priced at SGD 179 and available for purchase at G-SHOCK retailers and online.

The gender-neutral GMA-P2100 is part of K-pop sensation ITZY’s “Unstoppable Me” campaign. The monochromatic model, infused with the spirit of ITZY’s empowering presence, creates a statement that transcends music and boundaries.

G-SHOCK GMA-P2100 | Compact Monochromatic Style

You don’t always need a lot of colours to project your style. Sometimes, all you need is one colour. One suitable colour at the right size.

The new GMA-P2100, part of Casio’s downsized, gender-neutral G-Shock models, features the octagonal bezel and minimalist face design for which the 2100 line is famous for but comes in vibrant colors and a smaller-sized shock-resistant profile that is easy to wear.

The case is 2.7 mm narrower, making it 94 percent the size of conventional GMA-S2100 models. The band length has also been shortened by some 10 mm to make it easier for those with smaller wrists to wear.

Style-wise, this striking timepiece comes in vibrant turquoise blue, bright pink, and white monochrome color schemes. Light and dark shades of the same color are used for different components, including the dial, index marks, and hands, effectively creating a streamlined look that has both depth and dimension but is easy to read. The bezel and band are further made with bio-based resin, a material expected to help reduce environmental impact.

The new GMA-P2100 Collection is priced at SGD 159 and available for purchase at G-SHOCK retailers and online.

The RANGEMAN GPR-H1000 is made for extreme outdoor durability and boasts an array of 6 built-in sensors that include a heart rate monitor, an accelerometer, and a gyroscope. The iconic symbol of the RANGEMAN series, a wild cat, is also intricately carved inside the band parts.


This model is for those who are all ready to face challenges in the new dragon year. Those who are confident of their own strengths too.

The RANGEMAN GPR-H1000 is the latest addition to the G-SHOCK MASTER OF G series, a series renowned for durability and suitability for extreme conditions and outdoor adventures. Engineered with rugged materials and innovative structural designs to withstand shocks and heavy impact, this rugged superstar remains unfazed in any adventure, outdoors or in life, and is empowered by 9 types of measurements tailored to support various field activities.

The RANGEMAN GPR-H1000 further comes with Mud Resist buttons, with each button fortified with a stainless-steel cover that shields them from wear and tear, and fitted with a gasket that serves as a barrier to prevent mud and dust infiltration. The anti-slip target-mark surfaces on each button offer users control even in muddy or challenging conditions, while metal side guards positioned on each side of the watch help safeguard the watch module, sensors, and other precision devices against potential drops and rough impact.

Coming to the main control button, this is shielded by a meticulously crafted forge-molded button guard. The sensor cover is crafted using a precise Metal Injection Molding process that enhances the durability.

The RANGEMAN GPR-H1000 is priced at SGD 649 and available for purchase at G-SHOCK retailers and online.

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