Singapore Christmas and Festive Gift Ideas 2023

Singapore Christmas and Festive Gift Ideas 2023
Singapore Christmas and Festive Gift Ideas 2023

Festive Gift Ideas for the 2023 year-end.

Christmas and the year-end are just weeks away but is it time to start planning gifts for your loved ones? Well, it might still be a bit early; the light-up at Orchard Road has only just begun. But hey, you know what they say, early bird gets the worm and all that. Those who start early have the most time to prepare the most thoughtful gifts too.

Without further ado, here’s my list of gift recommendations for this 2023 festive season! Since I’m also starting early with this, I’ll likely be expanding this list all the way till Christmas. I’ll also make extra efforts to ensure I include a variety of price tags because, you know, inflation is the one Christmas gift all of us are getting, whether we’ve been nice or naughty! We don’t want that to stop someone from getting a present, do we?

(This is the longest gift guide I’ve written this year. Please use my clickable content list to navigate)

Jabra Elite 10 | Festive Gift Recommendation
The Jabra Elite 10: A premium all-rounder superb for work and entertainment

1. Jabra Elite 10 (Tech Gift)

As any audiophile and I bet you’d be told wired gear is the only real way to listen to music. Bluetooth earphones and speakers are superbly convenient, that’s undeniable, but if you want your highs and lows with pristine fidelity, wired. Only way to listen. (Wag finger)

The new Jabra Elite 10, described by the Danish maker as their most advanced earbuds for work and life, doesn’t challenge this axiom, but it comes close if you ask me. I wouldn’t say the overall sound quality of the Elite 10 is consistently superior to wired earphones/IEMs of the same price range, but unless you’re that discerning, I don’t think you’d actually notice the difference.

When you factor in the convenience, the higher Bluetooth 5.3 version, the superior noise cancellation that adjusts to the environment, and the comfort, these 2023 wireless earbuds are a clear winner. Speaking of comfort, the Jabra Elite 10 features unique oval-shaped ear tips that promise unmatched comfort while not compromising on sealing.

There’s also spatial sound with head tracking, described by Jabra as powered by Dolby. Simply put, with the right tracks/audio, one will experience the heavenly sensation of being at the heart of music that flows around and above.

To know more about the Jabra Elite 10, check out my full review!

As for price, launch promotions have just ended; the full price is SGD 378/-. But it’s the year-end, and so there are festive promotions! At Jabra’s official stores in Lazada and Shopee. The Elite 10 will be available for SGD 348/- from now till Dec 31, 2023.


PS: If you’re looking for a more affordable Jabra earpiece, and one that’s great for sports, the Jabra Elite 4 is having a holiday sale from Nov 24 to Dec 17, 2023. The discounted price is SGD 98/-, which is 46 percent off the usual SGD 180/- price. Available at at selected retailers, and Jabra’s official stores in Lazada and Shopee.

Botanically Cold Brewed Sparkling Tea by Gryphon Tea Co.
The reformulated flavours of Gryphon Tea Company’s Botanically Cold Brewed Sparkling Tea range feature refreshing tastes with a twist, no added sugar, and a Nutri-grade B rating.

2. Gryphon Tea Company “Band-tastic” Botanically Cold Brewed Sparkling Tea Flavours (Beverage Gift)

Next up, we have a healthier choice and affordable gift idea that would be great for, say, a festive home gathering.

In collaboration with the movie Trolls Band Together, Gryphon Tea Company recently unveiled the reformulated “band-tastic” flavours of their Botanically Cold Brewed Sparkling Tea range. All are botanically brewed for 12 hours to capture the essence of tea, while healthier with no added sugar.

The reformulated flavours are:

  • Earl Grey Lavender with Strawberry – A velvety blend of citrusy Calabrian bergamot, delicate French lavender, and juicy strawberries with a tease of sparkles.
  • Osmanthus Sencha with Passionfruit – A soft palate of nectar is led by the ethereal fragrance of osmanthus flowers, while infused by the sprightly tartness of passionfruit.
  • Pearl of the Orient with Lychee – A blend of jasmine green tea with powdery Moroccan pink rose and luscious tropical lychee, topped with sparkling goodness.

