Chinese New Year 2024 Gift Ideas That Are Not Food or Hampers

Year of the Dragon 2024 gift ideas that are not food
Year of the Dragon 2024 gift ideas that are not snacks or hampers.

Chinese New Year gifting could be frustrating, yes?

There’s a long list of taboos about what never to give. No shoes, clocks, sharp objects, thank you. While few would grouch about receiving them, not openly anyway, food gifts no longer have that much of a special touch too. Most are simply too conventional, to put it in an ugly way.

Well, if you’re still undecided over what to give your loved ones this Lunar New Year, and you really do not want to give pineapple tarts or abalone AGAIN this year, here are some unconventional but still suitable festive gift ideas to consider.

I’ve included a mix that includes fun collectibles, IT accessories, beauty treatments, and artisanal gift sets.

POP MART Lunar New Year Collectibles
Adorable collectibles perfect as Chinese New Year gifts at POP MART.

1. POP MART Year of the Dragon Collectibles

Let’s start with something cute and delightful for children and adults alike.

POP MART is welcoming Year of the Dragon 2024 with Disney festive installations, pop-up stalls at CapitaLand Malls, and a wide range of collectibles that would be great as affordable festive gifts.

The sale of the limited series Year of the Dragon Disney Plushies has just ended, but the pop-up stalls and all POP MART outlets are still full of character collectibles that would be fun to give away. For example, the hilarious Minions Travelogues of China Series Figures* will have everyone chuckling. The Loong Presents the Treasure Series* is a dragon-ful and kawaii celebration of the incoming Chinese zodiac animal.

All purchases at Disney-themed pop-up stores furthermore allow you to buy a special Year of the Dragon Disney Lunch Bag at SGD 8.80 (U.P. SGD 35).

Lastly, freebies! Receive a set of POP MART Red Packets when you spend a min. of SGD 118 in a single receipt. If you spend SGD 198 in a single receipt, you’ll receive a set of playing cards.

Terms and conditions apply for the freebies!


* Sold as blind boxes at SGD 15.90 each, SGD 190.80 for twelve.

HP Chinese New Year 2024 Recommendations
HP Pavilion Plus 14-Inch Laptop & HP Envy Move All-in-one PC.

2. HP Pavilion Plus 14-Inch Laptop & HP Envy Move All-in-one PC

Hewlett Packard (HP), the trusted name for IT and work solutions, has two recommendations this spring 2024 season for those in need of upgraded work and entertainment stations. If you don’t mind spending a bit more for your CNY 2024 gift this year, both gift ideas are great for the tech lover/worker in your life.

The HP Pavilion Plus 14-inch Laptop (from SGD 1716)istailored for dynamic lifestyles and built to seamlessly blend work and play. With a superior OLED display that maximises clarity, audio tuned by B&O, and a 13th Gen Intel i7 processor, content creation, entertainment, or digital collaboration becomes a breeze. A visually immersive premium experience too.

The Envy Move All-in-One PC (from SGD 1918) elevates your loved one’s on-the-go lifestyle with its movable, adaptable, and hybrid solution designed for multi-tasking and multi-sharing at home. With a rechargeable battery, kickstand legs, and an integrated handle, the Envy Move effortlessly transitions from a work desk to just about any digital station you need it to be in the home. Fast charge, effortless navigation, and sleek design further provide the freedom to move while still delivering a stellar performance.

Ombré CNY 2024 Promotions
Ombré’s Express Facials Treatments for CNY 2024 and exclusive new year mini gift set.

3. Ombré’s Express Facials for Radiance

The weather was freakish last year, wasn’t it? Much of that continued in 2024, with thunderstorms regularly hitting just half-hours after fiery sunshine. Just the other day, I was walking under sunlight and a drizzle!

Such extreme weather does no wonders for complexions. If your loved one needs a perk-up after all the madness, take a look at Ombré’s suite of curated express facial treatments, designed to not only provide an instant glow-up but also combat the effects of the extreme, sweltering weather.

From Jan 1 to Feb 29, 2024, Ombré is also offering CNY 2024 promotions to help customers embrace the spring festival season with radiant skin. Customers who spend a minimum of SGD 58 on any of Ombré’s transformative treatments will receive an exclusive New Year mini gift set (valued at SGD 57.80), graciously sponsored by YFY Singapore.

