Deliveroo and Soup Restaurant Illuminate Lunar New Year 2024 with Golden Yusheng!

Deliveroo x Soup Restaurant Golden Yusheng
Deliveroo x Soup Restaurant Golden Yusheng

Huat a start to the New Year!

Deliveroo is soaring into Year of the Dragon 2024 with a treat to light up your taste buds. This Lunar New Year, Deliveroo has collaborated with Soup Restaurant to present a limited-edition Golden Yusheng – a dazzling and delicious golden-dusted ‘Lo Hei’ designed to usher in prosperity and good fortune – along with two delightful set options, available exclusively on Deliveroo.

Soup Restaurant’s Yusheng is meticulously crafted with a potpourri of premium ingredients like baby abalone, freshly grated carrots, crispy yam, sweet potato strips, and longan, each ingredient laden with symbolic well wishes for the New Year. In collaboration with Deliveroo, Soup Restaurant has also added another layer of auspiciousness to your ‘Lo Hei’ in the form of a delicate sprinkling of edible gold dust over the dish.

With golden dragons associated with power, wisdom, and good fortune, impress your family and friends when you toss to greater prosperity with this Golden Yusheng, available exclusively on orders made via Deliveroo!

Soup Restaurant Golden Yusheng Set for Two | Deliveroo
The Golden Yusheng Set is great for two and comes with Soup Restaurant’s signature Samsui Ginger Chicken.

Golden Yusheng Bundles on Deliveroo

This extravagant ensemble is available to order in two bundle options perfect for a party of two to five pax.

The Golden Yusheng Set, great for two, comes with the Golden Yusheng (S), Soup Restaurant’s signature Samsui Ginger Chicken (S), and two Golden Mango Sago Desserts ($88). It is priced at SGD 88/-. Double huat!

For families of five, the Golden Yusheng Feast comes with a Golden Yusheng (M), Samsui Ginger Chicken (L), and Double Happiness Steamed Rice with Chinese Sausage and Snow Vegetables, along with four Golden Mango Sago Desserts. This set for five is priced at SGD 188/-.

Fans of Soup Restaurant will know of the signature Samsui Ginger Chicken – a succulent, poached delicacy perfectly complemented by the restaurant’s signature ginger sauce, while the special steamed rice dish in the second bundle deal showcases savoury snow vegetables and premium Chinese sausage, and is topped with crispy rice puff for a gratifying mouthfeel – bound to infuse your Lunar New Year Dinner with an extra layer of savoury indulgence.

The Golden Mango Sago Desserts in both sets feature a delightful fusion of fresh seasonal golden mangoes blended into a velvety puree, combined with the subtle chewiness of soft sago pearls and the citrusy burst of freshly peeled pomelo.

Get your hands on the Golden Yusheng – available exclusively at the following selected outlets on


Deliveroo from Jan 19, 2024, while stocks last:

  • Clementi Mall
  • Compass One
  • Holland Village
  • NEX Mall
  • United Square

Other CNY 2024 Prosperous Deals and Offers on Deliveroo

Putien Mama

From Feb 1 – 24, 2024, enjoy

  • CNY sets for 2-4 pax, priced from SGD 26.80 to SGD 55.80*
  • Free Signature Spice Mum Chilli Sauce (valued at SGD 4.60) with every order of the Fortune Set for 2, limited to the first 100 orders

*Exclusive on Deliveroo.


Snag the following exclusive deals from Feb 1 – 29, 2024

Longevity Lo Hei, priced at SGD 59.89

  • CNY Limited Edition Wild Alaskan Pollock for Maki-San’s best-selling MEGA
  • D.I.Y Sushi/Salad Meal at SGD 16.40 (U.P. SGD 27.40)


From Jan 3 – Feb 22, 2024, feast on the

● CNY Limited Edition Black Pepper Fried Rice (from SGD 8.50 to SGD 15.80). Opt for regular proteins, or CNY exclusive Abalone toppings.

Crystal Jade

From Jan 19 – Feb 24, 2024, enjoy

  • Reunion Yusheng With Abalone (Small/Large) SGD 59.80/SGD 87.80
  • An assortment of Festive cakes (SGD 29.80 – SGD 54.80), including the Prosperity Carrot Cake, Abundance Yam Cake, Fortune Glutinous Rice Cake, and Huat Pineapple Longan Jelly (SGD 26.80)

Kimly Seafood

From Jan 18 – Feb 24, 2024, usher in abundance with

  • Dragon Year Greetings Bundle for 5 pax at $80.80 (U.P. $107.74)
  • Dragon Phoenix Fortune Bundle for 6 pax at $100.80 (U.P. $134.40)
  • Golden Dragon’s Luck Bundle for 8 pax at $128.80 (U.P. $171.74)
  • CNY-exclusive Yusheng (Kimly Prosperity Vegetarian Salmon YuSheng(S/L) $30.80/$42.80 and Kimly Wealthy Mini Abalone Yusheng (S/L)$38.80/$51.80) and a-la-carte dishes including the Double Happiness Yuan Yang Platter, Pork’s Trotters with Chestnut and Mushroom, Almond Coffee Pork Ribs, Golden Garlic Steamed Tiger Grouper and Handmade Dried Scallop Prosperity Bags

Burger King

From Jan 23 – Mar 11, 2024, Burger King offers all new CNY specials, including the

  • White Garlic Angus Beef at SGD 11 (a-la-carte) and SGD 13.50 (Meal)
  • White Garlic Spicy Chicken King at SGD 11 (a-la-carte) and SGD 13.50 (Meal)
  • Mexican Drumlets with White Garlic Sauce (5pcs) for SGD 7.40
  • White Garlic Fries at SGD 5 (Regular) and SGD 5.40 (Large)
  • Burger King Nuggets with White Garlic Sauce (9pcs) for SGD 5.95
  • Breaded Broccoli Cheddar Ball (6pcs) for SGD 6.45
  • Salted Calamansi Sprite at SGD 4.40

3 Home Delivery Bundles of the above are also available at SGD 16.90, SGD 32.90, and SGD 39.90 for 1-3 pax respectively.


From Jan 25 – Feb 25, 2024, celebrate with

  • A-One’s Prosperity Abalone Yusheng for 6 pax at SGD 38.90 (U.P. SGD 64.84)
  • A-One Abalone Mini Pen Cai for 3 pax at SGD 79.90 (U.P. SGD 133.18)

    CNY Bundles of Prosperity! and CNY Mix & Match Prosperity Feast for larger groups are also available.

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Deliveroo and Soup Restaurant Illuminate Lunar New Year 2024 with Golden Yusheng!
Soar into a prosperous Year of the Dragon 2024 with Soup Restaurant’s Golden Yusheng, available exclusively on Deliveroo from Jan 19.

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