Here’s the great news too. From Nov 1 to 30, 2023, Gryphon fans and movie buffs alike will receive two pairs of in-season passes (30 pairs up for grabs!) to the enchanting world of Trolls Band Together when they purchase the 2 X 4s packs (SGD 12.10) of Botanically Cold Brewed Sparkling Tea online. Each purchase made online will also come with a complimentary LED Gryphon Tumbler.

From Nov 2 to Dec 31, these delectable sugar-free teas will also be available at promotional prices (SGD 9.95, usual price SGD 12.06) in Cold Storage and FairPrice outlets. Every purchase of one pack of 4 X 250ml enables a chance to enter a lucky draw to snag a SGD 300 Trolls X Gryphon hamper. Each purchase of the 2 X 4s packs in-store will also come with an exclusive LED Gryphon tumbler.

1664 Prestige
The 1664 Prestige: A bright wheat beer with the elegance of french champagne.

3. 1664 Prestige (Beer Gift)

This is a gift that will be splendid for home gatherings and parties.

The 1664 Prestige is a bright and crisp wheat beer with the refined elegance of champagne. This extraordinary beer adds a dash of spontaneous sparkle to your everyday moments and delivers bubbly good times effortlessly in the spirit of joie de vivre. Available only for a short time, 1664 Prestige is a limited-release Holiday Special perfect for any party this year.

Brewed with champagne yeast from France, 1664 Prestige also boasts a medium-dry and fresh palate featuring delicate bubbles reminiscent of champagne. Its notes of citrus, white peach, and a hint of spice create a playful yet elegant flavour profile—a cheeky take on champagne and a refined twist on traditional beer.

Presented in a sleek, elongated silhouette with a celebratory popping cork, a nod to the classic champagne bottle, this exceptional wheat beer furthermore embodies the essence of French savoir-faire with a playful twist. The striking 1664 Prestige gift box, beautifully crafted and foiled with gold, adds an extra touch of je ne sais quoi and brings sparkling joy to any celebration. Gift options are as follows:

  • Gift Set 1 (SGD 49.90) – 1664 Blanc (Pack of 4) & 1664 Prestige (750 ml), comes with 1x 1664 Glassware*
  • Gift Set 2 (SGD 99.90) – 1664 Blanc (Pack of 24) & 1664 Prestige (750 ml), comes with 2X 1664 Glassware*

*While stocks last.

The 1664 Prestige is available at fine-selected bars, restaurants, and @ Carlsberg Official Store on Shopee and Lazada, Redmart and Shopee Supermarket.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 | Tech Gift for 2023
The Samsung Galaxy Fold5 features a stunning 7.6” AMOLED screen, a powerful processor, and a top-notch camera.

4. Samsung Galaxy Fold5 (Tech Gift)

Last weekend, I was going about town filming different things with my Samsung S22 and DJI Pocket 2. As usual, no thanks to the crowds and humidity, I forgot to scrutinize exposure levels. I ended up with a whole gig of usable but poorly exposed footage.

That was when I remembered the fortnight when I had a Samsung Galaxy Fold5 review unit on hand.

This latest Samsung flagship folding phone is really such a magnificent imaging engine, you see. I shot over a hundred photos and video clips to test the Fold5 camera and practically all captures were properly or even superbly balanced, focused, and luscious in colour.

That’s on top of the Fold5 having a fast, battery-efficient Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 series processor, ample RAM and storage, and of course, that gorgeous, tablet-like 7.6” AMOLED main screen. (The crease is invisible when the screen is unfolded and lit, btw)

Please read my mini review of the Fold5 here!

And yes, I know the Samsung Galaxy Fold5 is an expensive phone with or without a telco contract. But if that special someone is worth the splurge, you can purchase the Fold5 from online platforms with coupons and vouchers to save your hard-earned money.

Coravin Timeless Three+ in Deep Sea Blue Wine Preservation System
The Coravin Timeless is the perfect festive gift for wine connoisseurs.

5. Coravin Debuts Limited Edition Festive Timeless Devices (Lifestyle Gift)

Rather than giving wine this 2023 festive season, how about gifting a classy wine preservation system?