Here are three treatments to give you an idea of what Ombré has to offer:

  • MesoMTS – SGD 98 (30 minutes): This new treatment is perfect for those seeking a comprehensive cleanse. It combines an MTS (Microneedle Therapy System) needling ampoule infusion with a soothing face massage for a revitalized complexion.
  • Hydraclean – SGD 28 (15 minutes): This super-express facial deeply cleanses and exfoliates the skin, leaving it revitalized and ready for the holidays in just 15 minutes.
  • EndyMed Face V-Lift – SGD 98 (30 minutes): Achieve a sculpted jawline that’s ready for any celebration with this non-invasive lifting and contouring facial treatment.

To book your express appointment, call (+65 8645 5582 / +65 6242 0102), or send an email to, or simply fill out Ombré’s contact form.

BBYEOL Solaris UVC Sterilizer | Chinese New Year 2024 Gift Ideas
BBYEOL Solaris UVC Sterilizer.

4. BBYEOL Solaris UVC Sterilizer

Hygiene is not just the top priority for joyous gatherings, it is a big must for everyday life too. A gift that will surely be appreciated by all especially those with the young and vulnerable in their households.

The BBYEOL Solaris UVC Sterilizer (SGD 299 after discount) is a cabinet-like, 16-litre capacity UVC sterilizer that could be used for everything from baby items to kitchen utensils, to personal electronics and items. The patented EternalGuard technology ensures the longevity of the sterilizer and precise pathogen targeting, while 360-degree sterilization sees to it that no surface is left uncleaned.

The BBYEOLSolaris comes with various other useful features too, such as a 72-Hour Smart Sterile Mode and four modes of usage. Its premium anti-glare exterior reduces reflections and minimizes glare to improve visibility and comfort. You’d have no problem viewing the controls even in well-lit environments or when viewed from different angles.

Last but not least, the BBYEOLSolaris comes with 2 Years Product Warranty (5 Years for UV-LED) and islandwide Delivery. Other than verbal wishes for good health this Lunar New Year, how about actually gifting a must-have for healthy living this festive season?

(While visiting BBYEOL’s site, take a look at the Lynx Tankless Water Purifier in Ice Grey too. Currently discounted to a super huat price of SGD 888 till Feb 25, 2024)

NORQAIN Wild One Gold and Wild One All Black
NORQAIN Wild One Gold and Wild One All Black.

5. NORQAIN Wild One Gold and Wild One All Black

To many Chinese, well, practically all Chinese, gold represents good luck, wealth, prosperity, and good fortune.

If you feel so too and you have gold in the bank to splurge on your loved ones this new year, consider the NORQAIN Wild ONE Gold Limited Edition (SGD 18,600 for black buckle version) and Wild ONE All Black (SGD 8,200).

Yeah, I know the price tags raise eyebrows but if the concluding Year of the Rabbit has been prosperous for you and you wish to share the joy before Mr. Rabbit leaves, these two exquisite timepieces are well worth considering.

The NORQAIN Wild ONE Gold is the first Wild ONE to use solid gold as part of the Wild ONE case construction. The top section of the watch’s revolutionary 42mm case design is cast in brushed and polished solid 18-carat red gold, while the base section is in black NORTEQ®, a proprietary high-performance carbon fibre material exclusive to the Swiss manufacturer.

Also made with ultra-robust and ultra-light NORTEQ®, the Wild One All Black is the ultimate high-performance sports watch. Six times lighter than steel and 3.5 times lighter than titanium, this model was designed in collaboration with Jean-Claude Biver, the NORQAIN team, and the best Swiss suppliers.

Both new models have black, three-level, laser-cut dials with the signature NORQAIN mandala-like pattern motif, decorated either with gold or black-plated hands and with diamond-cut skeleton hour markers. Each has a black rubber screw-down crown and the NORQAIN plate on the left flank, in red gold on the Wild ONE Gold and black NORTEQ® on the All Black model.

To complete the picture, both watches are delivered on an integrated, animal cruelty-free, black rubber strap with a “Milanese” structure and a black NORTEQ® pin buckle. The gold model has the option of a sold 18-carat red-gold pin buckle.

More information on the NORQAIN home page.

The Glen Grant Lunar New Year 2024 Gift Sets | Lunar New Year Gift Suggestion
The Glen Grant Lunar New Year 2024 Gift Sets.

6. The Glen Grant Azure Dragon-Inspired Lunar New Year Gift Sets

Okay, this technically qualifies as a food gift, but given the gorgeous packaging, I’m sure you’d agree it’s art too.

