The World Beyond by Dong Lee | Art Exhibition @ OCBC Wisma

Explore the literal and metaphorical meanings of celebration at the new ‘The World Beyond’ exhibition by Dong Lee. This captivating exhibition showcases the creative brilliance of four exceptional artists hailing from diverse corners of Asia, supporting a vision of sustainable and inclusive living shown through diverse and creative mediums, made alive through a rich palette of emotions, traditions, and environments.

Within this collection of fifteen award-winning and contemporary artworks, these artists breathe life into hyperlocal narratives and offer unique perspectives on cityscapes and life in various Asian districts. Miao Yao Sheng’s (China) vibrant oil paintings capture festive scenes of Guizhou Province’s ethnic minority communities, while Ma Pak Loong (Singapore) artfully immortalises commemorative buildings in cities across Asia and Europe through his sketches.

In contrast, Chua Zin Yan (Singapore) expresses the spirit of celebration through uplifting collages, crafted during the pandemic lockdown. Meanwhile, Harshita Agarwal’s (India) interactive puzzle prints link the ephemeral nature of festivities to an iconic building that will soon disappear.

Collectively, these works celebrate thriving communities and a vibrant and inclusive way of living.

Rex Wei, curator of The World Beyond, says, “The World Beyond art exhibition presented by Dong Lee at OCBC Wisma Atria gives visitors a glimpse of green and ecological living in different places around Asia. Miao Yao Sheng’s rural festival paintings preserve memories of our past agricultural civilisation, Harshita Agarwal’s puzzles and Ma Pak Loong’s sketches depict changes in our built environment, and Chua Zin Yan’s collages highlight the resilience of creative peoples in solitude. This immersive exhibition contrasts literal with metaphorical meanings of celebration, rural with urban environments, and demonstrates how artists are negotiating these contrasts. In a season of celebration and cheer, coinciding with OCBC Wisma’s one-year anniversary, I hope that the visual arts feast that we prepared can have a positive impact across economic and cultural industries, contributing to the city’s vitality and beyond.”

Bob Ng, Head of Personal and Premier Banking, Singapore, OCBC, says, “OCBC Wisma is more than a bank; it’s a place for sparking meaningful conversations,” said Bob Ng, Head of Personal and Premier Banking, Singapore, OCBC. “Through various retail, community and lifestyle offerings, including our rotating art displays, we hope to enrich visitors’ lives and create opportunities for deep interactions, setting them on an inspiring journey of discovery.”

The World Beyond Exhibition
Paintings of The World Beyond can immediately be enjoyed even if OCBC Wisma Atria is closed for the day.
Yesterday | Miao Yao Sheng
This vibrant piece by Miao Yao Sheng features a scene from Upper Langde Village of Leishan Prefecture. It’s titled “Yesterday.”
The World Beyond | Miao Yao Sheng
The namesake of the exhibition and also by Miao Yao Sheng.

Event Details

Venue: OCBC Wisma Atria – 435 Orchard Rd, #04-01, Singapore 238877

Date: Nov 1, 2023 to Jan 2, 2024

Admission: Free

More information about The World Beyond here.

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And apart from The World Beyond, there are also other exciting activities to look forward to this festive year-end.

Crane Living Festive Market:  Bringing together gifts for every occasion and showcasing independent Singapore-based businesses, Crane Living curates the perfect pop-up experience to ring in the festive season. Enjoy exclusive deals when you pay with an OCBC credit or debit card, or scan to pay via the OCBC Digital app. (Nov 18-19 & 25-26)

Sing Lit Open Mic Night by Sing Lit Station: Get your fill of creativity and community at Sing Lit Station’s electrifying Open Mic Night! Immerse yourself in a world of literary magic with Sing Lit Station’s book booth, game area, poetry claw machine, and interactive cloud machine. Enjoy 20 percent off ticket prices and 20 percent off your total purchase of any Sing Lit titles during the event itself when you pay with an OCBC credit or debit card. (Nov 24)

Interactive Storytelling by Julia Gabriel Centre: Unlocking imaginations, one story at a time! Families are in for a treat as Julia Gabriel Centre and BookXcess partner with OCBC Wisma Atria – bringing captivating stories to life with music, songs, and lots of laughter through their FREE interactive storytelling session. Mark your calendars for exciting sessions and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of storytelling in the heart of Singapore. Enjoy 50 percent off the registration fee for Julia Gabriel Centre programmes when you sign-up at the event and pay with an OCBC credit or debit card. More details here! (Nov 25 and Dec 9, 3 pm to 4 pm)

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The World Beyond by Dong Lee | Art Exhibition @ OCBC Wisma
Article Name
The World Beyond by Dong Lee | Art Exhibition @ OCBC Wisma
The World Beyond by Dong Lee showcases the creative brilliance of 4 exceptional artists. Happening at OCBC Wisma till Jan 2, 2024.
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