Destination Good Times | 150 Years of Heineken

Destination Good Times | 150 Years of Heineken
Destination Good Times | 150 Years of Heineken

A quick pictorial post about Destination Good Times, the two-day music festival hosted by Heineken at Tanjong Pagar Distripark on July 28 and 29, 2023.

I’ve previously posted about this. Heineken is 150-years-old, check that out, and to celebrate one-and-a-half centuries of superbly good times throughout the world, the Dutch brew has been hosting celebrations all over the world.

In Singapore, this started with collaborations with local cultural pioneers to create special edition tees and limited edition “Glocals” He150ken® Bottles. For the first three weeks of July, a pop-up at Orchard Road named Good Time Star also allowed everyone to show off their snazziest dance moves for an ice-cold Heineken reward.

To cap off the celebrations, Heineken also hosted the two-day Destination Good Times music festival at Tanjong Pagar Distripark. Now, this was surely an event local music lovers greatly looked forward to, not just because there were lots of great Heineken beer and food, but also because it featured the highly anticipated Singaporean debut of The Boiler Room, the mavens of club culture from London.

There was the He150ken® World Bar too, a collaboration with Sago House that showcased carefully curated beer cocktails inspired by fan-favorite Heineken traditions from Vietnam, Mexico, the Caribbean, Taiwan, and Singapore’s very own Singapore Sling.

It’s the super-cool “summer event” for Singapore 2023. For those, erm, broiled by the recent sweltering weather, it was the perfect event to chill at.

Celebrating 150 Years of Good Times with Heineken

Destination Good Times | Heineken
Destination Good Times was held at Tanjong Pagar Distripark, at an open space between two industrial complexes. It’s an unusual Singaporean venue spot but the industrial ambience befit Boiler Room music vibes.
Singapore Music Event July 2023
I arrived slightly before six and the dance crowd has yet to fully gather. But this area got really crowded by 8 pm.
Bongomann | Destination Good Times
Bongomann started his set not long after I arrived. He soon had everyone bobbing and dancing!
DJ Bongomann at The Boiler Room Singapore
Yup. Bongomann quickly had people gathering around him in zest.
Heineken Game and Photo Booth
Fun and games, and a photo booth. (Both are manned by lovely ladies in green)
Destination Good Times Food Stalls
There were food outlets too. Very convenient for partiers who came before having dinner, and those who need a bite later in the evening.
Destination Good Times Food
I went for two rounds of food. For “dinner,” I tried Gyushi’s Signature Truffle Wagyu Beef Bowl with Mentaiko, which was absolutely heavenly when mixed into an eggy, meaty mess. Later on, I had Lavi Taco’s Loaded Nachos and discovered it was indeed LOADED. There was so much in one bowl.

He150ken® World Bar

He150ken® World Bar | Singapore
The He150ken® World Bar lies at the heart of the event space, anchored by a brilliant light globe that pays homage to how Heineken has been enjoyed around the world for 150 years.
Heineken World Bar in Singapore
The World Bar served five Heineken-inspired beer cocktails. I had a “Slingken” since, you know, Singapore’s 58th National Day is around the corner.
Heineken Good Times Since 1873
There were two beer bars for visitors who prefer Heineken in its classic form too, of course.
Heineken | Good Times Since 1873
Good times and great beer for everyone!
Heineken 0.0
I got reacquainted with the Heineken 0.0. You know, I was very skeptical when this first came out and was utterly surprised when I tried it. It completely tastes like “real” beer.

Fun facts about beer you might not know.

Singapore Debut of The Boiler Room!

More and more revelers gather as the sun goes down.
The Boiler Room Singapore Debut
The “dance area” was completely packed at 8 pm when A’alely started his set.
A’alely @ The Boiler Room (Singapore)
A’alely was like a maestro dishing out sonic magic to adoring fans. The man had style.
Heineken Event in Singapore
Would there be more Heineken good times events in Singapore? I hope so!

Video short (Before Sunset)

Video short (After Sunset)


A’alely @ The Boiler Room

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Destination Good Times | 150 Years of Heineken
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Destination Good Times | 150 Years of Heineken
Destination Good Times at Tanjong Pagar Distripark caps off Singaporean celebrations of 150 years of Heineken good times.

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