WB100 Celebrating Every Story | Sentosa

WB100 Celebrating Every Story features photo spots, an interactive zone with life-size DCEU figures, and movie screenings at Southside.

You must already know about this event, if you’re a Warner Bros, DCEU, or classic animation fan.

Warner Brothers is celebrating their 100th birthday at Sentosa. From now till Nov 26, 2023, there are WB photo spots, exhibits, and an interactive zone at Siloso Beach. For those who have yet to watch some of the studio’s most memorable cinematic hits, such as Barbie and the first Harry Potter movie, Southside will also be hosting weekend movie screenings from Nov 17 to 26. (First come first served, limited seats!)

It’s a great treat for all Warner Brothers fans, beginning with how half of the interactive zone is devoted to DC comic history and DCEU characters—there are five life-size figures of Justice Leaguers. Even if you’re not into DC superheroes, Tom & Jerry are there. So are Fred Flintstone, Scooby Doo, the Jetsons, and of course, the Looney Tunes loonies.

In celebration of the recent Singapore-set Tom & Jerry series, there is even a huge inflatable of Tom enjoying a durian next to the interactive zone.

Tom Eating Durians | Siloso Beach
Here’s Tom enjoying … Mao Shanwang durian?!?

(Update Nov 16: Yikes! I didn’t know Jerry was originally there too. Half of the inflatable was stolen! Good grief!)

You know, I’m familiar with all the animated characters featured; they were the ones I watched and loved as a kid. But I’ve completely forgotten all of them are under the WB umbrella.

The same goes for all the memorable movies mentioned on the WB timeline display. Although I have HBO Go, I just don’t associate the Harry Potter Franchise with 300 or Gremlins or, goodness, my all-time favourite movie The Exorcist.

Seems like I’ve been a Warner Bros. fan since young, without me realising.

WB100 Central at Central Beach Bazaar

WB100 Celebrating Every Story is divided into three zones. The Central Beach Bazaar segment, named WB100 Central, features Looney Tunes photo backdrops and a Warner Brothers timeline.

Warner Brothers 100th Birthday in Singapore
Warner Brothers. 100 years of cinematic and animated magic.

World of DC and Animation Zone at Emerald Pavilion

DC Publishing Timeline
DC publishing timeline. DC has been partnering Warner Bros. for decades. One of the milestones for this collaboration was the 70s Lynda Carter Wonder Woman series. That series made me a lifelong WW fan!
DC Comics Photo Wall
I wish I could have such a photo wall in my home. But maybe I could do up one … …… someday.
WB100 World of DC
The World of DC Zone features collectors’ figurines and free-to-read DC comics too.
DCEU Heroes at WB100 Celebrating Every Story
The Flash, Batman, and Aquaman life-size figures. Arthur gets the limelight because of his upcoming movie sequel.
WB100 Animation Zone @ Sentosa Siloso Beach
The Animation Zone is devoted to Warner Bros.’ most iconic animated series. There is also an interactive game area.
Warner Bros. and DC Collectibles
There are various Warner Bros. collectibles and paraphernalia on exhibit too.

WB100 Movie Screening at Southside

Here’s your chance to catch six Warner Bros. hits. As mentioned, Southside will be hosting WB100 movie screenings on the weekends between Nov 17 and 26, 2023. The programme list is as follows:

  • Nov 17 (Fri): Godzilla Vs. Kong
  • Nov 18 (Sat): Barbie
  • Nov 19 (Sun): Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
  • Nov 24 (Fri): The Flash
  • Nov 25 (Sat): Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • Nov 26 (Sun): Aquaman

Admission is on a first-come-first-served basis. Limited seats too!

Video of WB100 Celebrating Every Story here.

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WB100 Celebrating Every Story @ Sentosa | Nov 10 - 26, 2023
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WB100 Celebrating Every Story @ Sentosa | Nov 10 - 26, 2023
Warner Bros is celebrating their 100th birthday at Sentosa, with the WB100 Celebrating Every Story event featuring an interactive zone and free movie screenings.
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