Queensland Youth Symphony Embarks on 14th International Tour, Premiering in Singapore

Queensland Youth Symphony (QYS), a 90-member youth orchestra and the leading ensemble of Queensland Youth Orchestras (QYO), is set to commence its 14th international tour starting in Singapore before heading to Austria and Germany. The concert will take place on Nov 28, 2023, at Esplanade Concert Hall.

Simon Hewett, Artistic Director and Conductor of QYS, expresses the significance of Singapore as a tour destination, as QYS is dedicated to providing their musicians with the unique opportunity to showcase their talent to Asian audiences, offering a cross-cultural experience. Furthermore, this strategic choice is guided by the fact Singapore is the traditional stopover for flights en route to Europe.

“Singapore is an excellent choice due to our commitment to providing top-tier concert venues that match the exceptional quality of our orchestra. The Esplanade Concert Hall perfectly aligns with our standards. And of course, Singapore has a great reputation for being a modern, efficient, and safe city that deeply values both Western and Eastern orchestral music,” Simon says.

Geoff Rosbrook, General Manager of QYS, highlights the strong connections between the orchestra and Singapore through their collaboration with conductor and academic Prof. Tze Law Chan from Yong Siew Toh Conservatory. Prof. Chan has significant ties to Australia, particularly in the world of youth music.

“Many of the musicians in our touring orchestra have had the privilege of being mentored by Prof. Chan during the Australian Youth Orchestra’s National Music Camp in recent years,” Geoff added.

Under the baton of Simon Hewett, the orchestra will feature the extraordinary didgeridoo soloist, William Barton, performing a composition of his own creation titled “Apii Thatini Mu Murtu” – translated as “To Carry a Coolamon on Country Together.” William, renowned for his exceptional contributions to the classical music world, has performed with esteemed orchestras worldwide, from the Philharmonic Orchestras of London and Berlin to historic venues such as Westminster Abbey, Anzac Cove, and the Beijing Olympics.

“William Barton, originally from Queensland, brings a unique Australian composition to our program, and this is the only concert on our tour where we have the privilege of performing with him. While we would have loved more opportunities to collaborate, we are truly grateful to bring this performance to Singapore audiences. William’s composition, ‘Apii Thatini Mu Murtu,’ holds deep meaning, conception, and a sound world that is distinctly Australian,” Simon explained.

Simon also underlined the orchestra’s commitment to reconciliation with Australia’s First Nations people and highlighted the importance of artistic collaborations. “We are proud that the Queensland Youth Symphony will perform together with William on tour,” he continued.

The concert program also includes two iconic pieces. Debussy’s “La Mer” widely regarded as one of the most celebrated musical portrayals of the sea’s beauty and power, and “Pictures at an Exhibition,” an evocative musical journey through a collection of paintings by Victor Hartmann, orchestrated brilliantly by Ravel.

The selection of concert repertoire for this high-quality youth orchestra reflects a careful balance of immersive, challenging, and contrasting works. All major works featured in the tour were masterfully performed by the orchestra in Brisbane earlier this year.

“We particularly wanted to program Debussy’s ‘La Mer’ in places where the sea has played an integral role in the city’s development and culture, making it a fitting choice for a performance in Singapore. ‘Pictures at an Exhibition’ completes the pictorial theme of the concert, offering a varied and immersive orchestral experience,” Simon concluded.

Event Details

Date: Nov 28, 2023

Time: 7.30 pm

Venue: Esplanade Concert Hall


  • Standard: SGD 35, SGD 28, SGD 20
  • Premier Box: SGD 35
  • Esplanade Box: SGD 35
  • Restricted View: SGD 35, SGD 28

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Queensland Youth Symphony 14th International Tour Singapore Premiere
Article Name
Queensland Youth Symphony 14th International Tour Singapore Premiere
The 14th International Tour of the Queensland Youth Symphony premieres in Singapore on Nov 28, 2023, at Esplanade Concert Hall.
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