Gardens by the Bay Mid-Autumn Festival 2023 (Video)

Gardens by the Bay Mid-Autumn Festival 2023
Gardens by the Bay Mid-Autumn Festival 2023

My fourth Mid-Autumn festive post for 2023 and it’s, of course, about the light-up and celebration over at Gardens by the Bay.

This was the Zhongqiu event that I looked forward to most this year. While I knew there wouldn’t be as many lantern displays as the one at Jurong Lake Gardens and there are also no street lights, what’s displayed at Gardens is always superbly crafted. In recent years, many displays also exuded a certain cosmopolitan flavour that was attractive to me.

I wasn’t disappointed! This year’s edition is one of the best ever too! It was absolutely magical strolling between the illuminated peach blossoms trees at the entrance. The mini gallery of Lanna lanterns leading to the Supertree Grove was also one of the most mesmerising attractions I’ve experienced this year, while the illuminated pavilion amidst the Supertrees looks like something right out of a Xianxia movie.

And then there’s the huge Magpie Bridge floating showpiece at the Dragonfly Lake. I’ve checked. The last time there was such a huge floating lantern was four years ago in 2019, i.e., before the pandemic.

It’s truly great, isn’t it? Yet another indication that we’ve put the worst behind us. One thing puzzled me, though. Why did Gardens by the Bay opt to feature the story of The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl (what Magpie Bridge is inspired by) for a Mid-Autumn event? That’s a classic Chinese folktale associated with the seventh month. Not the Mid-Autumn month of the eighth.

I suppose … it’s for the sake of variety—it can’t always be the myth of Chang’e year after year. Relationship with the Mid-Autumn Festival aside, Magpie Bridge is truly stunning to look at. It is beautiful and poignant at the same time. Under the moonlight, you can feel every bit of the tragic story that inspired this masterpiece.

Garden of Blooms – Welcoming Mid-Autumn Festival 2023 at Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay Garden of Blooms
A lovely, illuminated Chinese moon gate leads to the eponymous Garden of Blooms. Viewed at the right spot, what’s beyond the gate resembles a fantasy world.
Gardens by the Bay Mid-Autumn 2023
These rabbits look as if they are praying to the mooncake. (Laugh)
Gardens of Blooms 2023 | Gardens by the Bay
The lovely, oh-so-lovely peach blossom passageway beyond the moon gate. Like I mentioned earlier, walking between these “trees” is a magical experience.
The Butterfly Lovers Photo Spot
According to the official website, this butterfly photo spot is inspired by the classic story of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai, i.e., the Butterfly Lovers.
Colonnade of Lights 2023
Colonnade of Lights is a signature feature of Gardens by the Bay’s Mid-Autumn celebrations and I’ve photographed it many times. However, this year’s version feels exceptionally beautiful.
Traditional Lanna Lanterns at Gardens by the Bay
Hundreds of traditional Lanna lanterns adorn the gateway leading to the Supertree Grove. Aren’t they exquisite and picture-perfect? It’s like walking underneath a rainbow bridge.
Blooming in Dance
Blooming in Dance showcases the importance of dance in Korean culture. I believe this is the third or fourth time that Gardens by the Bay featured Korean elements in Mid-Autumn celebrations.
Mid-Autumn Celebration at Gardens by the Bay
The magnificent illuminated pavilion that everybody wanted a picture with. I think the best part of this display is that it even comes with a bridge and lotus pond.
Our Secret Garden by ART:DIS Digital Art Program
One of the five quirky and adorable animals created by students of the ART:DIS Digital Art program for Our Secret Garden. The kiddies absolutely love these creations and everyone wanted pictures with them.
Colourful Blossoms
The gorgeous Colourful Blossoms arch features over 20 types of peonies. It was inspired by the Chinese phrase huacuan jinju, which means “a colourful and prosperous scene.”
Magpie Bridge | Gardens by the Bay
Magpie Bridge, the amazing floating centrepiece at the Dragonfly Lake. My favourite display at this year’s GBTB Mid-Autumn celebration too.

Mid-Autumn Festival 2023 – Garden of Blooms ends on Oct 1. The displays are illuminated from 6 pm to 10 pm.

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Gardens by the Bay Mid-Autumn Festival 2023
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Gardens by the Bay Mid-Autumn Festival 2023

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