A while ago in late October, Coravin Inc, a world leader in wine preservation, launched two new limited-edition colours within their flagship Timeless range. Inspired by the spirit of exploration, the Timeless Three+ in Deep Sea Blue and Timeless Six+ in Mist are coloured to reflect the unique ability of Coravin to enable wine enthusiasts to embark on their own tasting journeys, exploring several bottles all at once while savouring the good stuff at their own pace.

Widely recognized as an essential tool for wine lovers, Coravin Timeless features a needle that gently passes through the cork to extract wine, while filling the bottle with argon gas to keep the remaining wine as fresh as the day it was bottled for months or even years. As festive as they are functional, the limited edition colourways will surely be the perfect gift for wine lovers.

As for prices, Coravin is offering exciting promotions in Nov 2023 of up to 40 percent in November. This means the Timeless Six+ Mist is going for SGD 333 (U.P. SGD 611) and the Timeless Three+ Deep Sea Blue at SGD 323 (U.P. SGD 434).

If you want your gift to be a little more extravagant, you can opt for the Timeless Six+ Midnight Blue Celebration Set (SGD 890) or the Timeless Six+ Lotus Red Gift Set (SGD 890) for alternative glossy shades of metallic blue or red.

Intended as ready-to-explore sets ahead of festive drinking, all models come with thoughtful accessories including a timeless aerator that decants wines as it pours, a base to display the device, a bottle sleeve to keep wines chilled, a carry case for wine nights at a someone else’s, alongside Timeless

Screw Cap(s), needle clearing tool and Coravin Pure™ Argon Capsules.

Visit the official Coravin website to buy and to know what’s included in each set.

LAC Xmas Promotion 2023
Other than attractive festive discounts, LAC has joined hands with ART:DIS to celebrate diversity.

6. LAC Christmas Sale (Wellness Gift)

Wellness brand LAC is currently having an outrageous sale storewide with up to 48 percent off the fourth purchase. (28 percent off the first and second) The sale ends in late November. With a wide range of supplements at any of their stores, you could easily find a thoughtful and affordable gift for someone looking for a health boost in his/her life. If not, consider giving yourself the gift of health?

But that’s not the only reason to head down to LAC stores this festive season.

In October, LAC joined hands with ART:DIS to celebrate the artistry of individuals with disabilities. Under this collaboration, 40,000 limited-edition umbrellas featuring exclusive artworks from 4 talented artists with disabilities will be distributed; the artists are Eugene Soh, Wesley Seah, Ling Teck Mong, and Gregory Burns. To receive an umbrella, customers simply need to make a minimum purchase of SGD 198 either online or in-store between Nov 1st to Dec 31st.

The umbrella designs are visually striking and lovely. They are also a message of embracing diversity. All make for great gifts if you … wanna keep the supplements for yourself. Or they could be given away together with other LAC purchases.

Check out LAC’s website to learn about their products! Their bestsellers include LAC Masquelier’s French Pine Bark, LAC Probiotic Complex, and Liver Protector.

Skinlycious Starter Kits
Skinlycious Starter Kits.

7. Skinlycious’ Christmas Promotions (Skincare Gift)

Skinlycious is a Singapore pioneering skincare brand deeply committed to researching effective breakouts recovery methods, not only for treatment but also for prevention with its innovative and holistic approaches. Their mission is to offer hope to all who are confronting skin problems, at the same time, focusing on boosting self-confidence and enhancing overall quality of life too.

In other words, their various products are great for anyone frustrated by skin issues this year, or that special someone who just wants better better-looking complexion come 2024.

They are offering attractive promotions this festive season too. Customers placing orders exceeding SGD 80 will receive a complimentary mini Hydrate and Plump Bundle*. For those who spend over SGD 150, there’s an additional delight — an exclusive Skinlycious travel bag**, in addition to the free mini Hydrate and Plump Bundle.

As a token of gratitude for a decade of unwavering support for Skinlycious, selected patrons who have contributed towards building the brand will also receive the added personal touch of having their names beautifully embroidered on the front of their Skinlycious travel bags.

* Hydrate and Plump Mini Bundle (SGD 49.00) – The Hydrate and Plump Mini Bundle is a personalised solution combining the Hydrating Serum and Barrier Booster Moisturiser for optimal hydration and moisture, catering to a variety of skin types and concerns.

