Giants Planet Is Set to Launch Its Flagship Free Mint Collection

Giants Planet, the world’s first blockchain-powered phygital economy is set to launch its flagship free mint collection ‘Founding Explorers’ on the Magic Eden Bitcoin marketplace. The Founding Explorers is an esteemed collection where holders can expect to unlock a slew of benefits, including the highly coveted pre-IPO allocation of the project’s parent company. The collection of 222 Bitcoin collectibles (Ordinals) is scheduled to be released on Aug 29, 2023, starting from 3 pm UTC.

Inspired by the explore-to-earn gamification concept, users on Giants Planet can collect, trade and explore with their digital collectibles to earn real-life rewards. The team behind has been working tirelessly in collaboration with Magic Eden to organize and launch this highly anticipated event. 2MR Labs, the parent company of Giants Planet and a Web3 launchpad accelerator is grateful and proud to be working with Magic Eden on this collection, specifically launching on the promising Bitcoin network.

The Founding Explorers collection is a limited series of 222 Ordinals, symbolizing the beginning of an unprecedented journey where players and community members contribute to the growth and prosperity of Giants Planet.

Collection Details

Supply: 222

Price: Free

Mint Date: Tuesday, Aug 29, 2023

Mint Time: 3PM UTC

Mint Platform: Magic Eden Bitcoin Launchpad

More details on how to mint your Founding Explorers will be released in a separate Giants Planet’s Medium.

2MR Labs and Giants Planet have strategically collaborated alongside with prominent and notable Web2 and Web3 investors and partners, to not only ensure the successful launch of this collection but also to shape the future of tokenizing real-world assets (RWA), bringing this phenomenon to the masses.

Arthur Lin, Founder of Giants Planet and 2MR Labs expressed his excitement:“The team at Giants Planet would love to invite everyone to take part in this extraordinary event. Behind the scenes of working are blood and sweat to make this collection a free mint for everyone. Do stay excited for our announcements on the mint details in the coming days.”

Nick, Senior Bitcoin Ecosystem Manager of Magic Eden said: “We’re extremely excited for the Founding Explorers mint on Magic Eden Bitcoin Launchpad on 29th of August. This collection is an exciting mint for the Ordinals ecosystem, not only because it’s a humble free mint, but it is an entry piece to a journey with large ambitions backed by a strong team. With our launchpad, we love to showcase creators building on Bitcoin in a community focused manner like this.”

Charlie Hu, Director of The Ordinals Council and Managing Director of LucidBlue Ventures remarked: “Tokenizing real-world assets is not just about revolutionizing markets; it’s about empowering individuals. It’s amazing to see that 2MR Labs is proud to pioneer this transformation, ushering in an era where anyone can participate in assets that were once beyond reach.”

There has been a lot of interest and new trends of tokenizing real-world assets and utility, which 2MR Labs is heavily focused on. This innovative approach involves representing tangible assets, such as real estate, commodities, vouchers/discount codes, as digital tokens on blockchain platforms. This trend can potentially democratize investment opportunities by enabling a wider range of individuals to participate in traditionally exclusive markets. As the technology matures and regulatory frameworks evolve, the tokenization of real-world assets is poised to reshape the way we perceive and invest in tangible assets.

Stay tuned and remember, Founding Explorers are more than just digital art pieces—they are your ticket to an interstellar journey.

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Giants Planet Is Set to Launch Its Flagship Free Mint Collection
Article Name
Giants Planet Is Set to Launch Its Flagship Free Mint Collection
Giants Planet: World’s first phygital economy is set to launch its flagship free mint collection on Aug 29, 2023.
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