Chinese New Year 2024 Dining Recommendations

Prosperity Yu Sheng by Yuè (乐) | Chinese New Year 2024 Dining
Prosperity Yu Sheng by Yuè (乐) | Chinese New Year 2024 Dining Recommendations

Chinese New Year is about, let’s see, slightly less than three weeks away? (As of this time of publishing lah!) By now, if you’re celebrating the festival, I’m sure you’ve already made plans for reunion dinner.

But have you made plans for other days of the New Year? You know, where to feast at with your buddies, your colleagues, your customers … where to bring your future in-laws to, to impress them, etc. If you have yet to decide, here are six CNY dining recommendations for your consideration.

The following CNY set menus and buffets will all be available till Feb 24, i.e., the fifteenth day of the New Year. (Or Chap Goh Mei, as some of us call it) I’ve included a mix of traditional, modern, and cosmopolitan to cater to all tastes.

Yuè (乐) @ Aloft Singapore Novena CNY Set Menu
Yuè (乐) @ Aloft Singapore Novena invites you to welcome the Dragon Year with a culinary symphony.

Yuè (乐) @ Aloft Singapore Novena

Music-inspired Chinese restaurant Yuè () at Aloft Singapore Novena invites you to welcome a prosperous Year of the Dragon 2024 with its inaugural Lunar New Year menu, a symphonic spread of delectable festive dishes that will be available from Jan 26 to Feb 24.

Available on both set menus and ala carte basis, patrons can expect Yuè’s signature contemporary Chinese fare, all of which are also delightfully named after popular Chinese festive song titles.

  • 龙龙的新年来捞鱼生 (SGD 68++ for small portion for 4 to 5 diners, and SGD 108++ for large portion suitable for 8 to 10 diners): Yuè’s prosperity Yu Sheng for 2024 features succulent salmon slices and chunky scallop pieces drizzled generously with tangy passionfruit sauce. Patrons can elevate their culinary experience further with the Abundance Yu Sheng (SGD 128++, large portion only) option, where additional juicy baby abalones join the prosperous well-wishes.
  • 迎春接福恭喜你 (Receiving Blessings This Season, SGD 88++ or SGD 168++ for a small or large portion respectively): This incredibly rich medley features braised 6-head abalone, pork knuckle, mushrooms, and Black Moss. The tender, slow-cooked pork is infused with wonderfully rich, aromatic seasonings and set on a soft bed of spinach.
  • 福星高照喜上眉稍 (Lucky Star Upon You, SGD 68++): A decadent pot of double-boiled chicken soup with fish maw, sea whelk, and conpoy. Every ingredient is delicately boiled to perfection to enhance taste. Guaranteed to evoke a sense of reminiscence and the comfort of a home-cooked festive meal.
  • 五谷丰登新年好 (Five Grains Prosperous New Year): A comfort dish of Chinese sausage fried rice with preserved meat and sakura ebi; a delightful reimagination of the popular classic fried rice. This creation is a harmonious blend of wok-fried rice and savoury cherry blossom shrimp that will delight the tastebuds of diners young and old.

Yuè’s Chinese New Year Set Menus cater to diners from an intimate group of four (SGD 368++) to groups of 10 (SGD 688). Selected a la carte dishes are also available for dine-in and takeaway from Jan 26 to Feb 24, 2024. Pre-ordering of dishes is only required for Chinese New Year’s Eve. (Feb 9, 2024).

Yuè (乐) @ Aloft Singapore Novena

Pazzion Café Lunar New Year Special
Pazzion Café invites you to embark on a Lunar New Year gastronomic journey filled with rich flavors, tranquility, and prosperity.

Pazzion Café

Culinary haven Pazzion Cafe invites you to embark on a gastronomic journey filled with rich flavors, tranquility, and prosperity! From now until Feb 25, 2024, Pazzion’s Lunar New Year 2024 offerings promise an unforgettable experience for patrons seeking to usher in the festive season with delectable delights.

