Brewlander Brewery Tour | Visiting a Singapore Craft Brewery

Brewlander Brewery Tour | Visiting a Singapore Craft Brewery
Brewlander Brewery Tour | Visiting a Singapore Craft Brewery

Fans of the Singaporean craft brewing scene already know about this. Brewlander is a born-in-Singapore, multi-award-winning Singapore craft brewery that has in recent years, taken the Asian brewing scene by storm.

Beloved for its adventurous spirit and unique one-of-a-kind brews, Brewlander has over the years partnered with several local establishments to release special edition flavours. For example, the pink guava and raspberry infused Museum of Ice Cream x Brewlander Beer. Come Aug 3, Brewlander will also be hosting the four-day Brewnanza Fest at Bayfront Event Space. With over 100 craft beers including Brewlander’s best on showcase, this will be the BIGGEST celebration of craft beer in Singapore for 2023. A must-go for any craft beer lover.

From its humble beginning as a home-brewing operation in a HDB flat, Brewlander has also grown by leaps and bounds and now operates a state-of-the-art brewery at Tuas. What’s great about this homegrown brewery is that other than offering tours by appointment, there’s a cool taproom where visitors can leisurely try Brewlander’s many innovative flavours. Brews like the piney and bright Bestest Dad Award IPA (with Horny Goat Weed & Tongkat Ali!) or the floral and crisp Freedom Lager.

I had the pleasure of joining this tour last week and it was quite an educational and entertaining experience. It was furthermore inspirational listening to founder John Wei’s story about how a tipple in Cornwall began his passion for home brewing and how that eventually led to him founding Brewlander.

One particular episode shared by John stuck with me too. Brewlander’s current brewery at Tuas was completed in April 2020. Days later, the dreadful circuit-breaker was announced and I can only imagine how awful it was for John and his team back them. With a dream facility on hand but no clear idea of when they can fully operate.

But these guys survived; weathered the crisis very well too. In a fortnight’s time, they will also be hosting one of the biggest F&B events this year, with legendary craft brewing names like Trillium Brewing and lots of local eateries in attendance.

These guys are truly inspirational, aren’t they? The stuff that local aspiring entrepreneurs would want to read about. I’ll say John and his team all deserve a beer.

A Modern Craft Brewery and Cool Taproom at Tuas

Brewlander Taproom
Visitors can try Brewlander’s many different brews in the taproom. It’s also a great place to chill at before and after the tour.
Brewlander | Singapore Craft Beer
A showcase of Brewlander’s many groovy can artworks. As you can see, this Singapore craft brewery doesn’t only experiment with unique flavours, they invest a lot of effort into their visual identity too.
Barley and Hops for Craft Beer Brewing
The barleys and hops behind the drink beloved by millions worldwide.
Brewlander History
Founder John Wei presenting his brewery’s history.
Brewlander Brewery Tour
Tuns at the heart of the facility. Simple as these look, the entire operation is computerised and could be remotely controlled by brewers.
Singapore Craft Brewery Tour in Tuas
Brewing operations are also designed to be as resource efficient as possible, i.e., sustainable.
I missed the introduction for this section and so I’ll just call it the bottling line?
Empty Beer Cans
Empty cans waiting to be filled and decorated with magic.
Singapore Craft Beers
My visit ended with me trying two craft brews. The Bestest Dad Award IPA is herby, while the Passionista has a delightful tangy kick.

Brewnanza Fest by Brewlander 2023

To repeat, in about a fortnight’s time, from Aug 3 to 6, Brewlander will be hosting this year’s biggest craft beer celebration at Bayfront Event Space.

There’d be great music, awesome food, and of course, a wide range of craft beer to enjoy. Lovingly crafted limited editions by Brewlander and top craft beer names like Heroes Beer Co, Vault City Brewing Co., Rocky Ridge Brewing Co, and more, will also be showcased. Day and all access passes are available at

  • 3rd August Preview Pass: $30 comes with 1 free beer
  • 4th August / 5th August Day Pass: $40 comes with 1 free beer
  • 6th August Sunday Pass: $35 comes with 1 free beer
  • All Access Pass: $88 comes with 4 free beers and entry to all 4 days, limited to a maximum of 2 free beer redemptions per day

Ticket holders will also gain exclusive access to week-long partner bar activations, culminating at the weekend festival.


Don’t miss this chance to enjoy the best of craft brewing right here in Singapore!

Brewnanza Fest at Bayfront Event Space
Brewnanza Fest is the coolest craft beer fest in Singapore for 2023. Happening at Bayfront Event Space from Aug 3 to 6!

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Brewlander Brewery Tour | Visiting a Singapore Craft Brewery
Article Name
Brewlander Brewery Tour | Visiting a Singapore Craft Brewery
Visiting Brewlander, a born-in-Singapore, multi-award-winning craft brewery that would soon be hosting Singapore’s largest beer event for 2023.

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