Gardens by the Bay Christmas Wonderland 2023 (Video)

Christmas Wonderland 2023 @ Gardens by the Bay
Christmas Wonderland 2023 @ Gardens by the Bay

Christmas Wonderland at Gardens by the Bay celebrates its tenth birthday with a supersized fairground.

Gardens by the Bay Christmas Wonderland 2023 has started! Returning to Gardens for the tenth time and presented by Trip.Com this time round, this year’s “supersized” edition features a 20-metre Spalliera, 15 light displays, a cool dining garden, 11 carnival games, all sorts of carnival rides, and over 20 F&B stalls. That’s a lot of merriment for everyone to celebrate a tropical Christmas with, don’t you agree?

I also absolutely love this year’s Frosty’s Fairground. Located away from the crowds at the Meadow, this spacious playground has a bit of everything and is surrounded by several twinkling light displays, some of which are from previous editions of Christmas Wonderland. (Sustainability and reusability!) How to put it … The ambience here just feels wonderfully different from the excitement of the Supertree Grove? Under the blue evening sky, it’s almost like visiting a European carnival.

Lumiland | Christmas Wonderland 2023
Lumiland at the heart of Frosty’s Fairground is an illuminated playground with lit seesaws, swings, and LED fixtures for the little ones to enjoy. Delightful, isn’t it?
Frosty's Fairground at The Meadow
The hillside light displays surrounding Frosty’s Fairground is a brilliant idea.
GOPIZZA at Gardens by the Bay
Frosty’s Fairground has several F&B stores too. This is GOPIZZA, South Korea’s No.1 single-served pizza. They are famous for using patended AI-tech to ensure their slices are ready to consume in less than 5 minutes. (Perfect for any crowded fair, eh?)

That’s not to say the main area at the Supertrees is less enjoyable, of course, especially if you don’t mind the crowds. With the ever-popular Garden Rhapsody (Christmas edition) and Blizzard Time having multiple sessions each evening, and so many light displays and F&B options about, the whole area’s like a massive Yuletide party. By the way, Christmas Wonderland still proudly describes itself as Singapore’s biggest Yuletide event. I’m sure every bit of that claim is true.

As for this year’s Spalliera showpiece, it’s inspired by Italy’s Mesola Castle with its distinctive 45-degree corner towers. Personally, I still prefer the versions from 2019 and 2021, but from certain angles, I can’t deny that this year’s “castlesque” Spalliera has a certain stately appeal.

Standing within this castle while blitzed by artificial snow is silly but strangely exhilarating. Weirdly uplifting too.

Christmas Wonderland 2023—Santa, A Pirate Galleon, and an Illuminated Castle

Let me start with this. I realised my previous Christmas Wonderland pictures rarely feature Santa, so this year, I took the effort to snap one. He’s such a good sport, isn’t he?
Holly Roger | Christmas Wonderland 2023
After the Spalliera, the Holly Roger pirate galleon is the most stunning light display of Christmas Wonderland 2023. It is illuminated by approximately 127,000 bulbs and comes with pirate elves. It also goes BOOM (with smoke) every few minutes!
Walk of Lights 2023 by CDG Zig.
According to official literature, the Walk of Lights is slightly longer this year at 65m. Presented by CDG Zig, I think there are more light patterns too.
Blizzard Time | Gardens by the Bay
Blizzard time at the Spalliera! You know, every year, I get a huge kick out of how the moment after Garden Rhapsody ends, the lights of the Spalliera would snap on and the insane spraying would begin.
Gingerbread Grove
Gingerbread Grove with its Gingerbread House is the smallest of the three areas of the fairground. An illuminated candy cane walkway connects this area with the Supertree Grove area.
Flying Dumbo
Flying Dumbo Ride at Frosty’s Fairground. The kids were shrieking like banshees while the dumbos flew. (And not out of fear, I assure you)
Carnival Game Prize
What’s a Yuletide fair without carnival games? I tried my hand at one and won this adorable little thing. (Which I then did a Christmas good deed by giving to a little boy)
Christmas Wonderland 2023 Light Displays
A selection of the many light displays and photo spots found throughout the fairground.

Christmas Wonderland 2023 Food & Drinks

Christmas Wonderland at Gardens by the Bay has always been about good food and classy drinks too, well, except for the years when it was downsized. This year, there’s quite a selection for visitors to choose from, with lots of establishments setting up stalls and bars.

Hendrick's Christmas Cracker Bar
Hendrick’s Gin not only has a sizable bar, they also has a large, beer garden-like sitting area right beside them.
Hendrick's French 75
I tried the Hendrick’s French 75. It was refreshing, floral, and citrusy. Perfect after sweaty phototaking.
Ruldoph Corndog by Brewerkz
I ordered a Ruldoph Corndog from Brewerkz to go with the French 75. Erm, there’s supposed to be a pretzel at the tip of the corndog but somehow that got lost. Or it dropped off without me knowing. Aww …
Godiva Double Chocolate Cheesecake | Churros Republic & Beverly Hills Cheesecake
This is the Godiva Double Chocolate Cheesecake by Churros Republic & Beverly Hills Cheesecake and let me tell you, it makes you grin. Because it is soooooooo rich and sinful. (Not to mention very filling too because it’s so dense)
Museum of Ice Cream @ Christmas Wonderland 2023
Museum of Ice Cream has a booth at the Supertree Grove! With classic and festive flavours on sale.

Anyway, here’s a list of the F&B vendors at Christmas Wonderland 2023, as according to the official map. Check my video if you wanna see more of the food stalls.

  1. Hendrick’s Christmas Cracker Bar
  2. Mr White by Senshi
  3. Sofnade*
  4. Praffles
  5. Tanglin Cookhouse
  6. Brewerkz
  7. Breadfirst Everyday
  8. Museum of Ice Cream
  9. The Swag Social
  10. Mexi-Go!*
  11. Rainbow Works
  12. Wake the Crew
  13. Pancakes & Crepes*
  14. Churros Republic & Beverly Hills Cheesecake*
  15. Kebabs Faktory*
  16. Burger & Lobster
  18. Fat belly

* 100% Muslim-owned

Christmas Wonderland 2023 will end on Jan 1, 2024. Tickets are time and date specific, and begin from SGD 8/-. There are four entry sessions per day. Tickets on sale here.

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Gardens by the Bay Christmas Wonderland 2023 (Video)
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Gardens by the Bay Christmas Wonderland 2023 (Video)
Christmas Wonderland 2023 @ Gardens by the Bay features a supersized fairground with a huge Spalliera, 15 light displays, and all sorts of F&B options.

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