  • Golden Prosperity Duck Confit (SGD 22.00): A rich, festive special suffused with the whispering aroma of exotic spices and slow-cooked to perfection for abundance and joy. Indulge in the golden hues of prosperity with every bite.
  • Citrus Tranquil Bliss (SGD 9.80): A steaming cup of tranquil chamomile tea gently kissed by the warmth of golden orange juice. A touch of vanilla adds a subtle sweetness, while a torched orange topping completes this delightful elixir with tantalizing aromas and delicate smokiness.
  • Mandarin Bliss Nian Gao Waffles (SGD18.00): Golden waffles bursting with Nian Gao sweetness like a fireworks show, served with zesty mandarin oranges accompanied by velvety pistachio cream, pistachio praline and crumble, and vanilla ice cream. Topped with maple syrup drizzle too for a festive Lunar New Year twist.

Pazzion Café is also serving the Prosperous Palates Set (SGD 39), which is a harmonious trio of the above festive specials.

Pazzion Café


The Dragon Chamber New Year Set Menu 2024
The Dragon Chamber New Year Set Menu for five.

The Dragon Chamber

Looking for somewhere that’s not your usual Chinese restaurant, but yet, is still Chinese enough for a Lunar New Year celebration? Consider The Dragon Chamber at 2 Circular Road! With its vivid dragon murals and the ambience of a Chinese speakeasy.

Known for their guerilla-style take on Chinese cuisine, The Dragon Chamber team has put together a New Year Set Menu (SGD 488++) fit for gangs, I mean, groups of 5 with the following standout dishes:

  • Lobster Salad Yu Sheng (SGD 98++): A modern toss of smoked salmon, crispy prawns, red dragon fruit, and vegetables. Complete with a whole spiny lobster.
  • Fish Maw, Crab Meat, & Conpoy Soup: A seafood-rich broth full of must-eat festive ingredients.
  • Crispy Red Coral Trout: Wok-fried trout in XO sauce served in a crispy noodle bowl, with sweet peas and celery on the side.
  • Braised Abalone with Spinach Tofu: Braised South African 6-head abalone with spinach tofu and broccolini.
  • Tea Smoked Chicken Rice: Claypot chicken rice topped with whole Pu-er tea-smoked kampong chicken with condiment trio.
  • Brown Sugar Nian Gao Rice Cake (SGD 12++): Glutinous rice cake coated in roasted kinako flour, then drizzled with Okinawan brown sugar.

* The Yu Sheng and Brown Sugar Nian Gao are available for ala carte orders at SGD 98++ and SGD 12++ respectively.

The Dragon Chamber, in collaboration with Peddlers Gin, will also be a CNY-themed party on Feb 17. (8 pm till late; free for all guests) The final installment of The Dragon Chamber’s Shanghai Underground series with Peddlers Gin, aptly titled “Fire & Fortune,” this is the CNY event to let loose at, with red lanterns, mandarin oranges, and angpao with freebies. More details about this wild festive celebration here.

The Dragon Chamber

Food Capital Chinese New Year Buffet 2024
Food Capital presents an auspicious, indulgent buffet spread for all who are celebrating the Year of the Dragon 2024.

Food Capital @ Grand Copthorne Waterfront

Food Capital at the luxurious Grand Copthorne Waterfront is offering a super auspicious, indulgent Chinese New Year Buffet from Feb 5 to 24, 2024, with Reunion Special Buffets between Feb 9 and 12, and Feb 24 too.

Buffet Highlights include:

  • The CNY Must-Haves: “Fatt Choy” Yu Sheng and traditional Nian Gao.
  • Luxurious cold and hot selections that include Canadian snow crab legs, Irish oysters, scallop thermidor, beef ribeye, pork knuckle, deep-fried whole seabass, and more.
  • Reunion Specials: Eight Treasure Rice, Honey Pineapple Pork Ribs, Singapore Chilli Crab with Deep Fried Flower Bun.
  • Value Add-ons: Buffet diners can enjoy 2 hours of unlimited Tiger Beer at SGD 12++ per person. Or 2 hours of unlimited chilled juices at just SGD 5++ per person.

Buffet Prices

  • Lunch (Monday to Sunday): Adult SGD 68++, Child SGD 34++ 
  • Dinner (Sunday to Wednesday): Adult SGD 98++, Child SGD 49++ 
  • Dinner (Thursday to Saturday): Adult SGD 108++, Child SGD 53++ 
  • Reunion Special Lunch Buffet: Adult SGD 78++, Child SGD 39++
  • Reunion Special Dinner Buffet: Adult SGD 108++, Child SGD 54++ 

Child pricing above refers to kids aged between 6 and 11 years old. Little ones aged 5 and younger dine free!

