Chrysanthemum Charm 2023 | Gardens by the Bay (Video)

Chrysanthemum Charm 2023 | Gardens by the Bay
Chrysanthemum Charm 2023 | Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome Show

Quick post. Because, and it’s happening way too often of late, the following pics have been sitting on my comp for over a week. (Sigh)

Chrysanthemum Charm is the latest, “autumn” floral show at Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome. To be honest, I didn’t pay a lot of attention to it because, erm, Chrysanthemums? Gek Huay? Very common in Singapore, right? One of the blooms you can’t avoid seeing at our markets and florists.

Well, the autumn bloom of Chinese culture being common in Singapore doesn’t mean it’s not gorgeous to look at, especially when there are so many varieties on show. Like many of the flower domes exhibitions over the last two years, Gardens also took the effort to infuse everything with exotic, cultural colours, the country in focus this time being Mongolia.

It’s interesting, you know. Upon entering the exhibition, I realised just how little I know about Mongolia despite always reading about (medieval) Mongolian culture in Wuxia books. I mean, I know about Genghis Khan, of course. About yurts and Airag too. But beyond that, I have absolutely no knowledge. I didn’t even know yurts are called gers in Mongolia—a fact something that I learned at Chrysanthemum Charm.

It’s great for Gardens by the Bay to regularly host such beautiful and informative floral shows.

Taken with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5

Just to highlight, the following pictures were all taken with the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5. The same goes for the video right at the end.

These pictures are also meant to support my upcoming Fold5 content creation review. So other than resizing and adding watermarks, all are unenhanced.

Let me just say, the Fold5 camera quality has me cheering. Samsung’s latest flagship folding phone is stylish and pricey but it is also way more than just a fashion accessory. Not an exaggeration for me to say, the Fold5 is definitely a 2023 winner as far as smartphone camera capabilities are concerned.

Chrysanthemum Charm 2023 – Inspired by the Steppes of Mongolia

Gardens by the Bay Chrysanthemum Charm
The entrance showpieces. That Chrysanthemum floral wall is amazing!
Quill Type Chrysanthemum
There were over 80 varieties of Chrysanthemums on display and this is my favourite. According to GBTB’s website, this is a quill type. (BTW, this is the Fold5 camera on 3x zoom)
Gardens by the Bay Chrysanthemum Show
I love this white anemone variant too. As you can see, the Fold5 also did an incredible job with this shot.
Mongolian Cultural Exhibition at Gardens by the Bay
Horses and horse-riding are inseparable from grassland culture. And so there are, of course, horsey displays.
Homage to Jebe?
Do you know what this instantly reminded me of? Jebe! (哲别 | Zhe Bie) One of Guo Jing’s Mongolian teachers!
Chrysanthemum Charm 2023 Mongolian Ger
Mongolian ger centerpiece. For some, these might not feel to be the real thing. But I’ve never stepped into any and so I appreciate the opportunity to examine even a miniature one.
Mongolian Cultural Exhibit | Flower Dome
Cultural artifacts within one of the gers.
Traditional Mongolian Attire at Gardens by the Bay
Traditional Mongolian attire. I noticed right away that there are strong similarities to Manchu, i.e., Qing Dynasty imperial fashion.
Orkhon Waterfall Landscape
This misty landscape is one of the showpieces of Chrysanthemum Charm 2023. It’s inspired by the Orkhon Waterfall of Central Mongolia.
Mongolian Goat Cashmere
Okay, I didn’t know this either till visiting the exhibition. Goat cashmere is an important, sustainable export of Mongolia, renowned for its outstanding quality.

Yeo’s Drinkable Garden

Going by official literature, I don’t think this is part of Chrysanthemum Charm 2023.Seems to me it’s a partnering exhibition of sorts.

Good timing and concept, though. I mean, how many Singaporeans wouldn’t know about Yeo’s Chrysanthemum tea? (A staple during community events too …) Frankly, if you ask me about Yeo’s beverages, their gek huay tea is the first one I’d name.

Yeo's Drinkable Garden
The entrance sign to the mini world of Yeo’s goodness.
Yeo's Drinkable Garden Display
The showpiece Chrysanthemum tower of the Drinkable Garden. It’s beautiful. It immediately reminded me of the drink too.
Yeo's Lee Kuan Yew Commemorative Drink
The, erm, well … Not to add to the criticism but I felt Yeo’s shouldn’t have done this; the move just invites so much distaste even if it’s not illegal. Anyway, for this exhibition, their classic Chrysanthemum tea pak would have been famous enough.

Orchid Extravaganza 2023 ends on Nov 13, 2023. Admission fees to the Flower Dome apply. The dome is open from 9 am to 9 pm, with last entry at 8.30.

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Chrysanthemum Charm 2023 | Gardens by the Bay (Video)
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Chrysanthemum Charm 2023 | Gardens by the Bay (Video)
Visiting Chrysanthemum Charm at Gardens by the Bay. Other than the gorgeous autumn blooms, this floral show celebrates Mongolian culture.

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