Ice Magic: Winter Wonderland Review | Is This Snowy Adventure Worth Visiting?

Ice Magic: Winter Wonderland is happening at Bayfront Event Space from now till Jan 21, 2024. Tickets for adults at SGD 39/-.

I believe Ice Magic, Asia’s largest touring pop-up winter playground, requires little introduction, especially among Singaporeans who can’t get enough of the “snow-in-the-tropics” experience. They were here last year-end too.

I’ve never paid much attention to them, though, and that’s because I’m just not very fond of snow and the winter experience. I admit I used to be fascinated when I was (much) younger but after a handful of winter holidays in which I either fell sick or worse, slipped and fell, I decided I’m a tropical person through and through. Frosty activities just don’t agree with me.

Ice Magic: Winter Wonderland Dates
By the way, Ice Magic: Winter Wonderland will be at Bayfront Event Space from Dec 9, 2023, to Jan 21, 2024.

Which makes it hard for me to write this mini-review of sorts; wait, I should say, prepare to write. I much wanted to visit this year to see what the experience is all about—the idea of an expanded, 3000 sqm of snowy space sounded truly incredible. But me being neurotic me, I worried whether I’d find the chill unpleasant, whether I’d, argg, slip and fall in front of kids, whether it’s too much of a hassle to bring my own winter clothing, and so.

Well, I’m not going to tell you I ended up surprised and thoroughly enjoying myself and all that, etc. But I will say that certain features of this year’s Ice Magic made it easy for even someone like me to have a good time.

For a start, the session system with visitor limits provides for a much more pleasant entry experience. If you’ve brought along your own gear, it gets even faster. Ice Magic provides an express lane for visitors who come with their own winter clothing.

The “entry lounge” area also has abundant seats and drinks on sale. I don’t know how this would be on peak days but when I visited, I never had difficulty finding somewhere to sit. What this means, in turn, is that I could leave the snowy area whenever it gets too much for me, take a break, sip something hot, and then re-enter.

Ice Magic Jacket and Boots Rental
Jackets and snow boots of different sizes laid out for free borrowing by visitors. Each visitor is entitled to one set.

Speaking of re-entry, I never had to queue and wait too. But I visited on the preview day so I wouldn’t assume it’d be the same on weekends and Christmas.

And then there’s Enchanted Nights at Ice Magic, which happens at the last hour of every session. Not exaggerating, but I feel this highlight event is what makes the ticket price worthwhile.

It’s like a 2-in-1, you see. The moment Enchanted Nights is activated, the entire playground becomes a totally different arctic wonderland of lights and colours. For someone like me who’s more interested in spectacle than rides, this was easily the best part of the visiting experience. It delivers the impression of visiting two snowy playgrounds instead of one too.

This put a big smile on my face. Somehow it made me very hungry too. The latter was great for Ice Magic has a sizable Winter Food Village to explore, after you’re done with the ice and snow.

Ice Magic: Winter Wonderland – The Icy Displays and the Frosty Rides

Ice Magic at Bayfront Event Space
What greets you upon entering the snowed area. I feel the length is almost that of a neighbourhood sports stadium.
Polar Bear and Walrus Ice Sculptures
Icy polar bear and walrus sculptures to complete the sensation of entering an arctic wonderland.
Real Snow in Singapore 2023
Top: Snowy winter forest grove complete with snowfall. Below: Illuminated icicles described as made from pure water.
Singapore's First Merry-Go-Around on Ice
This is one of the featured attractions for this year: Singapore’s first-ever merry-go-round on ice. It’s great for visitors looking for gentler rides.
Singapore's Longest Snow Slope
This year’s snow slope is celebrated as Singapore’s longest to date, measuring 98 metres long and 6.5 metres high. A ride down it can be quite thrilling for you WILL spin 360 degrees.
Double-Lane Couple Ice Slide
The superb Double-Lane Couple Ice Slide during the Enchanted Nights illumination. (Watch my video to see a visitor slide down). I had two rides on it and it’s thrilling without being scary or hair-raising. Quite an enjoyable experience overall.
5-Lane Mini Ice Slides
The 5-Lane Mini Ice Slides for kids look absolutely magical when illuminated. I think parents had as much fun sliding down as their children did.
Enchanted Nights at Ice Magic
The whole snowy playground becomes dreamy when illuminated in arctic colours.

Did I Enjoy Ice Magic: Winter Wonderland?

I did actually. Like I mentioned earlier, part of this has to do with the streamlined entry and the freedom to leave and re-enter the icy area without much hassle. The entry lounge also had sufficient sitting space throughout my visit.

Outside of the above, I think Ice Magic: Winter Wonderland provided a good balance of serene and thrilling activities for a snowy playground of this nature. To share, I wasn’t that keen on the frosty rides, even though I did enjoy the ones I tried. With various photo spots and the lovely Enchanted Nights segment, folks like me could have a good time too. Not to mention the play area is vast enough for a genuine wintry walk.

As for F&B, the Winter Food Village & Arcade has 12 stalls, one drinks bar with beer like Carlsberg Smooth Draught and Connor’s Stout Porter, and rows and rows of UFO catchers. According to the organisers, the main food attractions of the food village are winter-themed culinary delights.

Winter Food Village & Arcade | Ice Magic: Winter Wonderland
Clockwise from top left: Winter Food Village drinks bar, UFO catchers at the arcade, Classic Rosti by Wado, and Eat for Fun by Mala Cup.
Winter Food Village
The Winter Food Village was airy with ample seats too.

I didn’t much get the impression of a winter-food fiesta, to be honest. While there were some themed delights like Wintry Spiced Wine, I felt the food selection was similar to other major food fairs this year, with a mix of regional and western delights.

I enjoyed what I had for dinner, though. There was a certain kick in warming up with a fiery Mala Cup and peppery Swiss Rosti by Wado after all that snow.

Having a main of spicy Thai Basil Rice with Chicken also, somehow, also completed that sensation of a snowy adventure in the tropics.

Tickets for Ice Magic: Winter Wonderland here. Please take note that there are three visiting sessions each day, with limited slots for each session. Book early to secure your preferred session. Hours are 10 am to 7 pm, while the food village is opened up to 10 pm.

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