Garden of Lights with Sanrio Characters @ VivoCity | Aug 31 – Oct 1

Garden of Lights with Sanrio Characters @ VivoCity
Garden of Lights with Sanrio Characters @ VivoCity

Okay, a quick and simple picture post to end my weekend with. Something that I have to post by this evening too since the pictures have been sitting on my hard drive for a week and the event started over 10 DAYS ago.

Adorable Sanrio characters are all over VivoCity Sky Park to help you welcome this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival. There’s a magical garden with a giant watering can and swing. There’s a mini maze watched over by Hello Kitty. There’s also the Sanrio Friendship Bridge, an illuminated tunnel of arches where each arch is adorned by Sanrio characters.

I didn’t thoroughly check but I’m quite sure the previous time VivoCity hosted a large-scale Mid-Autumn Festival pop-up at the Sky Park was back in 2019, i.e., before the pandemic. (That year featured Alice in Wonderland, remember that?) With this year’s Sanrio Garden of Lights, it truly feels like we have confidently moved beyond all that nastiness. Life is, more or less, back on the main track too.

Please visit and enjoy the pop-up if you haven’t. Garden of Lights With Sanrio Characters ends on Oct 1, two days after the Mid-Autumn Festival. While at VivoCity, don’t forget to check out the many artisanal mooncakes at TANGS’ Mid-Autumn Fair for this year too, as well as the new retail zone.

Please also … pardon the quality of the following pictures. I was at the mall on Sep 1 and I couldn’t even get near the pop-ups; there were so many people! When I returned on Sep 6, it was drizzling non-stop! It was as if Kitty’s magical watering can was spraying water all over. What a “special effect!”

Luckily, I managed to at least photograph something without getting totally drenched.

Welcoming Mid-Autumn 2023 with Adorable Sanrio Characters

Hello Kitty Garden of Lights
As the representative character of Sanrio, Kitty has a whole display to herself. It’s a very flowery one.
Garden of Lights Vivocity
Kitty in a supersized watering can at the Garden of Lights Enchanting Garden. You know, I didn’t realise Bad Badtz-Maru was hiding up there till I returned home and looked at this picture on my comp.
Kuromi | Sanrio Gardens of Lights (VivoCity)
Kuromi was around too, looking all ready for … Halloween?
Garden of Lights Enchanting Garden
Gudetama beside a wooden swing at the other end of the Enchanting Garden. When I visited on Sep 1, there was a LONG queue for photos on the swing.
Sanrio Friendship Bridge | VivoCity Singapore
Here’s the Sanrio Friendship Bridge, with a lovely entrance arch and Kitty peeping at you as you enter.
VivoCity Sanrio Pop-Up
Those two tourists ahead of me were certainly … much better equipped than me to deal with the rain.
Hello Kitty Garden Maze
The Hello Kitty Garden Maze, with the world-famous feline looking splendid in a floral frock.
Sanrio Pop Up Booth @ VivoCity
Of course, this being a Sanrio event, there’s a merchandising booth on the ground floor. It’s at the exit near Hans im Glück.
Sanrio Characters Friendship Bridge at VivoCity Singapore
Update Sep 15: Passed by VivoCity so headed up to the Sky Park again to take this better shot of the Friendship Bridge. I just the way the Sanrio characters are peeping over the arches is just so kawaii.

Garden of Lights with Sanrio Characters ends on Oct 1, 2023. The installations light up around 6.30 pm each day.

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Garden of Lights with Sanrio Characters @ VivoCity
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Garden of Lights with Sanrio Characters @ VivoCity
Garden of Lights with Sanrio Characters at VivoCity helps you welcome Mid-Autumn Festival 2023 with irresistible cuteness and magical lights.

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