Brooklyn Pilsner Celebrates Singapore Launch with New York Themed Party

#KEEPITCRISP | Brooklyn Pilsner Singapore Launch

Here’s some great news for Singaporean craft beer lovers. (And something I’ve briefly posted about earlier this month)

Brooklyn Brewery, the New York brewery renowned for their innovative craft beer portfolio, has launched their wonderfully crisp Brooklyn Pilsner in Singapore. Inspired by the cultural diversity and relentless pursuit of self-expression of the famous borough, this crisp lager is delightfully refreshing with light toasty notes and subtle citrus hints. As befitting its original, each Brooklyn Pilsner bottle is vibrantly labelled in medallion yellow and black too—the signature “cab” colours of the Big Apple.

The launch was also celebrated with a New York-themed basement party at 14 Ann Siang Road on Dec 7, 2023. With hip-hop DJs on the deck, on-site flash tattoos, NYC-inspired grub, and chill vibes all about, this get-together exemplified the spirit of Brooklyn Pilsner; that of an easy-to-drink craft beer superb at bringing diverse people together for memorable moments.

The party furthermore featured snazzy merchandise with artwork by the local Singaporean artists group, Tell Your Children – a creative studio specialising in illustration, key visuals, animation, and murals. After a great evening with the refreshing lager, all could bring home a slice of Brooklyn’s famous cultural heritage.

#KEEPITCRISP with Brooklyn Pilsner

#KEEPITCRISP | Brooklyn Pilsner Singapore Launch
The launch party was held at 14 Ann Siang Road, with two floors of the heritage shophouse transformed into a NYC-inspired club.
Brooklyn Pilsner Crisp Lager
The Brooklyn Pilsner Crisp Lager; inspired by Brooklyn, brewed for all.
Hip-hop Music Event in Singapore
Catchy hip-hop music was the entertainment of choice for the evening. Incidentally, the launch coincides with the 50th anniversary of hip-hop.
Tell Your Children x Brooklyn Pilsner Collaboration
Here’s the artwork created by Tell Your Children, or TYC. Classy, isn’t it? With lots of artsy Big Apple vibes.
NYC Inspired Pub Grub
Various NYC-inspired pub grub were served and the crisp taste profile of the Brooklyn Pilsner was great with all.
Flash tattoos by Henndrawn
Flash tattoo service by Henndrawn. There was a long queue for her artsy embellishments!
Brooklyn Brewery Craft Beers
Here are two other noteworthy brews by Brooklyn Brewery to try after you’ve fallen in love with their crisp lager. The Stonewall Inn IPA is a beer for all with notes of grapefruit and bright citrus peel. The Defender IPA is, as the brewery itself describes, “well-muscled” with a fresh, dry finish.
Brooklyn Pilsner Taste Profile
Try the new Brooklyn Pilsner today!

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Brooklyn Pilsner Launches in Singapore with NYC Themed Party
Article Name
Brooklyn Pilsner Launches in Singapore with NYC Themed Party
Brooklyn Brewery’s wonderfully refreshing Brooklyn Pilsner launches in Singapore with a New York Themed Party at 14 Ann Siang Road.

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