The Glen Grant, the historic Scotch whisky hailing from the heart of Speyside, welcomes Year of the Dragon 2024 with the return of its limited edition Lunar New Year Sets (from SGD 84).

Adorned with thoughtfully considered visuals to convey auspicious progress, this year’s series juxtaposes the regal Azure Dragon and the distillery’s ever-flourishing Garden of Splendours across its principal collection covering 10, 12, 15, and 18 years. The gift sets have been available for purchase since Jan 1, 2024.

Designed with a striking modern elegance, the box design depicts a garden waterfall that gradually cascades into a trial of garden florals till it arrives at the Glass House and Distillery—a reflection of prized resources and new beginnings. As the gold foil river flows, elements such as hanging lanterns and a central Azure Dragon that symbolizes growth and enthusiasm add an auspicious touch. The beauty expands with the sleeves,  alongside a greeting that beckons the wondrous tasting journey ahead.

Making its return to the delight of collectors is also the geometric dragon head stopper that has been a hallmark feature since The Glen Grant’s debut Lunar New Year release in 2021. This seasonal theme is applied across its 10, 12, 15, and 18-years bottles, each in its corresponding colour scheme from its original packaging.

The Glen Grant Lunar New Year Gift Sets are available at all key retailers including Cellarbration and Cold Storage, and on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Campari branded stores on Shopee and Lazada.

The Glen Grant Official Website

Yuan Zhong Siu crystal accessories for 2024
Yuan Zhong Siu crystal accessories for 2024. (Photo by Jacelyn Pang)

7. Fengshui Crystals by Yuan Zhong Siu on Shopee

I’m sure few would disagree. Feng Shui is the Far Eastern mystic art that has found the widest international audience in the modern generation. The thing is, though, is it appropriate to gift Feng Shui accessories or decorations for Chinese New Year? I admit I previously advise against this in a CNY business custom guide.

Well, according to celebrity Feng Shui speaker, Master Jacelyn Pang of Yuan Zhong Siu Feng Shui Consultancy, Asia’s foremost Feng Shui authority established since 1989, Feng Shui crystal accessories are safe for anyone as all crystals have good benefits. What’s more important is instead the individual properties of chosen crystals, as in whether they align with the goals of the wearer.

For 2024, Master Jacelyn also recommends the Crackle Quartz as it stimulates the mind, improves focus, and removes negative energies—crucial for a year where many are at risk of slipping into low-frequency energies and thus making costly mistakes at work or studies. The Crackle Quartz can also be paired with Sunstone and Citrine to enhance wealth potential.

For those who are seeking love, Master Jacelyn suggests placing Rose Quartz or Strawberry Quartz crystals in the Southwest corner of the bedroom. The Southwest is the auspicious direction for love in 2024.

Take a look at Yuan Zhong Siu’s crystals shop on Shopee to see their array of bracelets and other accessories for numerous styles and preferences, plus complements to level up qualities! Feng Shui benefits aside, the bracelets are beautiful and add an elegant oriental touch to anyone’s wardrobe.

Steelseries Arctis Nova 7, Lunar New Year 2024 Version
Steelseries Arctis Nova 7, Lunar New Year 2024 Version

8. Steelseries Dragon Arctis Nova 7

This would be a great CNY 2024 gift for, say, a younger relative who games, or a life partner who’s also a kick-ass mage/covert operator in the digital realm.

Or just about anyone who needs a pair of eye-catching headset great for anything from games to streaming entertainment to music.

Inspired by the iconic Chinese zodiac dragon, the SteelSeries Dragon Arctis Nova 7 (SGD 359), a Lunar New Year special, features a gold dragon and other Chinese iconography representing prosperity and good fortune. It comes with alternative speaker plates for quick appearance changes. It is also empowered with all the features you’d expect of a pair of 2024 headset. From 40mm drivers for crystal-clear reverberating sound to immersive 360° Spatial Audio, to multi-platform support and simultaneous wireless, to broadcast quality, bidirectional ClearCast Gen 2 microphones.

Since no one watches movies or plays games for just 30 minutes, this over-the-head dragon headgear is also made for comfort. It comes with four points of adjustability and breathable memory foam cushion, and a whooping 38-hour battery life. (6 hours with 15 min fast charge)

Tech specs and more details at the official product page! Steelseries is only releasing 168 sets, so if you want one, be quick.

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Chinese New Year 2024 Gift Ideas That Are Not Food or Hampers
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Chinese New Year 2024 Gift Ideas That Are Not Food or Hampers
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