National Museum of Singapore Lights Up for National Day 2023

National Museum of Singapore National Day 2023 Light-Up
National Museum of Singapore National Day 2023 Light-Up

Update Aug 2: Yikes! It’s an exact repeat of last year. Seems like there is a National Day 2023 Light-Up after all. Check out my separate post for that (Sigh …)

I’ve been holding onto the following pics because of what happened last year.

Once again, the National Museum of Singapore (NSM) is awash in patriotic red and white to welcome National Day 2023. The light-up began on Jul 21 and will end on National Day itself, i.e., Aug 9. Timing is between 7.30 pm and 12 midnight each day.

Other than the requisite crescent and stars, and NDP catchphrases, this year’s light-up will also feature snippets from the film LKY100: The Life and Legacy of Lee Kuan Yew (1923–2015). This is in conjunction with the commemoration of Mr. Lee’s 100th Birth Anniversary.

I took the following pictures last week but did not post them as I didn’t know whether there would be other landmark light-ups. Since 2020, there has been the custom of illuminating national monuments and landmarks in national colours for Aug 9; a legacy of sorts from “Covid year.” Last year, I thought there wouldn’t be any illumination but turns out there was one after all. I ended up creating two posts on the topic.

Well, it’s almost August and there’s no further news. Seems like the NSM is the only landmark dressing up this time around.

But it’s for the best, I supposed. After all, we have to eventually move on from the pandemic.

National Museum of Singapore Celebrates National Day 2023

National Museum of Singapore National Day 2023
The light-up covers the entire façade. It begins with the presentation of Singapore’s national symbol.
Singapore National Day 2023 Light Up
The light-up animation segues through different colours with snippets featuring Mr. Lee’s memorable moments in between each phase.
National Museum of Singapore Light-Up 2023
I like the red segments of the light-up most.
Celebrating National Day 2023 in Singapore
The “yellow phase” of the animation is great too! The NSM looks like a golden mansion when illuminated this way, doesn’t it? It’s an awesome way to celebrate National Day 2023.
National Day 2023 Singapore
The purple phase, with dancing lights and all, transforms our oldest museum into a dream house. Happy National Day 2023, everybody!

LKY 100: Commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s Birth

A quick note about LKY 100, if you’re thinking of visiting this special programme as part of your National Day 2023 celebrations.

It’s NOT an exhibition. Instead, various individual exhibits of the Singapore History Gallery and the Semangat Yang Baru special exhibition are curated into a digital trail.

It’s a terse but informative presentation; no doubt great and nostalgic for visitors looking to remember Mr. Lee’s illustrious life. But if you’re looking for an extensive exhibition of Mr. Lee’s artefacts, nope, that’s not what’s happening. We probably have to wait for the Founders’ Memorial for that.


Semangat Yang Baru Exhibition | National Museum of Singapore
The Semangat Yang Baru Exhibition is prominently featured in the façade light-up/animation. The name of the exhibition is inspired by the first phrase of the chorus of the National Anthem of Singapore, and means “Come, let us unite In a new spirit.”
Semangat Yang Baru: Forging a New Singapore Spirit
Reliving Singapore’s foundation history in the Semangat Yang Baru Exhibition.
LKY 100 | Lee Kuan Yew Red Box
Mr. Lee’s famous “red box” along his favourite armchair (?) Visit the Singapore History Gallery to read about it.

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National Museum of Singapore National Day 2023 Light-Up
Article Name
National Museum of Singapore National Day 2023 Light-Up
2023’s National Day light-up at the National Museum of Singapore features snippets from LKY100, a film that celebrates the life of Mr. Lee Kuan Yew.

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