** Limited Edition Skinlycious Travel Bag (While Stocks Last) – The Skinlycious Travel Bag is a stylish and functional accessory designed to accompany owners on their skincare journey, offering stylish convenience and organisation for skincare essentials wherever they go.

G-SHOCK's League of Legends Watches
The GM-B2100LL and GA-110LL were created in partnership with Riot Games, the force behind the ultra-popular online game, League of Legends.

8. G-SHOCK’s League of Legends Gaming Timepieces (Accessory Gift)

Casio recently unveiled the latest additions to its renowned line of G-SHOCK shock-resistant watches, additions that’d be great gifts for gamers, esports enthusiasts, or just about anyone who would love a bolder-looking rugged timepiece.

The GM-B2100LL and GA-110LL were created in partnership with Riot Games, a pioneering force in the world of e-sports and the creative force behind the immensely popular global online sensation, League of Legends.

Shock-resistant and engineered to withstand the harshest of conditions, these two new models are inspired by the iconic full-metal GM-B2100 with its distinctive octagonal bezel and the GA-110 featuring a striking three-dimensional dial. With their striking designs, these timepieces will also instantly transport owners into the immersive world of League of Legends, meticulously incorporating the game’s aesthetics and essence into every facet, from the dial to the case and band.

As for individual design features, the GM-B2100LL draws creative inspiration from the Hextech fusion of magic and cutting-edge technology within the League of Legends universe. It showcases a design that captures the essence of this dynamic realm, while the bezel and select band elements feature an expertly applied aged finish to impart a weathered appearance for an authentic touch. Elegantly incorporated blue accents on the LCD display and minute hand furthermore pay homage to the iconic Hextech technology’s distinctive hue.

The GA-110LL embraces the beloved and enigmatic champion, Jinx, vividly portraying her character with a vibrant colour scheme adorning the bezel and band. The band, along with the indicator hand on the inset dial positioned at 9 o’clock, are reminiscent of Jinx’s signature rocket weapon and celebrates her bold and dynamic persona.

Both models prominently showcase the League of Legends game logo as a central design element, with the iconic emblem adorning the case back and elegantly gracing the band, serving as a striking symbol of their partnership with this legendary gaming universe.

GM-B2100LL and GA-110LL are priced at SGD 1,399 and SGD 269 respectively. They are available in-stores and online from Nov 8 Nov, 2023. While at G-Shock’s website, take a look at the new Precious Heart Selection 2023 range too.

shopDisney festive gift ideas
Magical festive gifts at

9. Magical Gifts at (Collectible Gift)

Nowadays, Disney is inseparable from the festive year-end, yes? Remember 2018 when Singapore had a Disney-themed Christmas light-up at Orchard Road?

Well, I love Disney and their many, MANY franchises. Sorry, I mean, enchanting stories! If your loved ones are the same as me, there’s a wide variety of Disney festive gifts for you to choose from at The following are some recommendations.

While at, don’t forget to check out the new Wish collection too. In conjunction with the upcoming movie!

Akoya Pearl Jewellery - Christmas Gift for Her
Akoya Pearls are renowned for their extraordinary lustre

10. Sustainable Akoya Pearl Jewellery (Gift for Her)

Here’s an opulent gift recommendation for that very, very special woman in your life.

Pearl FALCO, the timeless custodians of cultured Akoya Pearls, announces the grand opening of its inaugural retail store in Downtown Gallery Singapore on Nov 17, 2023. Representing the birthplace of cultured Akoya Pearls, Pearl FALCO was founded in 1985 by the Makito family in Ise Shima, Japan. Pearl FALCO is the first and only company from Ise Shima to promote and offer classic Akoya Pearls in Singapore, which are renowned for their high lustre.

With the upcoming season of celebrations, Pearl FALCO also proudly unveiled 5 new and opulent additions to their festive collection:Signature Wedding, Shizuku, Festive Classic, Festive Irodori, and Festive Variety. Each piece transcends conventional jewellery, and is a statement of timeless love and joy, on top of merging luxury with the spirit of giving.

Please visit their website to view their full collection! Of note, Pearl FALCO is also launching “The PEARL Plant-A-Tree Project,” a crowdfunding initiative that aims to plant trees, engage in reforestation, and mitigate climate change. This is part of the brand’s efforts to raise awareness about the challenges the pearl farming industry faces due to climate change.

