A Spooktacular Dental Hygiene Event by GPlus Dental Center

A Spooktacular Dental Hygiene Event by GPlus Dental Center
A Spooktacular Dental Hygiene Event by GPlus Dental Center

Do you know that October is National Dental Hygiene Month in the United States?

Yup. Other than autumn bounties and wickedly irresistible Halloween sweets, October is all about dental hygiene awareness in the US. Which sounds right since who would want a scary visit to the dentist after a month of feasting? Or should I say, an urgent rush to the dentist after a month of the lack of oral hygiene, while gobbling on too much sweet stuff.

This important message was recently introduced to Singaporean families and children in the form of a colourful Halloween party. Organised by GPlus Dental Center, a full-service dental specialist in Singapore, and aptly named A Spooktacular Dental Hygiene Event, the free-for-all celebration featured one Saturday afternoon of good food, lively music, and, of course, fun, engaging activities with a dental hygiene theme.

For example, in Tooth Detective in Action, young ones get to floss out yucky, seriously-yucky-looking purple plaque from dental mouth models. (The plaques are tiny bits of Play-Doh). The Let’s Go!! Brushing Adventure, on the other hand, uses oversized teeth to demonstrate proper brushing methods.

As a Halloween celebration, there were naturally lots of spooky Halloween-themed food and decorations too. A spirited guitar performance by guitarist and singer Carlos Sendros ensured that there were no dull moments for parents while the kiddies enjoyed themselves.

Spooktacular Dental Hygiene Event
A Spooktacular Dental Hygiene Event was held on Oct 7 at the event hall of Camden Medical Centre. GPlus Dental Center, the host, operates a full-service clinic in the same building.
GPlus Dental Center Halloween Party 2023
GPlus went to great lengths to provide a full Halloween party experience for all. Other than fun decorations and fantastic lucky draw prizes, there were costumes for kiddies to wear and even a dance instructor to lead children in singalongs.
Gtingotts Wizarding Bank Collectors' Edition
The top prize for the lucky draw was the Collectors’ Edition of Gringotts Wizarding Bank, worth nearly seven hundred dollars. I envy the winner of this!
Dental Hygiene Event for Children
These Play-Doh-ed dental models caught my attention the moment I entered the party. Don’t you agree they are the perfect adornment for a spooky Halloween party?
Halloween Themed Food Singapore
What’s a Halloween party without suitably themed food? I think everyone loved the Goblin Muffins and Gory Eyeball dessert. (Lychees really are perfect for making eyeballs, aren’t they?)
Carlos Sendros Guitar Performance
As mentioned, the clinic arranged for guitarist Carlos Sendros to provide live music entertainment. His dreamy licks and strums were certainly the perfect fiesta accompaniment for the party.

You might have noticed a strong Latin American flavour to the party, be it the food or choice of entertainment. According to Dr. James Ho, founder of GPlus Dental Center, this spooktacular event originated as an intended gathering for Spanish friends of the clinic but very quickly blossomed into a dental hygiene Halloween party.

A leading dental specialist who also practices in the United States, Dr. Ho wishes to use the event to encourage consistent oral care. With over two decades of dentistry experience across the United States and Singapore, Dr. Ho also strongly believes that it is the duty of a physician to cultivate awareness of the importance of preventive care, and not just attend to emergencies when patients come rushing to them in pain.

Said Dr. Ho: “Today marks the inception of our ‘GPlus Cares!’ dental care series. In our endeavour to transform dental education into an engaging experience, we designed this event to bring smiles to families’ faces! Our vision is for family members to support and remind one another of the importance of oral health, placing it on par with overall well-being. This is what can be done at an individual or family level. Our aim is to provide education for all through interactive and enjoyable means. GPlus Dental supports all patients by providing a full range of dental services in our Practice. It’s our privilege to help lay the foundation for comprehensive dentistry at an individual, family and clinic level.”

After flossing out all those nasty Play-Doh plaque, I’ll sure the kiddies fully appreciate the importance of Dr.Ho’s message.

Dr. James Ho | GPlus Dental Center Founder
The founder of GPlus Dental Center, Dr. James Ho. Dr. Ho holds both a Doctor of Dental Medicine (D.M.D.) and a Master of Public Health (M.P.H.) degree. He is also one of the select dental professionals in Asia certified to administer the minimally invasive Pinhole Surgery Technique.
Singapore Dental Hygiene Awareness Event
Demonstrating the proper way to brush with oversized, ever so slightly macabre dental models.
Dr. James Ho Dentist
Dr. Ho the Wizard demonstrating the correct way to use a tongue scraper.
Halloween Party Decoration Singapore
The awesome centerpiece of the buffet table makes for a great photo backdrop. Look at all those creepily cute pumpkins.
Piñata Game in Singapore
There was a Piñata session! Probably because the toothy Piñatas were very properly cared for, it took a lot, a lot of tries to break them.
GPlus Dental Center Halloween Party Singalong
There was an adorable singalong session too.
GPlus Dental Center iTero Digital Scanner Demostration
Dr. Ho demonstrating the iTero digital scanner which comes with a built-in AI algorithm.

About the iTero digital scanner: It can swiftly perform a 3D scan and assist with how a Patient’s teeth can look like if they were lined up straight in the mouth. This flexible scan procedure is a powerful tool for Doctors to communicate with Patients.


Being fast and easy, an intraoral scan provides the ability to model the Patient’s teeth. Thus, Patients can see a model of their expected outcome when undertaking a teeth-straightening plan, such as Invisalign treatment. Dr. Ho is a Platinum Elite Provider in Invisalign.

GPlus Dental Center Singapore
Just to highlight, GPLus Dental Center is a full-service dental clinic with over 30 years of experience, devoted to helping patients discover their smiles too. Appointments with their specialists can be arranged via their website.
Happy children and parents after the wonderful Halloween party.
Happy Halloween 2023
It was a happy, yummy, and fun afternoon for all! Happy Halloween 2023!

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A Spooktacular Dental Hygiene Event by GPlus Dental Center
Article Name
A Spooktacular Dental Hygiene Event by GPlus Dental Center
October is all about Halloween and dental hygiene. GPlus Dental Center celebrates both traditions with a Spooktacular Dental Hygiene Halloween Party.

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