ARTWALK 2024 Opening Night at Lembu Road Open Space

ARTWALK 2024 Opening Night | Lembu Road Open Space
ARTWALK 2024 Opening Night | Lembu Road Open Space

ARTWALK 2024 has started!

Part of Singapore Art Week 2024 and the tenth time this multidisciplinary public arts festival is happening, this year’s edition covers two of the most colorful and beloved historical districts of Singapore too—Little India and Katong-Joo Chiat. The programme is an eclectic celebration of creativity, community, and culture. Other than literary workshops and special guided walks, there is a block party, a bazaar, and several new murals to enjoy at both locations too.

As for the official opening on the evening of Jan 19, this happened at Little India’s atmospheric Lembu Road Open Space. The event started after sunset and quickly attracted the attention of many, with wet weather, unfortunately, one such audience. There was a persistent drizzle throughout the first half of the opening.

But bad weather is no match for the energy of the arts, yes? By half past eight, the annoying rain was mostly gone and the open space was full of people from all walks of life enjoying the spirited performances. The evening also ended with an appropriate touch of the mystique. In the form of a showcase of fashion designs by students of LASALLE College of the Arts.

By the way, LASALLE is one of the organisers of ARTWALK, together with Singapore Tourism Board. ARTWALK is also supported by the Little India Shopkeepers and Heritage Association (LISHA).  Many programmes at Little India this year feature the rich heritage of this colourful district.

Pictures from ARTWALK 2024 Opening Night

ARTWALK 2024 at Lembu Road Open Space
Lembu Road Open Space, with its beautiful murals and ethnic ambience, was the perfect venue for the opening of ARTWALK 2024.
Professor Steve Dixon at ARTWALK 2024
Professor Steve Dixon, President of LASALLE, delivering his opening speech.
Genesis Keefer
The evening’s entertainment began with Li-Fo, soothing ambient tunes by Genesis Keefer.
Rangoli Making at ARTWALK-Little India
ARTWALK 2024 Opening Night | Lembu Road Open Space
Damaru Singapore @ ARTWALK 2024
The highlight of the evening was a series of exhilarating Indian percussion performances by Damaru Singapore. Damaru’s performers did more than fire up the evening with their drums too. The sheer energy of their sets attracted a large crowd, with many people braving the drizzle just to experience the performances up close.
Porcelain | LASALLE College of the Arts
The final programme for the opening was Porcelain, i.e., the showcase of fashion design by LASALLE students. I’m not familiar with fashion so I can’t comment much. But it certainly “felt” like the right way to end the evening, with its aura of mystery, glamour, and audacity.

ARTWALK 2024 ends on Jan 28. Check the official site for more information.

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ARTWALK 2024 Opening Night at Lembu Road Open Space
Article Name
ARTWALK 2024 Opening Night at Lembu Road Open Space
ARTWALK 2024 officially began on Jan 19, 2024, with an evening of spirited programmes at Little India’s Lembu Road Open Space.

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