BenQ W4000i 4LED 4K Projector | Elevating Home Theatre Experience

Have you watched Oppenheimer yet? If not, and you’re waiting for Nolan’s latest masterpiece to hit streaming services, the new BenQ W4000i 4LED 4K Projector is the system you’d want to watch this gripping biopic with.

BenQ, the leading DLP 4K projector brand, today introduced on Jul 25, 2023 its latest offering for audio-visual enthusiasts – the all-new 4LED 4K home projector W4000i, which provides an enhanced and immersive home theatre experience with unrivalled picture quality as directors envision in any room.

The W4000i incorporates BenQ’s pioneering HDR-PRO projector-optimized high dynamic range techniques, including Local Contrast Enhancement to reveal fine details in bright or dark scenes. It also delivers consistently balanced brightness well-suited for various environments, from dedicated AV rooms to daytime living rooms. Furthermore, the W4000i offers professional-standard color gamut performance, meeting the standards of future-generation BT. 2020. In addition, the W4000i features LED light source provides long lasting life span and color accuracy.

BenQ W4000i 4LED 4K Projector | Elevates Home Theatre Experience

Recreating Genuine Cinema Experiences at Home

Home theatres have become more popular as consumers demand high-quality video and immersive viewing experiences in recent years, with the new wave of streaming platforms such as Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime becoming widely available. On a global level, video accounts for 65% of all Internet traffic, with a large proportion attributed to streaming platforms such as Netflix and YouTube.

“BenQ is delighted to meet the needs of those looking to recreate an immersive cinematic experience at home with the new W4000i,” said Jeffrey Liang, President of BenQ Asia Pacific. “The W4000i delivers an unparalleled cinematic experience through the true 4K resolution combining our cutting-edge HDR-PRO and CinematicColor Technology, presenting images as directors envisioned. The certified Android TV comes with native Netflix and 5000+ other apps, redefining home entertainment for audiences.”

BenQ W4000i 4K Projector
BenQ-proprietary HDR-PRO technology imbues HDR10+ / HDR10 / HLG content with magnificent depth and reveals hidden cinematic details in bright and dark scenes.

Meticulous Details from Bright to Dark Scenes with BenQ HDR-PRO

BenQ-proprietary HDR-PRO technology takes home theatre experiences to the next level by imbuing HDR10+ / HDR10 / HLG content with magnificent depth, revealing previously hidden cinematic details in bright and dark scenes.

The W4000i is equipped with HDR-PRO technology that enhances the projectors’ overall dynamic range with industry-leading Local Contrast Enhancement and optimal HDR Tone Mapping, enabling perfect details in shadows and highlights for better stereo perception. The Local Contrast Enhancement is a cutting-edge algorithm that divides each scene into 1000+ zones and optimizes each zone’s gamma independently. It also preserves fine details in bright regions as well as shadowy areas of the screen, which sets BenQ’s home projectors apart from the competition.

CinematicColor Presents Authentic Colors as Directors Envision for Optimal Home Theatre Experiences

The W4000i provides true 4K HDR image quality with CinematicColor technology. It conforms precisely to the 100% Rec.709 HDTV colour space, the wider 100% DCI-P3 digital filmmaking colour spectrum, and even the super-wide BT.2020 ideal-color future standard. Harnessing a LED light source, the W4000i produces ideally balanced brightness and color performance in different rooms of the house. In addition, the W4000i comes with CinematicColor Factory Calibration Report to ensure out-of-box colour accuracy.

BenQ W4000i 4LED 4K Projector  Real Panel
BenQ W4000i 4LED 4K Projector real panel and connection ports.

Google-Certified Android TV with Netflix and Installation Flexibility Brings Home Entertainment to the Next Level

The W4000i 4K home cinema projector is equipped with a Google-certified Android TV and a preloaded Netflix app for endless streaming and movie enjoyment, augmented by comprehensive AV connectivity, wireless capabilities, and integrated immersive audio systems to complete your home theatre experience.

The W4000i also features a 4LED light source, 3200 ANSI-lumen high brightness and the flexibility of projecting 1.3X big zoom on a 100” screen from just 2.5m, 2D lens shift (Vertical 0%-60%; Horizontal ±15%) and 2D keystone, which can fit in any rooms.

The BenQ W4000i is available for purchase at SGD 4,499/- on Shopee and Lazada from Jul 25, 2023 onwards.

To learn more about BenQ W4000i 4K home cinema projector, please visit
BenQ’s Official Page.

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BenQ W4000i 4LED 4K Projector | Elevating Home Theatre Experience
Article Name
BenQ W4000i 4LED 4K Projector | Elevating Home Theatre Experience
The new BenQ W4000i 4LED 4K Projector elevates home theatre experience with advanced HDR Visual Quality.
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