Trident Air Redefines Indoor Air Quality with Teo Heng Family KTV and Livingstone Health Collaborations

You wouldn’t have escaped it even if you’ve been hiding indoors since Friday. The HAZE is back! With a fiery vengeance too going by the temperature on Saturday! But don’t panic. A high-tech collaboration between three industry leaders promises cleaner, healthier indoor entertainment space that you can take refuge in.

Trident Air, an advanced line of medical-grade air purification and sanitising devices developed by Plasma Science in collaboration with the Agency for Science, Technology, and Research (A*STAR), has forged transformative partnerships with Teo Heng Family KTV and Livingstone Health Holdings Limited. These synergies signify an innovative and progressive leap towards cleaner and healthier indoor spaces, underlining its commitment to innovative air quality solutions.

A Breath of Fresh Air for Singapore

Employing a pioneering air treatment system engineered for virus eradication, both Livingstone Health and Teo Heng Family KTV have taken progressive strides to elevate industry indoor air quality in partnership with Trident.

Since April 2022, Teo Heng Family KTV has successfully expanded to 5 outlets, with plans to expand its 6th soon. At the heart of this expansion are 200 Trident Square and Mini units, strategically positioned in each outlet to meticulously sanitise every nook and cranny of the rooms after each use. These forward-thinking measures have played a pivotal role in Teo Heng Family KTV’s pandemic-safe operations and accelerated growth.

Livingstone Health is setting a new healthcare standard along with their Family Medical Arm, Phoenix Medical Group by adopting cutting-edge indoor air quality technology, ushering in a healthier nation through the implementation of the purifier’s science and proprietary ‘Safe Air Dome’ Technology. It boasts an impressive 99.99% efficacy against various airborne threats and is now operational in all branches and the head office, reinforcing its commitment to healthcare excellence.

Trident Mini in Teo Heng KTV Family Karaoke Room
Trident Mini in Teo Heng KTV Family Karaoke Room.

Plasma Science’s Vision and Trident’s Technological Advancements

“At Plasma Science, we envision a world where indoor environments not only ensure safety but also nurture happiness and well-being. Our technology empowers businesses to navigate the challenges of our era, turning indoor spaces into bastions of security and comfort.” shared Samuel Teh, Co-Founder of Plasma Science.

Partnering with local IOT startup Solutions-16, Trident’s latest industrial model, Trident Square now boasts advanced IoT capabilities, empowering users with remote Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitoring across all units in every outlet from a user-friendly mobile app and dashboard display. This includes real-time monitoring of crucial metrics such as Particulate Matter 2.5 (PM2.5) and Total Volatile Organic

Compounds (TVOC). What sets Trident apart is its use of eco-friendly Calibrated Advanced Graphene Electrostatic plates, a washable and high-efficiency filter system, eliminating the recurring cost of disposable HEPA filter replacements while adhering to the principles of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

Each unit significantly improves airflow by an impressive 40 percent, surpassing industry standards. This translates into a remarkable reduction in viral load, with up to 99.8 percent decrease within just 15 to 30 minutes. The technology is a formidable adversary against a broad spectrum of airborne threats, including Hand Foot Mouth Disease (HFMD), Coronavirus, hospital-acquired pathogens such as Klebsiella pneumoniae and Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), TVOC, and Formaldehyde (HCHO), effectively creating an indoor environment into a ‘low-risk transmission zone’.

Ms. Jean Teo, Managing Director at Teo Heng Family KTV, states, “Trident has not only protected our patrons but has allowed them to enjoy moments of togetherness without worry. It’s a game-changer for the entertainment industry.”

Trident Air and Teoheng Family KTV
From Left: Dr. Davy Cheong, Co-Founder of Plasma Science, Ms. Jean Teo, Managing Director of Teo Heng Family KTV and Dr. Ivan Tan, Co-Founder of Plasma Science.

Dr Chua Hshan Cher, Medical Director of Phoenix Medical Group and Deputy CEO of Livingstone Health shares, “Our duty of care extends to our patients the moment they step into our clinics, and this includes minimising the risk of infectious disease transmission between patients through infected aerosol droplets. We are now wholly confident of achieving this aim. This has become even more important to us in this post-Covid era having navigated the difficult challenges of the Covid years.”

Trident Air and Phoenix Medical Group Collaboration
From Left: Mr. Jordan Chan, Chief Engineer of Plasma Science, Dr. Ivan Tan, Co-Founder of Plasma Science, Dr. Chua Hshan Cher, Medical Director of Phoenix Medical Group and Deputy CEO of Livingstone Health, Mr. Samuel Teh, Co-Founder of Plasma Science and Dr. Davy Cheong, Co-Founder of Plasma Science.

Trident’s impact extends beyond its partnerships. Ren Ci Hospital, SMRT, Sing Lun Holdings Limited, Istana and Temasek Holdings have implemented and tested Trident’s capabilities. The Trident team is currently collaborating with partners like StarHub’s Enterprise Solutions Group and Changi Airport Group to create clean and safe environments for all stakeholders.

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Trident Air Collaborates with Teo Heng Family KTV and Livingstone Health to Create Healthier Indoor spaces
Article Name
Trident Air Collaborates with Teo Heng Family KTV and Livingstone Health to Create Healthier Indoor spaces
A new collaboration between Trident Air, Teo Heng Family KTV, and Livingstone Health promises healthier indoor spaces.
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