TUMI Travel Gifts for Christmas 2023
TUMI travel gifts for 2023.

11. Festive Recommendations by TUMI (Travel Gifts)

TUMI products are great for early festive gifting because they are travel products. I mean, who wants to receive a watch case or travel pouch in the final week of December when the year-end travel season is almost over?

This holiday season, TUMI has also made it easier for everyone’s wallets with a selection of premium gift ideas under SGD 500 that promise to delight. Designed with elegance, practicality, and style in mind, the following selection of TUMI travel gifts for 2023 will spark joy and enhance every travel journey of the lucky ones to receive them.

Nassau Travel Watch Case (SGD 370):’Tis the season to celebrate life on the go in style! Dive into the festivities with TUMI’s leather Nassau collection, tailor-made to support every facet of every journey. The monogram-ready leather Nassau Travel Watch Case in Black Embossed is the ideal gift to keep cherished timepieces snug and safe. With room for up to two watches and a tender microfiber lining, it also snaps shut to ensure your watches are well-guarded. A perfect festive treat for globetrotters!

Alpha X Multi Window Card Case (SGD 200): This brilliantly crafted accessory, fashioned from the formidable PX6—TUMI’s most resilient fabric yet—is a joyful surprise that doesn’t break the bank. With its interior and exterior ID windows, TUMI’s Alpha X Multi Window Card Case in Meteor Grey ensures all important cards are always within reach. The perfect present for festive generosity on a smaller budget!

TUMI+ Small Modular Pouch (SGD 160): Festive cheer is all about seamless transitions and that’s what the TUMI+ Small Modular Pouch in sleek Black is all about. It’s the master of adapting to holiday needs, effortlessly switching between work and home offices. Clip it onto one’s favourite bags, and voilà! Your loved one is ready to carry the festive spirit, along with essential items.

TUMI+ Extra Small Pouch (SGD 180): Add some holiday pizzazz to your loved one’s bag with the TUMI+ Extra Small Pouch in vibrant Lapis Blue. This little marvel keeps AirPods Pro safe and sound with TUMI’s signature durability. It’s not just for tech too, — it can be clipped to belt loops, bags, or daisy chains. The carabiner is the perfect spot for stashing coins and tiny holiday surprises as well.

TUMI+ Charm Pouch (SGD 160): Here’s a festive charm in a pouch! The TUMI+ Charm Pouch, dipped in Deep Plum, is a stylish addition to any bag. It’s here to make your holiday season even more special by keeping essentials close, whether it’s cards, cash, or the key to the festivity. Perfect for adding a dash of style to anyone’s festivities.

Glenglassaugh 12 Years Old Single Malt | Christmas Gift Idea
The Glenglassaugh 12 Years Old Single Malt is a gem that any whiskey connoisseur would appreciate.

12. Glenglassaugh 12 Years Old Single Malt (Whiskey Gift)

The Glenglassaugh 12 Years Old Single Malt (SGD 119) is luminous bottled gold that embodies the signature coastal style of the Scottish distillery. Matured in bourbon, sherry, and red wine casks for luscious waves of ripe fruit carried on an ocean breeze, the release of the 12 Years Old Single Malt marks a significant turning point for Glenglassaugh, reflecting the distillery’s rich heritage and its deep connection with the sea.

Taste-wise, this single malt brings to mind candied pistachio, date, and sweet fig rolled into waves of morello cherry and whipped cream, and infused with fresh coastal air. Of note too is the classy bottle design. Inspired by the rippling sand tides at Sandend Bay, the new design elements incorporate hues reminiscent of sea glass, fully capturing the essence of the coastal environment.

In short, a classy drink that’s modern but also traditional. Beautifully bottled and with a coastal heritage that befits Singapore’s history as a sea town. The Glenglassaugh 12 Years Old Single Malt is available at Malt & Wine Asia’s website.

Ombré Express Facial Treatments
Pamper your loved one with one of many express facial treatments by Ombré.

13. Express Facial Treatments by Ombré (Beauty Gift)

A great gift idea doesn’t necessarily have to be physical. It could also be an unforgettable experience, a pampering, etc.

