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Light to Night Festival 2024 | Jan 19 - Feb 8
Light to Night Festival 2024 | Jan 19 - Feb 8

Visiting Light to Night Festival 2024 on a rainy Thursday evening.

For the first time in, let’s see, five years (?), I did not visit Light to Night Festival on the opening weekend. Not because I’m no longer interested in this arts festival or because I was bogged down by work, but because there were just so many events happening all over Singapore that week. (The art week, the various Lunar New Year illuminations and activities, etc.)

Visited I finally did last evening, and guess what? For the first time, I almost returned home right away no thanks to bad weather; it was drizzling. Goodness, this freakish weather business is becoming a real nuisance, isn’t it? While I did visit past editions on damp evenings, never once did I have to walk around in the rain. Feverishly drying my camera every five minutes.

Was it worth the excursion, though, I’m sure you’d be asking. I think that’s tough to answer because the Light to Night Festival is ultimately a Singapore arts event, popular as it is with visitors from all walks of life. Whether you’d love this year’s edition much depends on your definition of visual beauty and what you would consider awesome photo backdrops, what you expect art installations to be, etc.

I can only say this year’s light projections have a more whimsical flavour. There’s also a more pronounced oriental identity in some of the projections and art installations, and because of that, an encouraged nostalgia.

I quite enjoyed my visit, wet weather considered. Naturally, the drizzle meant there were fewer people out in the open, too, which made everything slightly easier to photograph.

Reimagining Art, Play, and Spaces

Light to Night Festival 2024 is presented under the theme of “Reimagine.” To quote Festival Executive Director Suenne Megan Tan, the festival invites “you to take a closer look at our relationships with the environment, technology, and each other. In a world where everything is in constant flux, art becomes a dynamic force, engaging audiences to realise, reconsider and reimagine what our future could look like.”

The Gachaapartment Complex | Funan Underground Pedestrian Link
Like last year, I started my walk at Funan. Nikkei’s playful The Gachaapartment Complex immediately stole my heart because they reminded me of the handheld water games I used to own. (There’s a … Sea Monkey in this illustration, btw)
The Gachaapartment Complex Augmented Reality
AR effects for The Gachaapartment Complex, developed by Temasek Polytechnic School of Design, further added quirkiness.
Light to Night Sign 2024
The signature Light to Night sign at the steps of National Gallery Singapore.
Teo Eng Seng: Living the Life Light Projection
There are two light projections at the facades of National Gallery Singapore this year. This is Teo Eng Seng: Living the Life by Teo Eng Seng and Milosh Luczynski. It celebrates Teo’s spirit of curiosity and is quite a wild ride of colours.
National Gallery Singapore Light Projection 2024
Temple of Love by Arahmaiani, Wayang Merdeka, and Milosh Luczynski has a serene start that soon evolves into a story about a monster that destroys the world.
National Gallery Singapore Supreme Court Wing Light Projection
The façade of the Supreme Court Wing is, of course, used for both light projections too.
Symphony of Order | Sarah Choo Jing and Mathias Choo
Symphony of Order by Sarah Choo Jing and Mathias Choo at the Rotunda (NGS) explores the intricate interplay of “order” and “unspoken laws” in a delicious way. This dining scene was captured using a 360-degree camera.
Winter Sonata, Summer Mookata by Knuckles & Notch
The projection at The Arts House was my favourite, and not just because I love cats! Winter Sonata, Summer Mookata by Knuckles & Notch is trippy with a strong pop art feel. It’s like watching an Anime feature!
8-Bit Word Cloud by Justin Loke
Right beside Winter Sonata, Summer Mookata is 8-Bit Word Cloud by Justin Loke. Look at this installation with, say, a thumbnail picture and it does resemble a low-res digital blur. (Or one of those mosaics you see in, you know, Japanese … ……)
Passage by School of the Arts (SOTA)
Passage by School of the Arts (SOTA) over at the Asian Civilisations Museum. If you’ve visited the museum, you’d know what inspired this projection.
Party Pavilion | Howie Kim
Howie Kim’s Party Pavilion, situated before the Asian Civilisations Museum, is a perfect photo spot.
Wayang Spaceship
I’m sure most Singaporeans would know right away what Wayang Spaceship is inspired by. Wait, the name already says it, doesn’t it?
Embroidered Landscapes | Light to Night Festival 2024
Last but not least, the fun, fun Embroidered Landscapes at Victoria Concert Hall. A homage to Chinese street performances of yesteryears.
Light Projections in Singapore 2024
I bet it’s not a coincidence that dragons feature in Embroidered Landscapes!
Wings of Change Art Installation at the Padang
Update: A day shot of Wings of Change. (Hey, the festival is called LIGHT to Night …) The huge saga seed symbolises energy and hope. For me, it’s reminder of my internship days when a schoolmate of mine would collect such seeds as we leave work.

Light to Night Festival 2024 ends on Feb 8, 2024, i.e., just before Chinese New Year.

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A Rainy Evening at Light to Night Festival 2024 (Video)
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A Rainy Evening at Light to Night Festival 2024 (Video)
Light to Night Festival 2024 encourages visitors to reexamine their relationships with the environment, technology, and each other.

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