Chinatown Chinese New Year Light-Up 2024 (Video)

Chinatown Chinese New Year Light-Up 2024
Chinatown Chinese New Year Light-Up 2024

Pondering about dragons at this year’s Chinatown Chinese New Year Light-Up.

It has happened again! So let me dive straight into the question of, is this year’s Chinatown Chinese New Year Light-Up worth visiting?

Is the main dragon showpiece seriously that … comical? Are the rest of the street lights and displays worth the traveling time and crowds? What about the bazaar? Is anything special happening this year?

Well … hmm. Hmm.

Chinatown Dragon 2024
Personal opinion. I think the bushy eyebrows might not have done the dragon much favour.

First off, I expected “Chinatown dragon 2024” to be grander and more inventive; a long nian (dragon year) is always keenly anticipated, after all. And yes, that (now) notorious shot did immediately remind me of the late Hong Kong comedian Richard Ng.

The street lights, for one reason or another, also aren’t as elaborate as I thought they would be. To me, this is weird because there’s just so much you could do with the Chinese dragon as far as Chinese festive decorations are concerned. The auspicious beast is a core motif of Eastern oriental design.

Chinatown CNY Light-Up 2024
Perhaps I’m being unfair to say the street decorations are on the simpler side. I guess I was expecting the sort of elaborate arches used in the Deepavali light-ups.

But, as those who have visited would tell you, the entire light-up is far from awful. Look at the main dragon after it’s illuminated, and from the sides, and it’s actually not that laughable. Let me just highlight, too, that the notorious shot was obviously taken from the overhead bridge connecting Chinatown Point and People’s Park Centre, using a telescopic focal length. That degree of zoom compresses depth and that’s why the snout seems squashed into a human-like face.

Look at the showpiece from the usual spots at the Eu Tong Sen junction and it’s not comical at all. Admittedly, it’s hardly the best-looking dragon in Singapore this 2024 spring season, but no! It’s not terrible. I think it somewhat resembles the Donghai Longwang (东海龙王 | Eastern Ocean Dragon King) from some 80s TV shows, which is fine by me.

As for the festive bazaar at Temple Street, there’s a fair bit to see. Nothing unusual or special, to be clear, but if it’s Lunar New Year ambience you’re looking for, it’s all over. The bazaar was crowded with happy shoppers when I visited on Saturday afternoon and Monday evening.

And oh, the Chinese zodiac lanterns at the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple are the must-see this year. All twelve animals are adorably represented. There are, let’s see, three illuminated dioramas honoring the incoming year too.

All are lovely for selfies and kids.

Celebrating Chinese New Year 2024 at Singapore Chinatown

Chinatown Chinese New Year 2024
A final look at this year’s superstar. He brings with him gold coins and ingots. Unless other Chinatown light-ups in recent years, there are no smaller displays behind him too.
Year of the Dragon 2024 in Singapore
Further up the road, smaller dragons dance in joy amidst precious pearls and treasures.
Eu Tong Sen Street Light Up 2024
Another look at the street lights. All right, I shouldn’t have said they are simplistic. A better description might be, old-school? I don’t know why but the design reminds me of Chinese restaurants! (The “chun” character is also mirror-flipped when you look up Eu Tong Sen Street this way)

Festive Bazaar at Temple Street

Chinatown CNY Festive Bazaar 2024
The festive bazaar was crowded, despite being a Monday!
Chinatown Chinese New Year Bazaar 2024 Food
The usual festive sweets, peanuts, cookies, melon seeds, etc., are on sale. There seems to be a lot of guo dong (fruit jelly) stalls this year too.
Year of the Dragon Toys
What do you think? Are this year’s dragon-themed toys and plushies adorable?
Temple Street Festive Market, Singapore
Overview of the festive bazaar at Temple Street. This is, of course, taken from the rooftop of People’s Park Complex, which I haven’t been to in ages.

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple Festive Displays

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple CNY Display
As mentioned earlier, the superstar this year is the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, The many lantern displays are simply gorgeous.
Buddha Tooth Relic Temple Zodiac Lanterns
As mentioned earlier, the superstar this year is the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, The many lantern displays are simply gorgeous.
Year of the Dragon Lantern Display
Wishing all an abundant Year of the Dragon 2024!

And Over at Chinatown Point …

Yes! It is now a yearly custom for Chinatown Point to display otters as the stars of their Chinese New Year decorations.

As always, the otters are pretending to be zodiac animals too. They are also having hotpot for their reunion dinner! Hopefully, they are contented with their feast and don’t go about hunting for fish …

Chinatown Point Chinese New Year Otters
“Please join us in our reunion dinner feast! Afterwards, we can go hunt for (other people’s) fish!”

Chinatown Chinese New Year Light-Up 2024 ends on Mar 9, 2024.

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Chinatown Chinese New Year Light-Up 2024 (Video)
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Chinatown Chinese New Year Light-Up 2024 (Video)
Is Chinatown Chinese New Year Light-Up 2024 worth visiting? It is! The dragon showpiece is also not as comical as some say it is.

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