Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival Light-Up 2023 (Video)

According to the official website, this year’s Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival light-up uses a three-part story to explore the themes of unity and togetherness. The story begins with the myth of Chang’e and ends with a family celebrating Zhongqiu Jie under the moonlight.

The story was completely lost on me, though, when I visited Chinatown on Monday. You see, I started my walk at Chinatown Point, i.e., opposite the centrepiece. The “story,” on the other hand, begins at the opposite end of the festive area.

The story to me is thus: A (blur) family celebrates Mid-Autumn under the moonlight. Meanwhile, sneaky rabbits smuggle mooncakes and lanterns out of their home. After enjoying some the best of the loot, the rabbits offered the unwanted reminder to a (none-the-wiser) Chang’e.

… …

I’m not kidding! The moral of the tale: Always read the official page before visiting a festive light-up! You don’t want to enjoy displays in the wrong order!

Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival Light-Up 2023 – A Journey of Love and Celebration

Singapore Chinatown Mid-Autumn 2023
Here’s the centrepiece, titled, I think, as “A Time for Families to Come Together.” It’s very red! Quite unusual in shape too. (Is it a pomelo?)
Chinatown Mid-Autumn Centrepiece 2023
Okay. Viewed this way, the centrepiece gave me the impression of an alien family arriving in a fruity space vessel. I … like it!
One of the many, many frolicking rabbits adorning Eu Tong Sen Street and New Bridge Road.
Singapore Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival 2023
Here’s another one. Looking like some sort of, erm, moon deity? No wait, he’s pretending to be Chang’e!
There are rabbits above the streets too, with the message of hejia tuanyuan, or “family reunion.”
White Rabbit Candy Lantern Display
Over at Chinatown Point, the White Rabbit poses for photos! (What a brilliant marketing move on the part of this beloved candy)
Singapore Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival 2023
Them rabbits are all over South Bridge Road too. But the message here is huahao yueyuan, or “beautiful flower, round moon.”

The festive light-up ends on Oct 14, 2023, and begins at 7 pm each day. Mid-Autumn is on Sep 29.

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Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival Light-Up 2023
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Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival Light-Up 2023
Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival Light-Up 2023 invites all to celebrate unity, togetherness, and the adorable company of feisty rabbits.
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