Ombré is a Singaporean homegrown beauty brand with 30 years of local expertise that blends traditional beauty practices with cutting-edge technology to offer rehydrating, effective, and rejuvenating facial treatments. They are also all about empowering time-strapped individuals to achieve radiant skin without the need for packages or high-pressure sales tactics.

Here’s a selection of express facial treatments by Ombré that require just 30 minutes or lesser:

  • MesoMTS (New): Ideal for those seeking a thorough cleanse, this 30-minute SGD 98 treatment features an MTS needling ampoule infusion combined with a relaxing face massage.
  • Hydraextraction: A 15-minute deep cleansing and manual hands-on extraction, available at the price of SGD 28, for a refreshed and hydrated complexion.
  • Hydrafusion: This 30-minute treatment, priced at SGD 58, infuses ampoules into the skin, promoting a healthy complexion for those hustling through the holiday season.
  • Mesojet: For those seeking a new experience, the Mesojet treatment offers a needle-free and pain-free option, giving you instantly radiant and dewy skin in just 30 minutes.
  • EndyMed Eye Lift: To combat the signs of aging around the eyes, this 30-minute treatment, priced at SGD 98, reduces under-eye bags and leaves you looking more refreshed for the festivities. (Somebody should gift me this, with all the late nights I’m pulling!)

Here’s the great news too. This festive season, Ombré is offering attractive Christmas deals and giveaways, you can include these as your gift or … pamper yourself too.

From Nov 15 to December 31, customers will receive a complimentary lip treatment balm (available in Rose or Mint) valued at SGD 15 for all purchases. Those spending a minimum of SGD 80 on facial treatments will receive a free add-on Mesojet Ampoule Treatment too, usually priced at SGD 58.

In the spirit and season of giving, Ombré is also offering a complimentary OmbréSculpt body shaping treatment for customers who purchase any treatment(s) worth SGD 58. The treatment areas include the tummy, arms, and thighs, with a 30-minute duration and low pain level. The technology used is High-Intensity Pulsed Electromagnetic (HIPEM), to enhance muscle tone and facilitate effective fat reduction.

As a festive bonus, a Christmas-themed photo booth awaits all at Ombré, providing the perfect opportunity for post-facial treatment selfies.

Ombré is at 265 Serangoon Central Drive, #01-267, Singapore 550265. To book appointments, call (+65 8645 5582 / +65 6242 0102), send an email to, or fill out Ombré’s contact form. Ombré operates from Tuesday to Sunday, from 11 am to 8 pm.

Snowman Flowers by FNP.SG
Snowman Flowers by FNP.SG

14. FNP.SG Christmas 2023 Features (Festive Gift)

Many a times, a simple festive gift is all that’s needed to express your thoughts and love. These “safe” gifts will never go out of style too for who doesn’t like to receive a cheery pot of vibrant poinsettia when Christmas is just around the corner?

If this is what you have in mind too, FNP.SG has a lovely collection of Christmas flowers and hampers for you to choose from. Here’s what this leading online florist and gift specialist recommends for this season:

  • Snowman Flowers (SGD 115)
    This super-adorable and festive flower sculpture is created with premium roses and comes with 16 Ferrero Rocher pieces as an additional sweet treat. It smells great too for the holding box is arranged with cinnamon sticks and pinecones.
  • Special Poinsettia Plant (SGD 74)
    No other bloom in the world is as associated with Christmas as the Poinsettia is. It’s perhaps also accurate to say no other flower is as visually festive! This special Poinsettia arrangement comes with 2 red candles that not only look beautiful but are as equally effective in uplifting the mood.
  • Wholesome Christmas Hamper (SGD 130)
    This wholesome, delightful feast is festively packed and comes with popular snacks such as Burts Hand Cooked Potato Chips, Myeureka Popcorn Cheese, Loacker Quadratini Napolitaner, and an assortment of healthy nuts by Camel.

Just to highlight too. FNP.SG offers a variety of payment and delivery options, including 60. min express delivery, islandwide shipping, and Atome easy payments. Check their portal to know more!

Alenkerui Wireless Chargers | Festive Tech Gift Idea
Alenkerui wireless fast charging station.

15. Alenkerui Wireless Chargers (Tech Gift)

Time for another tech gift suggestion. One that’s affordable and would be great for office gatherings, when you’re invited to a secret santa gift exchange, and so on.

