14th Asia Pacific Orchid Conference Photos

14th Asia Pacific Orchid Conference Pictures
14th Asia Pacific Orchid Conference Pictures

I’ve already posted extensively about the 14th Asia Pacific Orchid Conference, hosted for the first time in Singapore and jointly organized by the National Parks Board (NParks) and the Orchid Society of South East Asia (OSSEA). Thus, for this post, I’ll just share some of the pictures and videos I took when I visited on opening day.

Visiting this orchid exhibition was truly a beautiful and fascinating experience, even though I’m not a grower myself. Have to admit, I also didn’t realise the world has been so successful in propagating orchids. There are so many varieties today. Some, the stuff of fantasy fiction.

If you haven’t visited the conference, I strongly encourage you to—the exhibition ends on Aug 20. There’s also, of course, the free MarketPlace, which is open to all. If you’re looking for a new gem for your garden, this is the place to head to this mid-August weekend.

Celebrating the Art and Beauty of Orchids in Singapore

Harijanto Setiawan Floral Archway | APOC 2023
The magnificent floral entrance archway by international award-winning floral designer, Harijanto Setiawan. Featuring rare blooms such as the critically endangered Bulbophyllum Maxillare and with decorative elements made from bamboo.
Orchid Landscape Competition APOC 2023
Several competitive showpieces for the Orchid Landscape Competition celebrate ethnic culture and diversity.
Indonesia Orchid Society of East Java Orchid Landscape
I love this landscape masterpiece by the Indonesia Orchid Society of East Java. The orchids complement the mythological sculpture so harmoniously.
Woon Leng Nursery APOC 2023 Orchid Landscape
Singapore is, of course, well-represented. This showpiece by Woon Leng Nursery creatively incorporates Singapore’s iconic Supertrees.
APOC 2023 Purple Blue Orchids
Going through the Orchid Plant Competition section of APOC 2023 reminded me that these symmetrical, gorgeous blooms come in practically every colour nowadays.
14th Asia Pacific Orchid Conference Orchid Display
Their perfect form exudes a, what’s the word, welcoming feeling too? Little wonder so many countries use orchids as gifts for foreign visitors.
APOC 2023 Competition Orchid
The colour combination of these invoke impressions of, erm, Lunar New Year celebrations? I bet a Chinese household would be thrilled to receive a pot of this for that festival!

Orchid Art, Fashion, and Heritage

Orchid Photo Gallery | 14th Asia Pacific Orchid Conference in Singapore
I was quite … humbled by the Orchid Photo Gallery. So much about flower and macro photography to learn about despite the smaller collection. Lots of tips on the use of low-key backgrounds too.
Orchid Ikebana Display in Singapore
I’m a complete amateur, and so I can only say the floral sculpture and ikebana displays were like miniatures of the orchid landscapes. Fascinatingly intricate and perfect examples of complex harmony at work.
Orchid Floral Culture in Singapore
Dancers and blooms.
Orchid Stamps and Currencies, and Botanical Illustrations
Orchid-inspired stamps and currency, and reproductions of botanical illustrations. There was really a lot to enjoy in this conference. (By the way, if you’re interested in botanical illustrations, do visit the Inverturret House)
ITE College Central Floral Fashion
Floral fashion by students of ITE College Central was one of the main highlights of the conference/exhibition too. I think the designs would look great in a fantasy movie. (They are what Galadriel would wear, me think)
APOC 2023 MarketPlace
Last but not least, snapshots of the MarketPlace. Other than all sorts of exotic plants for sale, RISIS has a counter here too with orchid-inspired jewelry. There are also chocolate/cinnamon scented orchids for sale! (Lowest pic)

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14th Asia Pacific Orchid Conference Photos
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14th Asia Pacific Orchid Conference Photos
Photos from the 14th Asia Pacific Orchid Conference. Held in Singapore for the first time and with an incredible array of orchids for all to enjoy.

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