EL Connect | Part Time Jobs for Singaporeans to Get Paid Daily

WHO: EL Connect is an online job seeking platform that utilises an intuitive mobile app to directly connect jobseekers to hirers in the Singaporean job market.

Catering primarily to Singaporeans and Permanent Residence full time freelancers and those seeking to supplement their income with part time jobs, EL Connect hopes to revolutionise the job market in Singapore by providing instantaneous cash payments through their application’s e-wallet function – a unique first of its kind feature.

EL Connect focuses on blue-collar jobs with industries ranging from hygiene, food and beverages, retail, manufacturing and logistics.

WHAT: Focused on facilitating seamless connections between job seekers between the ages of 17-62 looking for part-time and short-term contract work and employers looking to reach a diverse pool of qualified workers, EL Connect offers immediate cash payments upon job completion, diverse work experiences across different industries, and flexible work schedules.

EL Connect is currently looking to implement Singpass sign-ins to their platform from XX onwards to improve data safety and credibility in order to better protect users from job scams. EL Connect also ensures that all employers who sign up for their services are also vetted for legitimacy before they begin hiring job seekers.

EL Connect will payout via PayNow or FAST (Fast And Secure Transfers) with the cash-out function allowing instant payment once you successfully complete a job.

WHEN: Founded in 2019, EL Connect completed its mobile application development during the height of the pandemic reaching completion and market launch in October 2020. Since then, it has gained rapid traction where it hosts over 35,000 jobseekers and 600 hirers on its platform to date.

WHY: EL Connect addresses the needs of job seekers looking for part-time and short-term contract work. Additionally, it caters to employers seeking to bolster their teams to fulfil daily employee count, events and projects. The platform fosters legitimacy, convenience, offers valuable work experience, and enables quick and intuitive job matching for all users.

Jobseekers stand to earn an average of up to SGD 40 – SGD 150 per day with an estimated total of $4 million transacted since launch which is payed out via PayNow or FAST (Fast And Secure Transfers) with the cash-out function allowing users instant payment upon successful completion of a job.

HOW: You can create a free account and download the EL Connect app on your phones through the app store (Apple) or Google Play stores (Android)

Users may also access the portal via their web browsers at – https://elconnect.sg/

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EL Connect | Part Time Jobs for Singaporeans to Get Paid Daily
Article Name
EL Connect | Part Time Jobs for Singaporeans to Get Paid Daily
Local Singapore app EL Connect to seamlessly connect job seekers with genuine employers in Singapore's gig economy.
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