Rollney’s World Famous Kurtos Roll is Rolling into Singapore

Rollney is all set to unleash a sugary storm of delightful Hungarian-inspired treats in Singapore.

Update: Rollney is opening at VivoCity on Friday, Jan 19, 2024!

Attention all dessert lovers! Brace your taste buds because Rollney is set to open its first-ever Singapore outlet in VivoCity!

Ready to unleash a sugary storm of delightful treats, Rollney is a delicious combination of freshly baked Hungarian Sweet Bread (Kürtőskalács, otherwise known as Kurtos Roll) with an irresistible blend of creamy soft-serve ice cream and sweet toppings or savoury goodies.

Kurtos Making at Rollney
Handcrafted and freshly baked Kurtos at Rollney.

The Kurtos Roll is a delicious, irresistible dessert that originated in Hungary (Kürtő means stovepipe in Hungarian). This centuries-old sweet sensation traces its roots to Hungarians who lived in Transylvania, Romania. Officially dubbed Hungary’s official dessert, the Kurtos Roll has a crispy, crunchy exterior playing tag with a light, fluffy dough inside. The cylindrical shape, complete with a hollow centre, mimics a hot chimney – adding a touch of novelty to every dessert.

As for Rollney’s Kurtos Roll, all are handcrafted and baked fresh daily. This heavenly concoction is a marriage of tradition with a dash of drama and a sprinkle of coolness. Rollney will also be bringing to Singapore iconic menu items such as:

Rollney Kurtos Ice Cream with Topping
The Kurtos Ice Cream is Rollney’s heavenly specialty. A blend of crunchy sweetness and tantalising sweetness.

Kurtos Ice Cream [Priced at SGD 5 for 1 Topping, SGD 5.50 for 2 Toppings]

Rollney’s specialty dessert, the Kurtos Ice Cream is a blend of crunchy goodness with the tantalising sweetness of soft serve low-fat Hokkaido Milk or Royal Chocolate ice cream. Complete the masterpiece with your choice of toppings.

Rollney Cuppa
A classic ice cream in a cup for sweltering Singaporean days.

Cuppa Ice Cream [Priced at SGD 4 for 1 Topping, SGD 4.50 for 2 Toppings]

Your classic ice cream in a cup that’s best enjoyed on a hot afternoon. Savour the tasty goodness of low-fat Hokkaido Milk or Royal Chocolate ice cream flavours with any toppings of your choosing.

Crispy Kurtos at Rollney VivoCity
Crispy Kurtos.

Kurtos [Priced at SGD 3 for no Topping, SGD 3.50 for 1 Topping (sauce)]

Choose between flavours such as original, cinnamon, and chocolate to suit your every Kurtos craving. Top it off with any one of the 13 available sauces on offer to sweeten your experience!

To further sweeten the deal, treat yourself to a customisable blend of over 20 varieties of flavourful toppings with fruits such as Strawberries, crunchies such as Oreo Crumbs, and sauces such as Creamy Butterscotch for you to choose from.

Premium toppings can also be added with flavours on offer such as Lotus Crumbs, Belgian Dark Chocolate, and Japanese Matcha. Premium toppings are an additional SGD 0.50 with extra toppings at SGD 0.80.

If you’re not one with a sweet tooth, you can opt for the Savoury Kurtos Rolls brimming with wholesome and appetising fillings such as Hot Chilli Chicken Sausages, Tuna, or for the vegetarians, Plant-based Spam.

Thirsty? Have a refreshing and rich Frappe, featuring enticing flavours like Cookies and Cream, Royal Chocolate, and Taro. Or grab a pick me up from a selection of coffee choices, including Americano, Latte, and Cappuccino.

Rollney Singapore VivoCity Address


1 HarbourFront Walk, #02-133, VivoCity, Singapore 098585 (close to lift lobby E, next to Boost Juice)

Opening hours: Mondays to Sundays, 10 am to 10 pm.

Stay updated on exciting news and updates by following @rollney_sg on Instagram and Rollney Singapore on Facebook. More details can also be found on their website at

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Rollney’s World Famous Kurtos Roll is Rolling into Singapore
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Rollney’s World Famous Kurtos Roll is Rolling into Singapore
Usher in the New Year with Rollney’s irresistible Kurtos Roll! Handcrafted daily with a unique twist, and always fresh from the oven.
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