A Yummylicious Afternoon at World Food Fair 2023

Are you looking for a yummylicious event to spend this final Sep 2023 weekend at? If so, head over to Singapore EXPO Hall 5 where World Food Fair 2023 is happening till Oct 1!

There are some 200 exhibitors showcasing an astonishing variety of food ingredients, snacks, health food, beverages, cooking utensils, and more. There is also a long food street featuring oh-so-yummy street food from across Southeast and East Asia.

Bargains are incredible too, with daily 3 PM 50-cents deals being the star highlight. Outside of those outrageous 50-cents deals, many exhibitors are also offering attractive offers beginning from SGD 1/- or up to 50 percent off.

Again, this is the food fest to head to this weekend if you’re hungry for some culinary indulgence. With so much to feast on, remember to also head to Singapore EXPO too on a very empty stomach and be ready to at least three hours there.

Exploring the Flavours of the World Under One Roof

I visited on Sep 28, i.e., opening day and I was soooo reluctant to leave at evening time. But I had to. I was stuffed from eating so much great food and I was carrying six bags of purchases. (I should have brought along one of those shopping bags with wheels!)

18th World Food Fair at Singapore EXPO Hall 5
About two-thirds of World Food Fair 2023 is devoted to the sale of food ingredients, beverages, snacks, and so on. You can shop to your heart’s content then head over to the food street to recharge.
Dried Hokkaido Scallops by Wing Joo Loong
This caught my attention right away. These Dried Hokkaido Scallops by Wing Joo Loong (Booth D11) are going at a better price and quantity than even those I’ve seen in Japan.
Dodo Fish Nuggets
There were lots of frozen foodstuffs. Such as these easy-to-prepare Fish Nuggets by Singapore’s very own DoDo brand (Booth G01). These are going at 2 for SGD 9.50, BTW.
This Hong Kong stall also has a vast variety of exotic hai wei (海味), or dried seafood, on sale. One of my relatives went to the fair especially to buy from them.
Roselle Buds and Flower Tea at 18th World Food Fair
I bought some Roselle Buds. They are great for, ahem, managing blood pressure.
Health Food at World Food Fair 2023
There was quite a variety of health products on sale too. I bought GoodMorning Global’s GSure (Booth C07) for my mum because I read that the multigrain beverage is great for elderly people.
Japan Milk & Dairy Products
Lots of visitors were eager to try the Japanese milk products at this booth.
Royal British Cookies (Singapore)
Royal British Cookies (Booth C19) has a great range of cookies and snacks, including Japanese oat cookies, on sale at fantastic prices. They are perfect for my midnight Netflix bingeing!
Skinnie Biscotti | The Cookies Factory
I bought some Skinnie Biscotti from The Cookies Factory too. (Booth A15. 5 packs for SGD 14/-. SGD 3/- per pack) These 0 trans-fat crispy biscuits will be great with my morning coffee.

Check out my previous post for more information on the superb deals available at World Food Fest 2023!

An Indoor Food Street With Ample Seating and Great Prices

I’m not making it up when I call it a food street. Cooked food stalls run the entire breadth of Expo Hall 5, with tables and seats in between.
Cooked Food at World Food Fair 2023
You’d be spoilt for choice by the variety of yummy street food on sale. Most, by the way, are very affordable too. A whole Grilled Squid with Roe is SGD 10/-/. A Moo Ping Skewer is SGD 2/-. One bowl of awesome Assam Laksa is SGD 5/- while Taiwanese chicken cutlets and chops are SGD 5 – 7/-.
House of Seafood gets the prize for the most eye-catching booth design.
I love how some stores decorated their storefronts with light bulbs. It created that night market feel.
World Food Fair 2023 Food Market
Definitely feels like a mini night market, yes?
Ajmir Briyani in Singapore
Ajmir Briyani from India offers some of the best cooked food specials in the fair. SGD 8/- for a Chicken Biryani. SGD 10/- for a Dum Biryani. The former is cheaper than the coffee shop stall near my home.
Stinky Mao Shan Wang Ice Cream
If you love durians, rejoice! Singapore’s favourite fruit is well-represented, even though the actual fruit doesn’t make appearances …

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A Yummylicious Afternoon at World Food Fair 2023
World Food Fair 2023 features over 200 exhibitors. There is a long food street featuring culinary delights from Southeast and East Asia.

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