Casa Vostra Launches Weekend Pop-Up at Ann Siang Hill

Casa Vostra Weekend Pop-Up at Ann Siang Hill
Dinner party featuring Casa Vostra’s Newpolitan® and DoubleCrunch® pizzas, and homemade pastas

Following a successful debut with much fanfare and acclaim, Casa Vostra – the ready-to-heat pizza delivery concept by Chef Antonio Miscellaneo and Ebb & Flow Group – is ready to take the venture forward with a pop-up come 4 November onwards.

Taking over a shophouse unit right in the heart of Singapore’s downtown core at Ann Siang Hill, the weekend-only, 2-month-long pop-up is exactly what one would expect – a casual joint where fans both old and new can gather over a shared love for perfected crusts, artisanal pastas, homemade gelato and breezy Italian sips.

Chef Antonio Miscellaneo
Chef Antonio Miscellaneo

The Passionate Pizzaiolo Behind the Casa

For the true pizza enthusiasts, just a mention of Chef Antonio Miscellaneo is enough to conjure a visual of char-spotted puffy crusts, and the memory of a perfect crunch and chew. In a decision spurred by an obsession with pizza making and love for feeding people, the former programmer made the plunge into F&B when he started his private dining concept, Casa Nostra back in 2019. Since then, he has continued to uphold acclaim with his wildly popular “Newpolitan®” pizzas that has – at one point – amassed a year-long wait list that eventually paved the opening of La Bottega Enoteca, a full-fledged rustic Italian bistro in late 2021.

With the moving of operations from home to restaurant, it was his kids who had been missing homemade pizzas that posed the challenge of creating pizzas that are perfect for delivery. The idea was then put to motion when he discussed plans with Lim Kian Chun, Co-Founder & CEO of Ebb & Flow Group who happened to be an ardent fan since Miscellaneo’s private dining beginnings.

Casa Vostra Pizza
Genovese DoubleCrunch®, Tartufata Newpolitan® and Proscuitto Funghi Newpolitan®.

Casa Vostra at Ann Siang: A Central Hot Spot for Pizzas

After months of research and development, Casa Vostra was launched earlier in March 2023 in partnership with Ebb & Flow Group. Conceived as a delivery-only concept, its naming translates to “Your Home” as a callback to Casa Nostra with ready-to-heat gourmet Italian cuisine to ombat common issues associated with food delivery.

Primarily centred around his trademarked Newpolitan® and DoubleCrunch® pizzas which propelled him to foodie fame, Chef Miscellaneo created delivery versions that have been adjusted and perfected for enjoyment at home. Instead of typical take-out pizzas that degrade in texture and freshness once stuffed in a box, the key to Casa Vostra’s lauded pizzas is a second bake of just 5 minutes in any home oven to achieve restaurant quality slices.

Now with a loyal following of its own demanding a physical space, coupled with Chef’s wishes to connect with customers face-to-face, the partnership is ready for its next phase. Intended as an incubation project for bigger plans and to give Chef an outlet to express his creative whims, Casa Vostra will be holding a 2-month pop-up starting 4 November till the end of 2023.

Transforming the shophouse into a vibrant Italian bistro on the weekends, the pop-up will be where fans can now enjoy Chef Antonio’s lauded pizzas served a-la-minute, alongside homemade Italian pastas, gelato and sips. Not forgetting the original idea, diners can also cop ready-to-heat variants or shop a curation of Chef’s favourite Italian gourmet goods that include D-I-Y pizza hits, sauces, house-cured meats, artisanal pastas, wines and other imported necessities for cosy italian meals at one’s Casa.

