Poinsettia Wishes 2023 | Gardens by the Bay (Video)

Adorable Vikings, festive Nordic scenes, and scarlet blooms at Poinsettia Wishes 2023.

Merry Christmas, everyone! May the joyous spirit of the yuletide season bring you love and peace!

I wanted to put up something festive for today, but I also need to “clear work,” as we say in Singapore; free up my hard drives too. And so here’s a selection of festive pictures from Poinsettia Wishes 2023, which has been on show at Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome since Nov 24. (!!!)

I actually shot the below pictures on Dec 1, right before I visited Christmas Wonderland 2023. The thing though, I wasn’t satisfied with my pictures; Poinsettia Wishes really is the one Flower Dome exhibition that needs to be visited after dark for the full visual experience. When visited in the afternoon, which was what I did, the mini-luminaries were barely noticeable.

But it’s December and there were so many things happening in Singapore this year-end. And so …

Anymore, please enjoy my pictures. Once again, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! May 2024 be full of magical surprises for you too.

Poinsettia Wishes 2023 – A Magical Nordic Adventure

Gardens by the Bay Christmas Viking
This year’s exhibition is Viking-themed and I’m sure you’d agree that these bearded ones are just as adorable as gnomes and elves. (Of course, in real history, these conquerors are nowhere near cute … LOL)
Viking Christmas Dolls | Flower Dome
More of the adorable bearded ones on a miniature Viking longship. They didn’t come to conquer. They bring with them presents and good wishes!
Flower Dome Christmas 2023
I remember seeing such wavy wooden Christmas trees in previous editions of Poinsettia Wishes. They are mesmerising to look at, aren’t they? Maybe I’ll get one for my home next year.
Gardens by the Bay Poinsettia Wishes 2023
A closer look at the festive longtable that every visitor wanted a shot of. It has more presents than food!
Poinsettia Wishes Flower Dome
Vikings warming themselves around a mini-volcano, I mean, a bonfire. While astonished nutcracker soldiers supervise.
Christmas at Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome
A mini Nordic fishing village is presented at the heart of Poinsettia Wishes 2023. According to the official page, these huts are called “rorbuer” and are a common sight in the beautiful Lofoten Islands, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Norwegian Stockfish
Like most Flower Dome exhibitions in recent years, Poinsettia Wishes 2023 has terse cultural introductions for visitors keen to know more about the Vikings. (I can’t be sure whether these Norwegian Stockfish displays are real, or not. I think I smelled something pungent when near to them!)
Flower Dome Candy Cane Field
I love this candy cane field. These signature Christmas sweets are just so representative of the Yuletide season, yes?
Gardens by the Bay Xmas 2023
This gnarly Christmas tree is one of the most unique I’ve seen this year! It’s an amazing work of art too because every placement of the poinsettias looks so perfect.

Poinsettia Wishes 2023 ends on Jan 1, 2024.

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Poinsettia Wishes 2023 | Gardens by the Bay (Video)
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Poinsettia Wishes 2023 | Gardens by the Bay (Video)
A selection of festive pictures from Poinsettia Wishes 2023 to wish you Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy, 2024 in a week’s time.
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