Orchard Road Christmas Light-Up 2023 (Video)


2023 marks the 40th anniversary of the annual Orchard Road festive light-up.

The annual Orchard Road Light-Up has started! Once again, Singapore’s most famous shopping stretch is adorned with fairy lights and fanciful Christmas trees. The Singaporean Yuletide season has officially begun and it’s time to get merry for the year-end!

This year’s light-up is also doubly special and not just because there’d be multiple Christmas villages from late November till after the New Year. (The final one ends on Jan 7). It’s the 40th anniversary of “Christmas on a Great Street.” Yup, Orchard Road has been dressing up for the holiday season for 40 years now. Four decades of festive creativity and new concepts, with malls and hotels ever competing to put better and more eye-catching designs each year too.

You know, I’m actually old enough to remember the earliest light-ups in the 80s, those bygone years when the street lights were all incandescent instead of cool blue, and when Christmas trees were all traditional and much, much less towering in sizes. I remember badgering my parents to drive down Orchard Road too, and them fuming later because of the traffic jams, while I stared wide-eyed at all the twinkling lights.

How time flies? And how much the light-up has changed. With all the illumination events we are having each year nowadays, I guess some Singaporeans might no longer consider the Orchard Road Light-Up anything special. To them, it’s probably just another touristy event that comes and goes every year.

But this light-up will always feel special to me. Because I’ve visited all 40 editions of it. And because I genuinely love to stand under those fanciful lights every December.

Here’s looking forward to more magical Christmases at the Great Street, year after year.

Christmas on a Great Street 40th Edition

Orchard Road Christmas 2023
The festive gateway for this year. It has a dreamy, fairyland feel, doesn’t it? With the pastel colours and clouds and mini-lights.
Ion Orchard Christmas 2023
A minute’s walk from the gateway is ION Orchard’s big tree for this year, with Louis Vuitton as the luxury brand on showcase this time round. I don’t know why but the motif reminded me of Wonderland poker card soldiers.
Wisma Atria Christmas 2023
Wisma Atria uses an aquatic theme for their decorations this year. Is it … because of the upcoming Aquaman movie?
Geneco x Yellow Ribbon Campaign Pop-Up
Update Dec 2023: Pop-ups are happening all over the shopping stretch this year-end but here’s a particularly meaningful one. Geneco is collaborating with the Yellow Ribbon Project to build a more inclusive society by giving ex-offenders a second chance. with the distribution of over 3,000 packets of Geneco X Yellow Ribbon exclusive Red Velvet & Almonds cookies. The pop-up is right outside Ion Orchard.

More details about the Geneco/Yellow Ribbon pop-up! Between Dec 7th and 17th, visitors can receive freebies when they vote for their favourite Inspirational Quote of Hope at the pop-up. This pop-up aims to support and spread Yellow Ribbon’s movement through the sales of their festive baked treats, as a portion of each purchase from both Yellow Ribbon Bakery and Huggs Coffee directly contributes to the rehabilitation and reintegration efforts of inmates and ex-offenders. Do check out the pop-up! Find out more about the campaign too at www.themagicofhope.sg .

Wheelock Place Christmas 2023
Across Scotts Road, it’s a golden bauble Christmas at Wheelock Place.
Forum the Shopping Mall Xmas 2023
Like previous editions of the Orchard Road festive light-up, the entire façade of Forum the Shopping Mall is covered with fairy lights, with a huge Christmas tree as the centerpiece too. Forum’s décor is always traditional but there’s a consistent elegance over the years.
Tanglin Mall Christmas 2023
Further up the road, a mini festive walk with reindeer and elves awaits at Tanglin Mall. (The deer were a little wet from an earlier shower)
Ngee Ann City Christmas Tree 2023
Seems like it’s battle of the branded trees this year! Ngee Ann City’s big, big tree this year is Chanel-themed. Do you prefer this or ION Orchard’s Louis Vuitton one?
Christmas Orchard Road 2023
Here’s one of the big highlights for this year’s festive light-up. Once again, the western façade of Hilton Singapore Orchard comes alive with multimedia projections. Music from the projections is also broadcast throughout Orchard Road.
Hilton Singapore Christmas Light Projection
A closer look at the multimedia projection at Hilton. Aquatic themes seems to be the in-thing this Christmas.
Christmas at Paragon 2023
Paragon’s big tree is simpler in design this year. But there’s a huge Olaf near it! (The snowman is here to promote Nordic travel)
313@Somerset Xmas 2023
313@Somerset uses Santa’s hat as inspiration for their indoor tree.
Orchard Central Christmas 2023
While Orchard Central’s mascot for this year is … Ice Bear? Or one of the icy one’s relatives!
Orchard Road Pink Wonderland 2023
Update Dec 2023: Here’s Orchard Gateway’s Pink Wonderland showpiece for this year. This wasn’t up when I wrote this post but I’ve been seeing it every weekend ever since. So here’s a pic!

Merry Christmas in advance, everybody!


Orchard Road Light-Up 2023 ends on Jan 1, 2024. The first Christmas village at Shaw House starts on Nov 24, 2023.

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Orchard Road Christmas Light-Up 2023 (Video)
Article Name
Orchard Road Christmas Light-Up 2023 (Video)
Orchard Road Light-Up 2023 has started, with this year’s edition twice as festive and special as it is the 40th anniversary of the light-up.

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