Lastly, for those who prefer the comfort of home with hassle-free preparation, consider Food Capital’s classic Pen Cai and Yu Sheng for takeaway. 

Food Capital @ Grand Copthorne Waterfront

Alma by Juan Amador Chinese New Year Menu 2024
A modern-European Dragon Feast Menu by Alam by Juan Amador.

Alma by Juan Amador

This spring festival, Alma by Juan Amador presents a Chinese New Year menu crafted by new Singaporean Executive Chef, Yew Eng Tong. Available from Feb 2 to 24, 2024, the ala carte menu includes the restaurant’s first-ever Pen Cai, a luxurious Yu Sheng, and a superb claypot rice featuring A4 Miyazaki Beef Char Siew with Truffles. 

The Dragon Pen Cai (SGD 108++ per pax | minimum 2 pax for dine-in, minimum 4 pax for takeaway):

This modern European, gastronomic twist of the beloved festive special is the first Pen Cai introduced by Alma by Juan Amador. Ingredients include a medley of premium choices such as red scarlet prawn, Hokkaido scallop, Korean abalone, French crispy duck confit, crispy pork belly, braised shiitake, pan-seared foie gras, and Taiwanese long cabbage layered with parma, daikon and enoki. Instead of the classic premium Jin Hua Ham, Golden Parma is used for the thick stock.

Caviar, Abalone, Uni & Aged Fish Yu Sheng (Minimum 2 pax for dine-in, minimum 6 pax for takeaway): A plateful of prosperity consisting of freshly shredded radish, carrots, pomelo, seaweed tempura, crispy white kombu, salted egg fish skin, and a classic lohei sauce with a modern twist. Customers can choose their preferred selection(s) of dry-aged fish from Arctic Char Salmon (SGD 33++ per pax), Kingfish (SGD 38++ per pax ), or Bluefin Tuna (SGD 58++ per pax). There is also a luxurious add-on of N25 Umai Caviar (30g, SGD 88++), Korean Abalone (SGD 108++), or Japanese Uni (SGD 168++).  

Truffle-Miyazaki A5 Wagyu Beef Char Siew Claypot Rice (A portion for 2 to 4 Pax is priced at SGD 168++): This classic festive claypot rice soars several notches higher thanks to Chef Yew’s choice of premium Miyazaki A4 wagyu beef char siew, grilled over binchotan and topped with luxurious shavings of truffles. 

Alma by Juan Amador

Golden Peony Chinese New Year 2024 Set Menu
Fortune Dragon Set Menus at Golden Peony, Conrad Centennial Singapore.

Conrad Centennial Singapore

Conrad Centennial Singapore’s Master of Cantonese Cuisine Chef Ku Keung presents an extraordinary collection of set menus and à la carte specialties at Golden Peony this spring festival.

The restaurant’s rendition of the iconic traditional Yu Sheng, aptly named Fortune Gold Flakes Yu Sheng, features a medley of prized ingredients, including lobster, baby abalone, crispy white bait, golden coin chicken bak kwa, fish skin, and fresh fruit. The Fortune Gold Flakes Yu Sheng is available at SGD 188++ per portion (serves up to 10 pax)

Chef Ku has also curated four Fortune Dragon Set Menus for diners celebrating in groups of 10, alongside two set menus for intimate celebrations as well as a vegetarian menu. The latest rendition of his annual Traditional Roasted Suckling Pig comes stuffed with fried chicken kimchi rice, and the Spanish Carabinero Prawn ‘Yuan Yang’ Fish Paste Noodles is crafted from a velvety blend of springy black and white fish paste.

Fortune Dragon Set Menus: From SGD 1,698++ – SGD 2,698++ per table of 10 pax

Ala carte dishes: From SGD 25++

For reservations, contact the Golden Peony team at +65 6432 7482/88 or email

Other festive dining recommendations

Chinese New Year 2024 Dining Recommendations
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Chinese New Year 2024 Dining Recommendations
Yet to decide where to dine at for Chinese New Year 2024? Here are six Year of the Dragon dining recommendations for your consideration.

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