Recovery System Launches “Recovery Insights,” an AI-Powered Personalised Health Management App

Recovery Insights | AI-Powered Personalised Recovery Coach
Michael Lyons, CEO of Recovery Systems announces the launch of Recovery Insights, an AI-Powered recovery coach.

Recovery Systems, a pioneering health and wellness company based in Singapore, announces the official launch of its AI-powered recovery coach, Recovery Insights.

Designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, Recovery Insights marks a significant stride forward in personalised health management, leveraging advanced artificial intelligence to optimise recovery and elevate users’ overall performance, no matter their fitness level or chosen platform. 

Michael Lyons, CEO of Recovery Systems stated that Recovery Insights is not just an app. “It is a transformative coach that engages users throughout their fitness journey. By meticulously analysing training data, the app provides users with personalised, actionable recommendations to enhance post-injury and post-workout recovery, allowing them to reach their fitness goals more efficiently,” he said.

Michael added that Recovery Insights is available as a Progressive Web App (PWA), offering the advantages of native apps without the constraints. Users can install it on their devices, enjoying features such as push notifications, Bluetooth access, and seamless upgrades—eliminating the need for app store approvals.

The app also seamlessly integrates with popular fitness apps and devices such as Garmin, Strava, Apple, Wahoo, Polar, and Fitbit, ensuring users can sync their data effortlessly and receive instant insights for better and faster recovery.

Michael sees Recovery Insights as a movement, as 85% of Singaporeans are embracing health tech. He underlined the company’s commitment to capitalising on the thriving health and wellness coaching market in Singapore, with a projected market volume of US$86.93 million by 2028. Anticipating substantial growth, user penetration is expected to rise from 39.78% in 2023 to 51.05% by 2028.

“Recovery Insights is at the forefront of this shift. We’re not just tracking data; we’re empowering individuals to train smarter, recover faster, and perform better. This is about democratising peak performance, making it safe, sustainable, and attainable for everyone,” he said.

Recovery Insights Screenshots
Screenshots of Recovery Insights.

Key Features of Recovery Insights

  • Training Impact Analysis: Gain insights into how training affects recovery and performance.
  • Personalised Recovery Strategies: Receive tailored recommendations based on individual training data.
  • Scientific Evidence and Best Practices: Stay informed with the latest research and best practices on recovery.
  • Progress Monitoring: Track recovery progress and celebrate achievements.
  • Accelerated Fitness Goal Attainment: Achieve fitness goals quicker and safer with personalised guidance.

Developed by Athletes for Athletes

Recovery Systems actively gathers feedback from a community of testers, among whom are figures such as triathlete Chris Bray and coach Scott Larsen. Their expressions of confidence in the app underscore its potential to redefine the landscape of recovery management.

“As an age group triathlete, a recovery coach is truly a huge asset in guiding me on matching my training load with appropriate recovery to stay healthy and perform at my best,” Chris said.

Scott Larsen, coach and ex-athlete, added, “The new AI Recovery app by Recovery Systems builds upon their range of recovery-focused products, once again leading the industry in new technology and trends. It will open new insights for professional athletes and everyday individuals alike.”


Anticipating future advancements, Recovery Insights is set to become device-agnostic with expanded integrations. The AI will undergo continuous refinement, introducing new recovery protocols under the watchful eye of the coaching staff and technical team.

Try Recovery Insights for free at this link. You can also visit Recovery Systems official website to learn more about Recovery Insights.

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Recovery Insights | AI-Powered Personalised Recovery Coach
Article Name
Recovery Insights | AI-Powered Personalised Recovery Coach
Recovery Insights by Recovery Systems is an AI-powered recovery coach app that analyses training data to enhance recovery.

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