A Candylicious, Super Mario Christmas Evening at Changi Airport (Video)

Like my just-posted review of the Hunger Games prequel movie, I finally found the time to work on this post. I’m glad I managed to! These pics have been sitting on my disk for a while and I really should post them before Christmas comes and goes!

The story: All pics were shot about a fortnight ago on Nov 20. For the first time in five years, I was also at the airport not just to check out this year’s Changi Festive Village decors or the Mario-themed ones at Jewel but to actually use the facility.

Yup, I took the following pictures right before I flew off on a week-long holiday. You bet that added a lot of magic to the visiting experience!

Changi Festive Village 2023 at Terminal 3 – A Candylicious Wonderland

Because of time constraints, and because I was carrying something like 5 kg of barang barang and camera gear in my backpack, I only visited the Candy Wonderland showpiece at Terminal 3 Departure Hall. It was festive and yummy enough for me, though. All that luscious pink reminded me of Barbieland right away. What’s great too was that even the departure counters had suitably candylicious decors.

Changi Airport Candy Wonderland 2023.
All that pink and icing! I immediately felt an overwhelming urge to go buy festive some cupcakes and cheesecakes.
Changi Airport Christmas 2023
Would have been great if kids could ride this sweet 7-metre Ferris Wheel, eh? But that’s probably too difficult to set up.
Changi Airport Candyland
Marshmellow and sweets playground, with adorable dinos. Which child wouldn’t wanna play here?
Changi Airport Candy Wonderland Pop-Up Store
There were, of course, merchandising pop-up stores at T3 too.

This brief visit to the festive village was certainly a very sweet prelude to my flight.

PS: Check my list of other festive wonderlands in Singapore this year-end.

Super Mario Pipe Around the World at Jewel

I think Jewel deserves praise for this. Mario-themed displays with a Nintendo pop-up store don’t feel very Christmas-y but hey, it’s something different from the usual Santa and reindeer, and elves with presents, yes? I’ll pick this any day over traditional Yuletide displays, even if I’m not a big Super Mario fan.

Super Mario Pipe Around the World at Jewel Changi
I was humming the classic NES Mario theme when I photographed this.
Super Mario-themed installations at Jewel Changi Airport
It’s a wonderful photo treat for all fans of the franchise.
Jewel Changi Christmas Tree 2023
This year’s big, big Christmas tree at Jewel is Alipay branded. It uses traditional motifs, which is a bit surprising, but I suppose a Super Mario tree would have brought about a lot of copyright issues.

You know, these Mario displays are truly awesome! There aren’t that many but what’s there, especially the ones at the Shiseido Forest Valley, really looks right out of the games. I’m sure all will be hugely popular with selfie-lovers right till the final display day on Jan 1, 2024.

Alipay Jewel Changi Christmas Decor
BTW, Alipay also has a snowy photospot at the basement. It was rather deserted when I was there, though.

The Wonderfall – A New Terminal 2 Landmark

I’ve been up to my eyeballs with work since September, and so nope, I didn’t have the chance to visit the much-talked-about LED digital waterfall at Terminal 2. I thus scheduled a visit to be the final stop of a U-shaped walk that started in T3, passed through Jewel, and ended at T2.

Wonderfall | Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2
The Wonderfall at Terminal 2 is 14 metres tall and 17 metres wide.

My frank opinion. Erm, the Wonderfall wasn’t as mind-blowing or visually stunning as I thought it would be; maybe my expectations were too high. It was quite tough to photograph too without a super-wide angle lens, and even if you have one, you’d to deal with loads of distortion.

But I agree this massive digital display has a certain mesmerizing appeal. Visitors arriving at Terminal 2 would no doubt experience a sensation of grand welcome too.

Also at the Newly Refurbished Terminal 2

MONET: A Journey through Seasons | Changi Airport Terminal 2
Took the opportunity to check out MONET: A Journey through Seasons too; this exhibition has been there for nearly a year. It features different Impressionist art backdrops and a cat playhouse.
Cat Playhouse at Changi Airport Terminal 2
Here’s the cat playhouse. You can pretend to be a cat here! Meow!
New Changi Airport Terminal 2
Terminal 2 wasn’t too crowded that evening, but then again, it was a rainy Monday. I’ll say the refurbishment gave the entire terminal a modern, cozy feel too? I look forward to more holidays starting from here!

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A Candylicious, Super Mario Christmas Evening at Changi Airport
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A Candylicious, Super Mario Christmas Evening at Changi Airport
Visiting Changi Festive Village 2023 and the Super Mario pop-ups at Jewel, before flying off for a week-long holiday.
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