Big, Big Christmas Trees in Singapore (2023 Edition)

Singapore Biggest Christmas Trees 2023
Singapore Biggest Christmas Trees 2023.

Once again, super big Christmas trees are in no shortage across Singapore this December.

I was of half a mind not to do this list for 2023, and that’s not because of time constraints or festive laziness.

Big, big, Christmas trees just don’t feel as unusual anymore, with every other hotel and mall in Singapore displaying one that’s at least 6 m tall. (If not more). Add to which, the biggest and tallest ones this year are all at the usual locations—Jewel Changi, Star Vista, Suntec City, and so on. A 2023 list of these giants would look strikingly similar to my 2022 one.

But … it’s the festive Yuletide season. While they are no longer anything new, these soaring festive beacons continue to enchant and delight too, going by the number of revelers I see enthusiastically snapping selfies before them.

And so here’s my list of the biggest, the tallest, the most impressive Christmas trees in Singapore for 2023! Before I begin, allow me to highlight that interestingly, many giants for this year are branded. We have an LV tree, a Chanel tree, and a whole grove of golden Dior trees at Marina Bay Sands.

Is there some sort of festive competition going on between the luxury brands? How do purists feel about such, erm, luxurious Christmas trees? If you’ve encountered any interesting feedback, do drop me an email and share!

Alipay Jewel Christmas Tree
Jewel’s big tree for 2023 doubles as the grand entrance to a Super Mario-themed celebration.

Jewel Changi (With Snowfall)

A soaring festive tree straddling the entrance to the Shiseido Forest Valley has always been the signature Christmas attraction of Jewel Changi. Compared to previous editions, this year’s Alipay-branded version is subtler in beauty, but why would that matter when the towering height* makes any visit worthwhile? On top of which, this year’s tree is also the gateway to a Super Mario fest and that’s one festive attraction you wouldn’t get to experience every year.

* I can’t find any official figures but going by previous editions, it’s at least 16 m tall.


Frosty Holiday at VivoCity 2023
A frosty and joyful Christmas at VivoCity.

VivoCity (With Snowfall)

There’s loads of frosty and wet fun at VivoCity this December. The towering festive tree right before the main entrance is bedecked with snowflakes and surrounded by arctic scenes. Steps away, it’s X’mas with a Splash with not one but four Kidztopia play zones. (The splash is because of the Drago’s Glacier Fall—a large water slide) There are, of course, also snowfall sessions, or should I say, snow blizzard shows! Watching kids and adults alike get snow-foamed from head to toe is a uniquely Singaporean Christmas experience that never fails to amuse me.


PS: While at VivoCity, don’t forget to visit the TANGS Christmas Market at the Central Court. It runs all the way till Christmas Eve and features over 60 brands.


It’s always a romantic festive wonderland with a big tree at Tanglin Mall every year-end.

Tanglin Mall (With Snowfall)

Tanglin Mall’s big trees are always charming but rarely avant-garde in theme or décor. Add to that the quieter location at the start of each year’s Orchard Road Light-Up, there is always an older-world romantic charm when one stands before the decorations. The magic radically changes, though, when the ever-popular, (super duper) snowfall session begin.


Louis Vuitton Holiday Tree in Singapore
I mentioned this in another post. ION Orchard’s Louis Vuitton holiday tree makes me think of Alice’s Wonderland.

ION Orchard

Two Christmases ago, I posted a list on unusual Christmas trees in Singapore. Were I to do the list again, ION Orchard’s Louis Vuitton holiday tree for 2023 will certainly top the selection! Comprising of 30 tiers of red and gold, and adorned with iconic ornaments that form an ode to the brand, this unusual tree wouldn’t look out of place in a fantasy movie. What’s more, shoppers can enter the tree to experience a specially crafted one-minute animation. 


Marina Bay Sands Dior Christmas
A golden, dazzling Christmas at Marina Bay Sands this festive season.

The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

The Dior-themed Christmas trees at Marina Bay Sands aren’t as large as some of the giants on this festive list, but who cares about that when there are so many of them? Even when the atrium is basked in daylight, these shiny trees are a magical sight to behold; an opulent photo backdrop as well for selfie lovers. Come sunset, the entire mall is transformed into a glittering forest of gold.


Star Vista Christmas Tree 2023
Is Star Vista’s incredible 20m tree the tallest Christmas tree in Singapore for 2023? I bet it is!

Star Vista (20m, With Snowfall)

A trip to Star Vista is now an annual Christmas adventure for me, and believe me, each year their signature HUGE tree never fails to thrill! Truly amazing with the way their tree soars towards the canopy, this incredible yearly display would surely be considered a world wonder in ancient times. For visitors interested in the religious origins of Christmas, the biblical displays that always accompany the tree also serve as a terse introduction.