Because so many of us have multiple things to power up each day? (I need to recharge at least four items each day)

Alenkerui wireless chargers and docking stations are designed to multitask, on top of being attractively priced. They come in many designs too, search Alenkerui in Lazada to view all, and as you would expect, are designed to handle gadgets from major brands.

Some of their star products are:

Again, search the brand name in Lazada to view all their products. Do note too that it takes a while to ship from overseas. If you’re getting one as a festive gift, you need to do so early.

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Singapore’s Holiday 2023 Collection
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Singapore’s Holiday 2023 Collection.

16. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Singapore’s Holiday 2023 Collection (Food & Collectibles Gift)

Let a loved one soak in the spirit of the season with The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Singapore’s Holiday 2023 Collection!

This year’s collection includes a range of exclusively designed products that are perfect for festive gifts, as well as seasonal beverages, handcrafted cakes and pastries, and retail coffee beans and powders!

Designed by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Singapore, the Holiday 2023 Collection includes two elegant double-wall stainless steel tumblers — the Merry Nifty Tumbler (710ml; SGD 24.90) which comes with a handy silicone handle, and the Holly Jolly Bottle (500ml; SGD 24.90) that features festive icons and an enchanting removable silicone Santa hat — perfect for bringing drinks on-the-go!

Teaming up with The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia again this year, the collection also features whimsical Winnie the Pooh collectibles. For example, the Winnie the Pooh Tea for One (SGD 32.90), which features a ceramic teapot with an exquisite 3D silicone lid, complete with a glass mug to create the silhouette of a snow globe. And the double-wall stainless steel Winnie The Pooh Elemental Tumbler (600ml; SGD 29.90).

(Naturally, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has festive drinks like the Biscoff® Ice Blended®, which you can enjoy while getting your gift)

The Holiday 2023 Collection is available in all outlets. Selected products from the collection are also available at Seasonal drinks and sliced cakes can be purchased in outlets, as well as on GrabFood, Foodpanda, and Deliveroo. All products from the Holiday 2023 collection are available while stocks last.

BOSS Bottled Elixir
The new BOSS Bottled Elixir is the most highly concentrated BOSS bottled composition to date.

17. BOSS Bottled Elixir (Fragrance Gift for Him)

Here’s a gift perfect for dad, the bro, the male bestie, or that very special dude in your life.

2023 marks the 25th anniversary of a fragrance icon, the original BOSS Bottled Eau de Toilette. To celebrate the occasion in spectacular style, BOSS Fragrances is unveiling its latest launch: the BOSS Bottled Elixir.

The newest olfactive chapter within the BOSS Bottled family, BOSS Bottled Elixir is an elevated interpretation of modern masculinity. The most highly concentrated BOSS bottled composition to date, this luxurious addition to the BOSS Bottled family will help any guy find his inner light and be his own BOSS.

As for the fragrance, I quote directly. “Top notes of incense and cardamom essences emit a warm, vibrant impression while a heart of vetiver and patchouli entices with an earthy imprint. BOSS Bottled Elixir develops to reveal a base of cedarwood essence and labdanum absolute, serving a strong, woody charisma and a burst of bold masculinity.”

The glass flacon is also an attraction that’s gifting-perfect. Deep black lacquer gives way to a gleaming light in the center, capturing the concept of BOSSes finding their inner light. A radiant ceramic finish and a brushed icy-gold cap further elevate the elegance of this new creation within the BOSS Bottled story.

Visit the BOSS Bottled Elixir pop-up at Takashimaya L1 from Nov 16 to 22 to know more! You can also enjoy complimentary charm engraving at the pop-up as well as exclusive gifts with purchase.

BOSS Bottled Elixir is already available islandwide in leading Department Stores and Sephora. There are two 2 formats: 100ml (SGD 210) and 50ml (SGD 155).

OSIM uCozy V | Festive Wellness Gift
Give the gift of … instant shoulder pain relief with the new OSIM uCozy V.

18. OSIM uCozy V (Wellness Gift)

There is nothing quite like the freedom to enjoy a great massage anytime one desires. For overworked individuals, such a gift could be nothing short of heavenly too.

