Trying Impossible™ Chicken Nuggets at Pigsfly Kitchen & Bar

Trying Impossible™ Chicken Nuggets
Trying Impossible™ Chicken Nuggets

Let me see … I first tried plant-based meat in August 2019.

I can’t recall whether it was, what’s the description, meat substitute made by Impossible Foods. What I remember is: I went out for comfort food after uploading my toughest Electone arrangement ever. I ended up at Swensen’s Junction 8 and there was an Impossible Burger promotion—hey, maybe it was by Impossible Foods after all.

Always keen to try new stuff, I ordered the promo right away. I then spent half an hour eating; most of the time, distracted by my faltering upload views. I completely forgot I was eating plant-based meat till the manager came and asked me about it.

This incredible taste experience didn’t quite transform me overnight into a big meat substitute fan, though, just to be clear. That said, ever since, I wouldn’t hesitate to order something made with Impossible meat or other plant-based meat substitutes as long as I like the dish. To me, it’s as good as real meat, as far as taste and texture are concerned.

And so I didn’t head to the restaurant with a magnifying glass for believability when invited to try Impossible Food’s fan-favorite Impossible™ Chicken Nuggets; I knew the nuggets would be great. I was there to see how good it gets, whether they could actually be better than “real nuggets.” What led to nearly 3-to-1 participants in a Texan blind taste test preferring these plant-based nuggets over animal chicken nuggets as well.

It nearly happened again! I didn’t forget what I was eating but it was so easy to—like I told the staff, you could have fooled me into thinking I was eating chicken. And yup, I now understand why that American taste test yielded such astonishing results.

How to put it? The nuggets were just … very well made? Perfectly breaded, fresh tasting, full of meaty texture and juice too. Of course, the great preparation by the chef of the tasting venue has something to do with it but outside of that, I think the nuggets themselves were still awesome to begin with. Likely, easy for anyone to refry too if buying from supermarkets.

Summary: I could eat a whole basket of these nuggets as a meal anytime.

Impossibly Tasty Impossible Chicken Nuggets (sorry to be corny …)

Pigsfly Kitchen & Bar | Craft Beer Restaurant in Singapore
The tasting was at Pigsfly Kitchen & Bar at 19 East Coast Road, a cool casual dining restaurant with alfresco and indoor seats, craft beer, and very friendly staff.
Plant-Based Nuggets in Singapore
The star of the evening: Plant-based nuggets that taste as good as, if not better than actual chicken nuggets.
Impossible Nuggets in Singapore
Okay, slightly unsightly pic but it’s to show Impossible nuggets look like real chicken nuggets too. They don’t have weird mushy parts or mysterious bits either. They simply taste like well-prepared chicken nuggets with a golden crispy outer layer.

If you’re interested to know, each Impossible Chicken Nuggetserving delivers 8-12 grams protein as well as no cholesterol and 50 – 65 percent less saturated fat compared to animal counterparts. As is well-known, plant-based meats also create less environmental impact, which environmentally conscious consumers have been cheering for.

As for Pigsfly Kitchen & Bar, they are one of eleven that have added Impossible Chicken Nuggets to their menus. Some of the other establishments are Peacock North Indian Restaurant, Singing Bowl Wellness Cafe, OMD Café, and Enchanted Cafe.


Pigsfly American Classic Impossible Burger
I didn’t just feast on crispy nuggets. I tried Pigsfly’s American Classic Impossible Burger too. This is made with a thick Impossible Parry with Smoked Cheddar, Horseradish Aioli, etc.
Impossible Patty
Like the nuggets, Impossible patties are full of meaty taste and texture. I honestly don’t think there is any real taste difference from animal meat when prepared by a good cook.
Pigsfly Kitchen & Bar @ East Coast Road
Coming back to Pigsfly’s Kitchen and Bar, this cool eatery at East Coast Road has great ambience and is lovely for a drink or casual dining. They serve craft beer from Singapore and Australia, and European ciders too.

Impossible Chicken Nuggets can be conveniently enjoyed at home too! They are now selling in Singaporean supermarkets and online at leading retailers including NTUC FairPrice, Giant, and RedMart.

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Trying Impossible™ Chicken Nuggets at Pigsfly Kitchen & Bar
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Trying Impossible™ Chicken Nuggets at Pigsfly Kitchen & Bar
Impossible™ Chicken Nuggets are now available in Singaporean restaurants and stores. You might love them more than actual chicken nuggets too.

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