Whisky Classics Marked by Maker’s: Toasting to Unforgettable Cocktail Adventures

Whisky Classics Marked by Maker's

Maker’s Mark, the iconic whisky brand renowned for its commitment to craft and innovation, is set to bring cocktail enthusiasts on a riveting taste adventure with its Marked by Maker’s immersive experience. Starting from Sep 1, Maker’s Mark will bring to Singapore a month-long, reimagined whisky experience by collaborating with 16 of the city’s notable bars that culminates in a pop-up experience.

Rooted in a rich heritage of passion and craftsmanship, Maker’s Mark has consistently pushed the boundaries of whisky-making since its inception. The brand’s signature red wax seal is emblematic of its dedication to handcrafting every bottle, ensuring that each sip delivers an exceptional and unparalleled taste.

Born when its founders bravely lit their 170-year old family bourbon recipe on fire, this innovative, bold spirit has permeated everything that Maker’s Mark does. Maker’s Mark has constantly reinvented tried and tested methods through each generation of the family-run business. From experimenting with its original hand-dipped packaging, to understanding wood technology for optimum flavour creation and embarking on sustainable approaches to the whisky business, Maker’s Mark is all about breaking the mould and innovating to make its mark.

“At Maker’s Mark, we believe in being boldly creative and pushing the envelope to craft something better than the best. Our unwavering pursuit is to elevate the commonplace through the fusion of craftsmanship and technology, encapsulated in our ethos of ‘Make your Mark’. With this campaign, our intention is to curate lasting memories that not only capture the core of Maker’s Mark but also honour the artistry of bartending and the sense of camaraderie within the community of tastemakers, experience seekers and cocktail aficionados” said Andrew Pang, Beam Suntory Brand Ambassador.

Whisky Classics Marked by Maker’s
Whisky classics reimaged with daring creativity, with Maker’s Mark as the central element.

Whisky Classics Marked by Maker’s

Maker’s Mark is teaming up with bartenders from some of Singapore’s most notable bars, who will reinterpret and shake up everything you thought you knew about whisky classics. Ripping up the recipe of a whisky classic cocktail, these boldly inquisitive mixologists will push the boundaries of creativity. Through their artistry and expertise, these bartenders will craft innovative cocktails that showcase Maker’s Mark as the central element, blending its smooth and distinctive flavours with their own unique twists.

Cleverly reimagined with daring creativity, 16 bars will put their own spin on some of the most iconic classic serves to become a Maker’s Classic – including the Whisky Sour, the Manhattan, and the Old Fashioned. These will make up more than 30 Marked by Maker’s cocktails available to invigorate your senses at Offtrack, 28 Hong Kong Street, Sago House, Smoke & Mirrors, White Shades, Employees Only, Set of Six, Stay Gold Flamingo, Neon Pigeon, Brooklyn Bar SG, LUMO Bar and Restaurant, Salud, Grids Coffee Bar, Cook & Brew, Goodfellas 41NC and Dempsey Cookhouse.

Further information on each of the Marked by Maker’s cocktails.

For more details, please visit www.markedbymakers.com

Whiskey Classics by White Shades Co-Founder, Bai Jia Wei
Sip on reimagined whisky classics marked with a renewed twist by White Shades Co-Founder, Bai Jia Wei, at the Marked by Maker’s Pop-Up Experience.

Marked by Maker’s Pop-Up Experience


Sep 22, 2023, Friday
9.00 PM – 12.00 AM

Sep 29, 2023, Friday
7.00 PM – 12.00 AM



White Shades
25 Boon Tat St, Singapore 069622

A continuation of the Whisky adventure, Maker’s Mark will be hosting an exclusive two-night pop-up on 22 and 29 September where passion, innovation, and artistry come together to craft unparalleled moments.

Step into a world where fellow innovators and craft makers gather to celebrate bold creativity and the visionary spirit of Maker’s Mark alongside two artisans. Held at White Shades, the modish new four-storey concept bar will house some of the most creative minds that will share their craft with consumers.

Grab a glass and enjoy the smoothest beats at the cocktail bar by AKA Sounds as you reach the second storey, a first of the many curated experiences at White Shades. Specialising in Hip-hop, Jungle, and House tracks, homegrown DJ AKA Sounds draws inspiration from diverse music styles to craft an electrifying underground ambiance that will infuse your veins with an edgy, pulsating rhythm.

Up another flight of stairs will lead you to the tasting booth at Level 3 where you can sample the smooth, full-flavoured Maker’s Mark as well as the classic Maker’s Mark cocktail – liquid gold in a glass – aptly named ‘Gold Rush’.

As you sip on the concoction, watch a live demonstration of The Imperial Smithster, a silversmith who is reviving the ancient art of lost wax casting. Watch as recycled silver is transformed into a unique handcrafted bespoke piece right in front of your eyes and be able to take this home as a keepsake of the night, accessible with purchase of Maker’s Mark cocktails!

Head over to the interactive booth by Plastify and step right up to the injector to try your hand at transforming plastic scraps into beautifully created coasters, the perfect gift for bourbon lovers. This collaboration dedicated to placing sustainability at its forefront is reflective of Maker’s Mark’s conviction to help shape the future through innovation and investment for the better of people and planet.

At the heart of the craft experience lies the mesmerising Maker’s Mark wax dipping station where guests can get their whisky glasses meticulously hand-dipped in signature red wax. The immersive experience offers guests a firsthand appreciation of the brand’s commitment to precision and tradition. Round off the night at White Shades Cocktail Bar and sip on reimagined whisky classics marked with a renewed twist by Co-Founder, Bai Jia Wei. Join us in the ultimate Marked by Maker’s adventure for an experience that pays homage to the spirit of community, the artistry of craft, and the boundless potential of innovation.

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Whisky Classics Marked by Maker's
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Whisky Classics Marked by Maker's
Marked by Maker’s feature renowned Singaporean bars in collaboration with Maker’s Mark to reinterpret whiskey classics.

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