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PAZZION Café Takashimaya Review
PAZZION Café Takashimaya Review

According to Google Maps and some online reviews, PAZZION Café opened their second outlet at Takashimaya, or Ngee Ann City, thereabout February 2022.

It’s at a golden spot. Alongside one of the main thoroughfares connecting Takashimaya Square and the underpass leading to Wisma Atria. Here’s the funny thing, though. I regularly use this passageway and I’ve walked past the café umpteen times. But it wasn’t until April this year that I “noticed” it.

Noticed, as in I finally realised there’s a café here. Could it be because a third of the unit is devoted to retail space and I somehow kept assuming, after glances, that the whole space is a boutique?

Anyway, I was immediately attracted by the airy, modern layout and since April, I’ve bought muffins from them twice. I didn’t, on the other hand, though about having a meal there as I very wrongly assumed they are a drinks and pastry café. Mainly catering to customers buying shoes from them.

(I’m not familiar with their Jewel outlet, you see …)

Like I said, I was wrong. A friend invited me to dinner at PAZZION Café Taka last week and I was surprised by the variety of food they serve. It took me a while just to go through the menu. Other than six types of Asian-inspired mains, the selection has burgers, pasta, gourmet sandwiches, wraps, very instagrammable desserts, and a wide range of tea and coffee.

The portions are generous too! I made the right decision not to order dessert, so to speak, because I could barely finish my sandwich main. And, mind you, I wanted so much to finish my sandwich because it was great.

The following are the photos that I took that evening. In short, if you’re looking for a cool, relaxing place at the heart of Orchard Road to have a meal, PAZZION Café is a great place to consider. Given the sizes of their portions, I’d say prices are reasonable too.

PAZZION Café Takashimaya Decor
PAZZION describes their café as an “urban rustic haven.” It certainly feels chic and relaxing, with the earthy colour scheme reflective of modern Japanese aesthetics.
Cool Cafe in Orchard Road | PAZZION Café
This cool-looking, modern café is pretty “deep” and with an open kitchen at the back. In other words, it can seat quite a number of diners. But I was told that the café is often packed during mealtimes. Notice how the decor includes playful, vibrant decorations as complementing contrast against the rustic hues too.
PAZZION Shoes at Takashimaya
As mentioned, about a third of the café is retail space for PAZZION shoes and bags. However, this is a café conceptualized with a retail alley. Not the other way around, as I mistakenly assumed.
Iced Hojicha Latte (SGD 7.50)
I had an Iced Hojicha Latte (SGD 7.50) for my nomimono. PAZZION Café uses premium tea powder from Uji for all their matcha and hojicha drinks. I’m sure they truly do for the pronounced, roasty notes of my drink were the same as the hojicha I had in Kyoto.
Triple Cheese Sandwich (SGD 16.00)
My Triple Cheese Sandwich (SGD 16.00) main. Oh, this was really wonderfully prepared! The puffy Brioche was perfectly toasted. The rich spread of Emmental, Cheddar, and Nachos cheese was not at all too strong or salty too, and went well with the bitterness of the arugula.

Overall, I’m satisfied with my sandwich main. All that cheese meant it was also very filling. As mentioned, I nearly couldn’t finish it.

If any, my only “complaint” is that I couldn’t really taste the Emmental, it was mostly Cheddar that stood out. If I order this again, I might ask for lesser Cheddar (and Nacho) cheese in the spread.

PAZZION Café Takashimaya Muffins
PAZZION Café muffins. I’ve bought the Chocolate Cranberry one before and I would prefer it to be sightly sweeter. But that’s just me being unhealthy.
PAZZION Café Kombucha and Macaron
I didn’t try any of these but since I enjoyed PAZZION’s hojicha, I’ll grab a bottle of their locally brewed Kombucha the next time I pass by. A macaron to go with that wouldn’t be a bad idea either.
PAZZION Café Takashimaya Mains
Lastly, a look at the mains of the café. I’ll probably try the Braised Beef Cheeks (SGD 28.00) the next time I visit. It’s a chef’s recommendation and I was told it’s one of the café’s best dishes. I look forward to trying it!

PAZZION Café Takashimaya is at: 391 Orchard Rd, Ngee Ann City, #B1-39/40, Singapore 238872. Tel: +65 6876 9142.

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