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FNP Singapore review
FNP Singapore review

Nowadays, there are so many gifting occasions throughout the year, aren’t there?

Mother’s Day, Parents’ Day, Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year. Important birthdays, anniversaries, and celebrations like baby showers. Not forgetting all the other festive occasions from January to December too—we practically have one major ethnic celebration every other month in Singapore.

For all, we are supposed to give care and thought to what we gift, but let’s be honest, the ideas quickly run dry, don’t they? Despite the abundance of gifting guides published online, very often, we just can’t find something special or meaningful. Or we’re so bogged down by chores, we are suddenly faced with the horror of: Oh no! The <insert event> is tomorrow! What am I supposed to give?!?

What that happens, what one needs is a reliable gift service. An establishment with a good selection of professional gifts to choose from and the ability to get your order fulfilled right away. With price tags that wouldn’t break the wallet too.

I recently wanted to give my mother something—she’s recuperating from a procedure—so I took the opportunity to check out Ferns N Petals Sgp, or FNP Singapore, a global florist chain and online gifting portal with a Singaporean presence since 2019.

It was a good ordering experience. I placed an order for a Premium Fruit Basket, forgot about it with all the work I was attending to, and on the day of the delivery, there it was. I indicated the delivery time to be from noon to early evening. At 12.20 pm, ding dong, a friendly delivery lady was at my door with the fruit basket.

The heavy fruit basket. I knew there would be quite a number of items in the basket, but I didn’t expect it to be that heavy, or that there would be surprises, as in fruits I didn’t expect to receive.

I’ll let the following pictures do the explanation.

Beautiful Premium Fruit Basket from FNP Singapore

Premium Fruit Basket | Ferns n Petals Singapore
My fruit basket was delivered on time as promised. It was full of fresh fruity goodness too.
Fruit Basket Delivery in Singapore
The fruits were in great condition; no bruises or blemishes throughout. The fruits were also still moist when I unwrapped the basket, which suggested that everything was packed before delivery.
Fruit Basket Gift Delivery Singapore
I feel the packing itself was great too. No sticky tape was used but none of the fruits tumbled out after I removed the cellophane wrap. The entire fruit basket could be “displayed” for a while if needed.
The contents of the Premium Fruit Basket on my kitchen table. (I sampled some of the grapes after this shot. The green ones were crunchy, while the red ones were very sweet!)
FNP SG Premium Fruit Basket
Here’s a comparison of what FNP Singapore showed on their website versus what I received. Do note that some of the fruits are not visible in my picture as they were snuggly packed beneath the grapes.
Another look at some of the fruits. By the way, the actual gift basket is quite sturdy and well-made. I’ll be using it for storage.

Regarding the contents, there are some differences between what’s shown/listed on FNP SG’s portal and what I received. For example, the peaches and oranges didn’t have foam wrappers in my basket. There wasn’t any persimmon too; persimmon was listed as one of the items.

However, FNP Singapore delivered extra. For example, pears weren’t listed but there were four in my basket. There were also two dragon fruits instead of just one. The same goes for oranges.


FNP Singapore highlights on their catalogue that contents might vary due to regional/seasonal availability, etc. Personally, I think this is a situation that’s hard to avoid. However, some consumers would disagree.

In general, though, I feel FNP Singapore makes an effort to at least deliver the equivalent of what’s promised.

Ordering from FNP Singapore – Quick Review

Overall, I’m satisfied with my order and delivery. Everything was smooth and quick. I’m pleased with what I received too.

As an internationally established gift service, I feel FNP Singapore is well-equipped to do what’s expected of gift services nowadays. The FNP Team highlights these selling points on their site, which are:

  • Free Same day Singapore Delivery Island-wide
  • Affordable Prices
  • One hour delivery
  • One-stop solution for gifting
  • Gifting for all occasions

On being a “one-stop solution” for gifts, a quick look at their Singaporean portal provides immediate verification. FNP Singapore offers quite an amazing selection of gifts. They have everything from flowers to hampers to plants to cakes. They even have personalised gifts like specially printed cushions.

FNP SG Review
A sample of gifts offered by FNP Singapore.

Other than variety and quick delivery, I think another strength of FNP Singapore is their international presence. According to their profile write-up, they are established in over 70 countries. Their Singapore portal thus allows you to send gifts to different parts of the world. Yup, you could arrange for a wine hamper or likewise to be delivered halfway across the globe with just a few clicks.

Now, I didn’t try their international delivery service, so I can’t comment further. But I would imagine this service to be extremely useful for folks with family members, friends, and work associates living all over the world.

Order your gifts and flowers from FNP Singapore today. Quote TSGFNP10 for a 10 percent discount!

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FNP Singapore Review | The Scribbling Geek
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FNP Singapore Review | The Scribbling Geek
Reviewing a Premium Fruit Basket order from FNP Singapore, an international florist chain and online gifting portal with a Singaporean office.

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