Fresh Out of the Oven: Newpolitan & Doublecrunch Pizzas

Fronting the menu is Casa Vostra’s “Newpolitan®pizzas – an interpretation of traditional Neapolitan styles with a signature dough made from select Italian white and brown flours. Hailed for its crisp, airy and melt-in-your-mouth characteristics as a result of over 48 hours of fermentation, fans can expect a repertoire of classic toppings be it the Prosciutto e Funghi that layers prosciutto cuts flown in from Italy, bold shavings of Parmigiano Reggiano DOP, and button mushrooms on a fior di latte base; Tartufata for an ultimate expression of wild mushrooms and aromatic truffle; or Margherita for a quintessential slice of simplicity. Exclusive to the pop-up is Sausage & Onion that lays succulent sausages, onions and a touch of fresh basil atop a creamy fior di latte smothered San Marzano DOP base.

Just as its name promises, Casa Vostra’s DoubleCrunch® section spotlights two pizza-sandwich hybrids made to give crust lovers twice the crunch. Adopting similar methods but with a higher hydration that allows for a stretchier dough, the pizza pastry is baked till brown and crunchy on the outside, delightfully bubbly and chewy on the inside. Choices include Genovese that scatters basil pesto, a mix of three cheeses, prosciutto, pistachio bits and a finishing lift of lemon zest; and the pop-up exclusive Smoked Salmon, Burrata & Rocket for a coastal inspired alternative.


In a bid to encourage exploration and cater to single diners, all pizzas at the pop-up are served in quarters so customers can assemble a busy table of different slices.

Casa Vostra Pasta and Gelato
Aglio Olio and Vongole (pastas), Strawberry and Bacio (gelato).

Authentic From Scratch: Homemade Pastas & Gelato

The pop-up will also include Casa Vostra’s artisanal pastas that are crafted entirely in-house using 100% semolina flour. Encapsulating diverse regions of Italy into familiar choices, highlights include Cacio e Pepe for a simple yet satisfying toss of pecorino and pepper chips and Ragù di Salsiccia – curlicue shaped gramigna sauced in a rich sausage ragu with finishing shreds of parmesan. Seafood lovers can go for Vongole (pop-up exclusive) with briny and garlicky juices of fresh clams and a hint of chilli.

Ending things on a sweet note, on offer will be three gelato flavours that are made in line with Chef Antonio’s homemade dedication. Emphasising the use of 100% natural ingredients with no artificial additives or emulsifiers to let innate flavours shine, choices include Strawberry for a fruity, dairy-free palate refresher, Bacio (chocolate hazelnut) for a classic Italian indulgence, and Stracciatella (pop-up exclusive) featuring shavings of dark chocolate in a creamy fior di latte base.

Clinks & Spritz: Drinks at the Casa

Rounding up the Italian experience is a concise menu of beverages to pair slices and twirls. Options include Ballini – a fun take on the classic Bellini, naturally flavoured with icy Raspberry or Peach puree balls – and Aperol Spritz to quench lazy weekends. Not forgetting Italian wines, drinkers can explore reds and whites from various regions that cover the range from easy-drinking to full-bodied expressions. In partnership with Aperol – Italy’s beloved bittersweet Aperitif – patrons are welcomed to celebrate Casa Vostra’s official pop-up launch party on Nov 4, 2023 with 1-for-1 Aperol Spritzes served via a cart, with hard-to-miss orange decor and fittings for photo opportunities.

Event Details

The Casa Vostra Pop-Up will be open across Nov 4 to Dec 31, 2023, with Friday to Sunday-only opening hours from 11 am – 10 pm. Seats are ushered on a first-come, first-serve basis for walk-in customers to order its repertoire of signature pizzas, housemade pastas and gelato. Those wishing to recreate the Casa Vostra magic at home can also pick-up a selection of ready-to-heat pizzas, alongside Italian cuisine supplies including D-I-Y pizza kits, house-cured meats and imported gourmet goods at the retail section.

For the latest happenings and updates, do follow Casa Vostra’s official Instagram at

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Casa Vostra Launches Weekend Pop-Up at Ann Siang Hill
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Casa Vostra Launches Weekend Pop-Up at Ann Siang Hill
The Casa Vostra weekend pop-up at Ann Siang Hill features an expanded repertoire of gourmet Italian favourites with a twist by Chef Antonio Miscellaneo.

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