Brewnanza Fest 2023 by Brewlander | A Celebration of Craft Beer

Brewnanza Fest 2023 by Brewlander | A Celebration of Craft Beer
Brewnanza Fest 2023 by Brewlander | A Celebration of Craft Beer

Singapore’s biggest celebration of craft beer mastery has started! From Aug 3 to 6, Brewnanza Fest 2023 by Brewlander at Bayfront Event Space will showcase over 100 unique craft brews from both Singapore and the international craft beer community.

The lineup includes a wide selection of limited-edition creations crafted by host Brewlander, Heroes Beer Co, Vault City Brewing Co., Rocky Ridge Brewing Co, and many more. Naturally, there is lots of delicious bites by renowned establishments such as The Kongsee, Shake Shack, JAGUARITA’S, Brewerkz, Kind Kones, Abundance, and more, for everyone to enjoy alongside all that great beer.

And oh, there’s live music too, of course. And a beer garden-like open space with a great view of the Marina Bay skyline. If you’re looking for a cool place to hang out at with friends and family this weekend, head on down to Brewnanza Fest! That’s where the party is this pre-National Day weekend.

Brewnanza Fest 2023 by Brewlander – Singapore’s Biggest Craft Beer Showcase for the Year

Brewlander | Singapore Craft Brewery
Brewnanza Fest 2023 is organized and hosted by Brewlander, a Singaporean craft brewery that began as a home brewing operation. To know more about them, check out my feature of their brewery tour.
Brewnanza at Bayfront Event Space
Craft beer breweries alongside food stalls. A great partnership, yes?
Brewnanza Fest 2023 Stalls
More stalls are very colourfully decorated, which befits the exotic (and often mischievous) names of the craft brews.
It’s a very international gathering too, full of top names from the craft brewing world.
Brewnanza Stage
The “Brewlander Stage.” Over four days, the festival will feature great tunes by local artists, including homegrown music and party collective, Ice Cream Sundays, alongside Sweetness Follows Records and other featured bands, including Bellied Star, Death Valley Community Club, Forest, and Mary Sue featuring fxrxzx.
Brewnanza Fest 2023 Drinks
Here’s a quick look at some of the unique brews and drinks you can try at Brewnanza. I tried all and would say … they are as different as day and night. My favourite would be the light Cloudy Lemonade, Citra & Nelson Sauvin, as I typically prefer something light. The Kueh Salat Lager is truly unusual not just because it comes with an actual chunk of Kueh Salat but also because the drink has a very pronounced pandan/coconut aftertaste.
Brewnanza Fest 2023
The festival has plenty of sheltered and outdoor seats. Outdoors is where you’d want to be after sunset.
Brewnanza | Singapore Craft Beer Festival
There is a truly exhilarating, and astonishing, variety of craft beer on show.
Brewnanza Fest Music Lineup
Live music is the best accompaniment to great beer and good food!
Brewlander Team at Brewnanza Fest 2023
The Brewlander team. A big thumbs-up to them for organising this awesome craft beer festival!

Check out my YouTube Short of Brewnanza Fest 2023 too.

Tickets for sale here!

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Brewnanza Fest 2023 by Brewlander | A Celebration of Craft Beer
Article Name
Brewnanza Fest 2023 by Brewlander | A Celebration of Craft Beer
Brewnanza Fest 2023 by Brewlander is Singapore’s largest celebration of craft beer for the year. With over 100 unique brews on showcase.

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