The new wireless rechargeable OSIM uCozy V (currently SGD 179, original price SGD 299) is the latest addition to the wellness innovator’s signature uCozy Neck and Shoulder Massager series. Adapted from OSIM’s iconic V-HandTM massage technology that was developed for its best-in-class well-being and massage chairs, the portable uCozy V’s V-Grip tech provides spa-like massages on-the go. It is especially effective in providing quick and effective relief for aching neck and shoulders due to excessive screen time. In other words, a godsend for just about every one of us.

The ergonomic design of the uCozy V moreover encases the neck and shoulders for a snug fit as dual rotation 3D massage rollers move in synchronicity, delivering a strong, kneading massage that emulates the hand movements of an experienced massage therapist to provide deep tissue relief. For heightened relaxation, the uCozy V can emit a soothing warmth function that promotes circulation and alleviates muscle aches. Available now online and at OSIM stores throughout Singapore! Limited edition blue and pink covers currently available too.

Desmond Leather Armchair by Castlery
The Desmond Leather Armchair—meticulously crafted and ergonomic.

19. Lounge-Worthy Pieces by Castlery (Homemaking Gift)

Would furniture make for good festive gifts? Well, ask anyone who’s shifting into a new home and I think you’d get a positive answer.

This festive season, Castlery extends an invitation to elevate classy homes with their lounge-worthy picks. Their refined selections seamlessly merge festive allure with timeless sophistication. From Dec 7 to 31, Castlery is also hosting festive sales with super attractive discounts.

The following are three lounge-worthy masterpieces recommended by the Castlery team:

  • Desmond Leather Armchair (SGD 949): Meticulously crafted with supple leather upholstery, the ergonomic silhouette invites unparalleled relaxation, making it a timeless addition to any living space.
  • Ingrid Sherpa Chair (SGD 699): The Ingrid is a distinctive statement piece adorned with a tilted backrest and charming wooden sled legs. Immerse in the festive spirit as you lounge and unwind on the upholstered, cozy sherpa fabric, creating a haven of comfort reminiscent of a holiday retreat. Transform your space into a festive oasis with this enchanting piece too while celebrating the beauty of the holidays in style. 
  • Burgeon Marble Table Lamp (SGD 289): Perfect for the person who already has everything. The Burgeon lamp is a beacon of festive luxury, warming the room with its soft glow. Anchored in a contemporary emerald green marble base, it exudes a holiday charm that can be enjoyed all year round. The fluted glass shade, adorned with delicate ribs, casts enchanting, patterned shadows, transforming any space into a dreamy wonderland. The substantial weight of 8.5 kg adds a touch of artisanal craftsmanship, ensuring enduring quality that resonates with the magic of the season.

Toys"R"Us Craig & Karl Collaboration
The Toys“R”Us, Craig & Karl collaboration features six exclusive purchase-with-purchase collectibles.

20. Toys”R”Us Christmas Collaboration with Artists Craig & Karl (Toy Gift)

Last but not least, toys!

Toys“R”Us, everybody’s favourite destination for toys, games, leisure gear, and educational items, is collaborating with pop artist duo Craig & Karl to feature six exclusive purchase-with-purchase merchandise items. Themed “Unwrap Christmas Play”, the collaboration reinterprets end-of-year traditions and rejuvenates the brand through the celebration of the crossroads between creativity, art, and design.

From November 14th and with a minimum SGD 20 purchase at Toys“R”Us, customers will be able to redeem exclusive collectibles designed by Craig & Karl, including a cutlery set, travel mug, and tote bag. On a weekly basis, limited-edition bears will also be released for redemption at SGD 15, with a minimum purchase of SGD 20 on the week’s featured category of toys.

Additionally, lucky gift bags with specially curated toys will be available for purchase upon a minimum spend of SGD 50.

Apart from the collaboration, Toys“R”Us is having many other festive promotions too. For example, the exclusive Countdown Game Sticker Pack for Star Card members, which features stickers that can be used to decorate gifts. Or the Advent Calendar Lucky Dip from Nov 24 to Dec 13. Upon making a SGD 60 purchase (non-stackable), customers will be eligible to select a number on the calendar and open the door to reveal a delightful surprise.

For more information on the collaboration, please visit the Toys“R”Us Facebook page.

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