Brooklyn Brewery Launches the Flavourful Spirit of Brooklyn Pilsner in Singapore!

Brooklyn Pilsner Singapore Launch
Brooklyn Pilsner Singapore Launch

Brooklyn Brewery, the renowned purveyor of award-winning craft beers, introduces a brand new brew to its line-up – Brooklyn Pilsner.

The newly launched Brooklyn Pilsner embodies the very essence of Brooklyn where cultural diversity and a relentless pursuit of self-expression have shaped the borough’s unique character.

Bursting with the energetic spirit of New York, this brew encapsulates the borough’s high energy and cultural diversity. Crafted for those who appreciate a fun and lively drinking experience, Brooklyn Pilsner celebrates the unique vibrancy that defines Brooklyn and its iconic neighbourhoods.

Brooklyn Pilsner x Tell Your Children Collaboration
Brooklyn Pilsner x Tell Your Children collaboration.

For its launch, Brooklyn Pilsner collaborated with local Singaporean artists group, Tell Your Children – a creative studio specialising in Illustration, Key Visuals, Animation and Mural, to create exclusive merchandise, including uniquely designed t-shirts and tote bags.

About Brooklyn Pilsner

Brooklyn Pilsner is a crisp lager that layers clean malts with a balanced wave of bright hops, crowned by an instantly refreshing finish. Light toast flavours and spicy, subtle citrus hop notes make it an instant classic.

Brooklyn Pilsner Crisp Lager (330ml)
Brooklyn Pilsner Crisp Lager (330ml)

Standing strong alongside dishes like roast pork, New York-style hot dogs, or a rotisserie chicken, Brooklyn Pilsner adds a touch of joy to any table, bringing people together for good times and creating memorable moments.

“We are so thrilled to introduce a vibrant and exciting addition to the beer landscape in Singapore with Brooklyn Pilsner. Our newly launched Pilsner is not just about flavour; it’s a gateway into a fun and dynamic world, bringing the exhilarating Brooklyn energy into Singapore’s thriving cultural and craft beer scene. Leveraging its success in other markets, we are wholeheartedly dedicated to fostering the growth of Brooklyn Pilsner and the Brooklyn Brewery brand in Singapore”, says Caroline Moreau, General Manager of Carlsberg Singapore.

Brooklyn Pilsner Basement Party

The launch of the bold new Brooklyn Pilsner will coincide with the 50th anniversary of hip-hop – a cultural movement that, like Brooklyn Brewery, was born out of a commitment to self-expression and a belief in something greater.

The unforgettable basement launch party, to be held at Brooklyn Bar at Ann Siang Hill on Dec 7, 2023, will open its arms to the local hip-hop community and all the vibrant subcultures associated with it, including graffiti artists, hip-hop DJs and tattoo artists! More than just a party, it is a get-together of a thriving community of artists that dare to challenge the norms and #KEEPITCRISP, providing them a platform to showcase their incredible talent.

Whether you’re a devoted hip-hop fan or simply looking for a new exceptional beer, Brooklyn Pilsner is the answer. Brooklyn Pilsner is available for sale across selected supermarkets, e-commerce platforms, and bars and restaurants islandwide.

For more information on the Brooklyn Pilsner launch party, please visit

To find out more about Brooklyn Pilsner or any of Brooklyn Brewery’s other beers visit or follow @brooklynbrewery and @brooklynbrewerymysg.

Update Dec 8, 2023: Here are pictures of the basement party!

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Brooklyn Brewery Launches Brooklyn Pilsner in Singapore
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Brooklyn Brewery Launches Brooklyn Pilsner in Singapore
#KEEPITCRISP and raise a toast to the spirit of community - inspired by Brooklyn, with the new Brooklyn Pilsner and a basement party!

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