Little India Deepavali Light-Up 2023 (Video)

Little India Deepavali Light Up 2023
Little India Deepavali Light Up 2023

Visiting Little India Deepavali Light-Up 2023.

Let’s see. The annual Little India Deepavali Light-Up is the … fourth major Singapore ethnic festive illumination each year?

It’s a celebration I’ve been photographing since 2017 and year after year, I look forward to that one (very sweaty) October evening underneath the purple/blue lights and amidst all the sights and sounds, and garlands, of a festive Little India.

It’s just so mesmerising to see that tunnel of festive lights seemingly stretch on forever and forever up Serangoon Road. Whenever I walk through the festive markets or beside the shophouses illuminated by the festive street lights, I also never fail to experience that surreal sensation of momentarily being overseas while still in Singapore.

I really love this light-up, despite not being Hindu.

It’s great to see a “denser” Campbell Lane festive market this year too; not going to go further into that because I’m sure you know why the market has been subdued for three years. Standing underneath the canopy of garlands at the heart of the market will make anyone feel the exuberance and joy of the Festival of Lights right away.

Welcoming the Festival of Lights 2023 at Little India Singapore

Little India Deepavali 2023
This year’s festive gate beside Tekka Market features Lord Krishna and his beloved Radha. The mythology fan in me immediately fell in love with this.
Deepavali in Singapore 2023
A different angle view of the festive gate. By the way, if you’re curious, here’s a terse introduction of Lord Krishna’s relationship with Deepavali. It’s one of the most famous good over evil, light over darkness stories in Hindu mythology.
Little India Deepavali 2023 Chariot
There’s a beautiful horse chariot display right beside the Tekka Market festive gate. I wonder whether this represents Arjuna’s chariot which Lord Krishna famously drove.
Singapore Deepavali 2023
The Deepavali tunnel of lights for 2023. I never tire of seeing this spectacle.
Campbell Lane Deepavali Festival Village 2023
The heart of the Campbell Lane Festival Market for this year. A dense, vibrantly-coloured canopy is formed by all those garlands, decorations, and clothing.
Campbell Lane Deepavali Festive Market 2023
There’s so much colour and glitter through the festive market!
Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple Puja
As usual, Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple was a hub of activity. Puja to the goddess Durga (I think) was being performed when I walked past.
Deepavali Celebrations in Singapore 2023
Just to highlight, there’s another bazaar happening further up Serangoon Road too. Between Burmah Road and Birch Road.
Little India Light-Up 2023
Happy Deepavali/Diwali to all who’s celebrating the Festival of Lights!

Little India Deepavali Light-Up 2023 ends on Dec 3. Check the official site for information on dance performances, workshops, etc.

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Little India Deepavali Light-Up 2023 (Video)
Article Name
Little India Deepavali Light-Up 2023 (Video)
Visiting Little India Deepavali Light-Up 2023 and once again experiencing the joy of the exuberant Festival of Lights.

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