Lights by the Lake 2023 | Jurong Lake Gardens (Video)

Lights by the Lake 2023 brings visitors on a biodiversity and Singaporean architectural heritage tour.

Lights by the Lake 2023 has started! The big Mid-Autumn Festival event for Singaporean Westies, and an event worth traveling all the way to our “lake district” for, the heart of Jurong Lake Gardens is once again adorned with huge lantern landscapes. Like any SG Zhongqiu celebration, there’s a food section and special events too.

There’s also a slight shift in theme. While previous editions focused on world travel, the themes this time round are those of iconic Singaporean landmarks and world biodiversity—yup, there are two distinct sections to the lantern displays. Visitors can enjoy photo opportunities with miniatures of yesteryear SG landmarks, while tigers, whales, and flamingoes are a minute’s walk away.

It’s a cool event. To repeat, well worth heading to Jurong Lake Gardens for. Organised by National Parks, it’s free for all too. If you’re looking for more Mid Festival festivities after enjoying the ones at Chinatown and Gardens by the Bay, this is the light-up to go for.

Echoes of the Lion City – Singapore’s Most Iconic Landmarks from the Previous Century

Before futuristic supertrees and Marina Bay skyscrapers, several buildings symbolised the cultural and historical landscape of Singapore. Regrettably, a good number of these are no longer around.

Echoes of the Lion City pays homage to these landmarks while celebrating Singapore’s transformation into the metropolis it is today. For adults, familiar sights like the long-gone National Library @ Stamford Road will surely bring back many memories too.

Echoes of the Lion City.
The iconic twin pagodas of Chinese Garden. Interestingly, the actual pagodas, shrouded in darkness because of restoration works, are just across the lake.
Jurong Lake Gardens Lanterns 2023
A lantern masterpiece in celebration of our Botanic Gardens. Embarrassingly, it took me a while to recognise the bridge in the background …
Singapore Landmarks That Are No Longer Around
The super-iconic Singapore National Theatre and National Library @ Stamford Road. Both landmarks, regrettably, are no longer around. Demolished for roadworks …
2023 Lights by the Lake
Can you identify these important transportation landmarks of Singapore?
The Merlion | Echoes of the Lion City
The Merlion, Singapore’s most famous “mythological” creature, is featured too, of course.

Wildlife Odyssey – A Mini Illuminated Zoo

Wildlife Odyssey is for the kiddies, and oh boy, did they love it! So many were squealing “tiger!”, “shark!”, as they lumbered past.

Many have impressive vocabulary too. I don’t think I learned the word “flamingo” till in primary school. But every kindergartener at Lights by the Lake seems to know it.

Animal Lanterns at Lights by the Lake 2023
Polar Bear and other animals of the Arctic and South Pole.
Wildlife Odyssey
A rather smug-looking lion, while an ostrich watches in amusement. This diorama represents the savannah, btw.
Mid-Autumn Lanterns at Jurong Lake Gardens
Under the Sea! (A little boy was humming that classic Disney song while I photographed this)

SG Street Food and Other Festivities

Lastly, some pictures of the sizable food tent. It’s beside a stage area.

About the food tent: There’s a clean outdoor sitting area. There are over 10 stalls. There’s also smelly tofu on sale! Stunningly, that pungent stall had the longest queue when I visited.

Some day, I must … force myself to try this incredible Chinese delicacy. Delicate is hardly the description for it, though.

Lights by the Lake 2023 Food Area
The outdoor sitting area. Very breezy and popular.
Jurong Lake Gardens Food Fair
The food selection is reasonable, with a good mix of the traditional and the modern.

Lights by the Lake 2023 ends on Oct 1, 2023.

Other festive celebrations in Singapore.

Lights by the Lake 2023 | Jurong Lake Gardens
Article Name
Lights by the Lake 2023 | Jurong Lake Gardens
Celebrating iconic Singaporean landmarks and world biodiversity at Lights by the Lake 2023, happening at Jurong Lake Gardens till Oct 1, 2023.
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