Christmas 2023 at Star Vista

Tall Christmas Trees in Singapore | Ngee Ann City
Doesn’t it resemble a snowy cone full of luxurious Chanel presents?

Ngee Ann City

I can’t remember when it became a custom for Ngee Ann City to display a huge Christmas tree at their ground floor atrium, but they have been doing it for so long the preparation for the display could be considered a herald of Christmas in Singapore. This year’s edition is also Chanel-branded, and viewed from the higher floors, the massive display resembles a cone of glowing snow full of presents and stylish ribbons. The symmetric logo of the fashion house is the perfect star atop this shiny holiday tree too.

Paragon Christmas 2023
Olaf brings to you a magical Christmas tree that’s inspired by Nordic traditions.

Paragon Shopping Centre

Since starting this blog, I’ve eagerly looked forward to the huge holiday trees that Paragon Shopping Centre puts up yearly, and much like the one just across the road in Ngee Ann City, preparation for the display announces “Christmas is near!” to me. This year’s edition uses a relatively simpler design but what makes it special is the huge Olaf just steps away from it. Viewed together, it’s like the goofy snowman has specially built a magical tree for Singapore.  

Paragon Shopping Centre Christmas 2023 Promos

Forum The Shopping Mall Christmas Tree 2023
Forum the Shopping Mall’s blue snowflake tree for 2023 invokes fantasies of a winter wonderland.

Forum the Shopping Mall

While passing by Forum the Shopping Mall on Nov 16, I told myself that I must feature Forum’s outdoor Christmas tree were I to write a huge Singapore Christmas tree list this year. The mall is seldom the heart of Orchard Road year-end festivities, but each year, they still make the effort to decorate their façade with fairy lights as well as put up an impressive tree at the entrance. To be honest, the classic themes of their displays often provide for more charming photo opportunities too.


Capitol Singapore Singing Tree 2023
Magical snowfall time at Capitol Singapore Singing Tree.

Capitol Singapore (With Snowfall)

Capitol Singapore’s Christmas tree for 2023 is smaller than most others on this list, but it is still well worth mentioning because it is the centerpiece of nightly snowfall shows and because it sings! Every weekend in December till Christmas Day, beloved Christmas tunes will be performed by the carolers of Voices of Singapore for all to enjoy. When happening together with the snowfall, the atrium surrounding the tree is probably one of the most festive spots in Singapore this year-end.


Suntec City Christmas Tree 2023
Suntec City’s festive showpiece for 2023 is absolutely spectacular after dark.

Suntec City (With Snowfall)

Suntec City’s big Christmas tree for 2023 might seem like a runt when compared to the monolithic towers surrounding it, but somehow the ultramodern surroundings make the festive tree twice as spectacular. It is especially magical when experienced in the evening, and when the nearby carnival is in full swing.


Marina Square Christmas Wanderland 2023
Orange and blue is an unusual but effective colour combination for a festive tree, yes? The combination reminds me of candy and pastries too!

Marina Square (With Snowfall)

Marina Square’s festive theme for 2023 is that of “Christmas Wanderland,” with their indoor festive tree, a yummy cone of cinnamon orange adorned by oceanic blue baubles. To further pump up the kawaii-ness, there are also Sanrio characters everywhere, a magical rink, and all sorts of fun activities for children. The entire playground is a wonderful place to be for young and old this festive season.


Jo Malone Christmas Tree | Raffles City
Yummy gingerbread-themed Jo Malone Christmas Tree at Raffles City.

Raffles City

It’s all about festive gingerbread and oversized candies at Raffles City’s big tree for 2023! A collaboration with Jo Malone, a supersized gingerbread man, Jo Malone’s festive mascot for this year, welcomes all visitors while a candy cane carousel swirls below. The tree itself is adorned with candies, cakes, and everything sweet to ensure delicious Christmas memories.


RWS Christmas Tree of Wonder
RWS’ Christmas Tree of Wonders entertains with a special animation every half hour from 5.30 pm to 9.30 pm.

Resorts World Sentosa

Last but not least, Resorts World Sentosa has an unusual and big Christmas tree for 2023 too. Part of RWS’ Superstar Christmas campaign, the 10-metre, prism-like Christmas Tree of Wonders entertains revelers every night with special light and music shows. It’s definitely worth the journey to RWS just to enjoy this high-tech yuletide attraction.


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Big, Big Christmas Trees in Singapore (2023 Edition)
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Big, Big Christmas Trees in Singapore (2023 Edition)
If you love super tall, super big Christmas trees, Singapore is the place to be this December 2023.

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